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Luiz welcomes pressure

Chelsea defender David Luiz has played down Jose Mourinho's comments about Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, claiming it is just part of football.

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alexc213 (Middlesbrough) says...

@Mootilated - I also love the point that if it had been vs Real they would 'certainly' not have won it. When Monaco (who they beat easily) had defeated Real in the semis. 'It does not discredit them', yet you are spending all this time trying to discredit them!! You should write a book on contradictions and in the meantime make your mind up.

Posted 11:17am 19th February 2014

alexc213 (Middlesbrough) says...

@mootilated - oh dear, you've claimed what I said is incorrect and then go on to repeat what I said! Please point out what was incorrect!! I might just copy and paste my last comment here. In fact yes I will: 'Monaco aren't the calibre of Barca, Bayern or Real but they had actually beaten Real and Chelsea on their journey to the final. Suggests they weren't too shabby. Lyon were reasonable opposition and Deportivo had eliminated Milan and Juventus. Porto got a draw at the Bernabeu in the group stage and then beat the team who beat them'. I can't see any inaccuracies, can you??? And he's a brilliant manager but a failure at 3 of his last 4 clubs! That kind of contradicts....But maybe Monaco should've let Real Madrid beat them in the semi so that Porto could have played them to win a proper Champions League and we'd all be happy.

Posted 11:06am 19th February 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@duxnutz - PS: I never said Monaco won't make the CL. I said Monaco won't make the UCL Final. Is it possible? Sure. Do I think it will happen. No. Just like us beating Bayern Munich tonight ;)

Posted 8:35am 19th February 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@duxnutz - I specifically said that I think he is a brilliant manager. My comment was not against Mourinho, it was aimed at the people who seem to use his Porto Champions League success as a reason to why he can be successful with a small budget, but perspective has to be taken into consideration also. It does not discredit the winning team, but people are always bragging on about how 'difficult' it must have been for Porto to win the Champions League. All I'm saying is that it would have been much harder, and they probably would have not won it, had they come against more difficult opposition. The final was not of one team with the caliber of, let's say Manchester City and another team with the caliber of Everton. It was two teams who were both pretty average and one came on top. Had it been against Barcelona or Bayern or Real Madrid, they would have certainly not won it.

Posted 8:32am 19th February 2014

mootilated (Arsenal) says...

@alexc213 - That is incorrect. They got a draw in their first game and a loss of 1-3 at home to Real Madrid. They secured their place in the qualifiers by beating Marseille twice and Partizan once, coming second behind Real Madrid in the group stages. They then went on to beat Man United (by the skin of their teeth), then they came against Lyon, beat them, and then in the semi's against Deportivo and in the final they came against Monaco. Inter was a success however he spent almost 60million in his 2 seasons there, buying Eto'o, Quaresma, Muntari, Milito, Sneijder and Motta. Hardly a low budget now is it? Jose Mourinho has spent a staggering 750 million euros on the transfer market at Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid to just win one Champions League title. If you ask me, that's failure.

Posted 8:18am 19th February 2014

duxnutz (Chelsea) says...

@mootilated, how on Earth does the final match up discredit the winning team? Is it that all the other, better, teams somehow decided to boycott the tournament that year? Not? Furthermore, your Monaco won't make the UCL in the foreseeable future jibe seems a little hasty considering the talent they are amassing. If you base that assumption on FFP then you better hope it holds. Now, I am all for intelligent arguments and can definitely account for specific bias but to bang the 'Mourinho is a mug drum' seems somewhat of a stretch. Love him or hate him but there is no denying he is definitely one of the best managers around.

Posted 7:24am 19th February 2014

alexc213 (Middlesbrough) says...

@mootilated - if you read carefully I began by banging the Uniao Leiria drum. As for Porto, okay, Monaco aren't the calibre of Barca, Bayern or Real but they had actually beaten Real and Chelsea on their journey to the final. Suggests they weren't too shabby. Lyon were reasonable opposition and Deportivo had eliminated Milan and Juventus. As for your 'hardly Real' comment, Porto got a draw at the Bernabeu in the group stage and then beat the team who beat them. A Champions League win isn't suddenly devalued because of 'weaker' opposition. Out of 32 teams they won, end of. Anyway I could've chosen the Inter drum to bang where his team beat Chelsea, Barca and Bayern. But my initial point was related to people questioning how Mourinho would fare with a lesser budget. Fair to say he was successful, wasn't he? a Champions League and a UEFA Cup. Maybe instead of stopping banging on about his Porto successes, how about stopping irritated Arsenal fans spouting nonsense about him being unable to achieve success without a huge budget? I bet if he took over at a Stoke or a Norwich, he'd have them punching above their weight in no time.

Posted 5:13pm 18th February 2014

magicfuller (Stoke City) says...

Go_Gun. Errm like Porto and Milan then?

Posted 3:55pm 18th February 2014

leopold (Liverpool) says...

And David Luiz can be the Michelangelo of calamity.

Posted 3:45pm 18th February 2014

levi says...

Da Vinci of football? Hahahahahahahahaha How small minded do footballers get? The da Vinci of bathroom-tile laying

Posted 3:10pm 18th February 2014

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