How Will Rodgers Replace Lucas?

Liverpool have problems in midfield ahead of the Merseyside derby, while Everton need Romelu Lukaku to rediscover his scoring touch. Plus, it's a big one for David Moyes as usual...

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Gab1965 says...

mumblybum - except for the Man Utd fans, of course. bobsy - Not sure you can disprove the Ozil effect when Arsenal are top of the league in January for the first time in years. And I don't think the Ozil effect even means that Ozil has to be playing well.

Posted 5:04pm 28th January 2014

abelxavierhair (Stoke City) says...

Its a cert that Lukaku will be given acres of space and Liverpool will attack with 8 players and get hit on the counterattack.

Posted 3:34pm 28th January 2014

chewytapeworm (Everton) says...

Isn't it typically ironic that F365 ran a piece at the start of the season stating how Sunderland and Crystal Palace were cut adrift, doomed to be relegated, and how the Premiership has become boring because of that? Pathetic. Now with them both potentially being out of the bottom three before the weekend, at both ends the Premiership is just as exciting as ever.

Posted 3:18pm 28th January 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

the ozil effect is about to be massively disproved. not even sure that ozil provides that great evidence of it tbh. played well for a couple of months then nothing?

Posted 1:32pm 28th January 2014

KevinBoatang says...

No mention of Sherwood having a hugely improved squad to pick from following returns from injury? Mata will go out wide, or be put in a holding role to replace Carrick.

Posted 11:00am 28th January 2014

dfm says...

The power has shifted in Manchester. Moyes is swimming against the tide, although Mata may help them get to a Champions League position this season. I expect Arsenal to draw at Southampton and for Feb to be a typical month when they bow out of all competitions.

Posted 10:59am 28th January 2014

keashred (Liverpool) says...

Matt it was the signings of Coutinho and Sturridge and not the return of Lucas which saw Liverpool's form improve.

Posted 10:56am 28th January 2014

doherty (Chelsea) says...

"It looks like I'm becoming more and more of a target-man," grumbled Lukaku last week. "That's not my best role. I want to make runs and look for the space in behind defenders.....seemingly he still can't understand that you can't pick and choose how opposition defences set their stall out. For a modern day striker, particularly when you're alone up top, you've got to be good at both and unfortunately for Lukaku, he's not good in tight spaces, he has a bad first touch and struggles when teams sit and pack their defence. A lot of people laughed at Chelsea fans for making this point earlier in the season when he was knocking goals in against stretched defences, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the more Everton have been taken seriously (and considered as the type side you defend deep against), the more ineffective Lukaku has become.

Posted 10:44am 28th January 2014

redgunnerindabx (Arsenal) says...

@ bob the manc, to be fair- he said the very best (and Man United) not that you were a small club. You and wozza stated that part.

Posted 10:44am 28th January 2014

bolak (Leyton Orient) says...

bit touchy there manu 'fans'. Don't worry one more season of Moyes and you will all be City supporters.

Posted 10:11am 28th January 2014

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