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Mourinho fined for outburst

Jose Mourinho has been fined £10,000 for comments about match officials following Chelsea's shock defeat to Sunderland last month.

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deepcdiver (Chelsea) says...

@Gab1965 - I'll clarify it for you, Arsenal havent won so much as a raffle for nearly a decade now hence - serial failures. Catching on now?

Posted 3:32pm 9th May 2014

Gab1965 says...

fevriul - Funny, because only one, out of Chelsea and Arsenal, has any chance of winning a trophy and the amount of points per millions spent on the squad is heavily in Wenger's favour as well. So I'm not sure how he is the serial failure. The FA are on dodgy ground making this kind of call and it shouldn't really be allowed. Chelsea supporters understand this kind of sarcasm, though. Years ago, they used to pretend that throwing fruit at their own players was a sign of their generosity.

Posted 2:41pm 9th May 2014

paulw66 (Chelsea) says...

They may as well abolish the press conferences. You say something remotely controversial and you can be charged, so we end up with a scenario where everyone just repeats the same, dull nonsense. Must be the first manager in the histroy of the PL to be charged with using sarcasm.

Posted 1:11pm 9th May 2014

fevriul (Chelsea) says...

Cranky old battle axe that hit you for six...see what I there ;)

Posted 1:04pm 9th May 2014

outrun (Arsenal) says...

Yes the guy is an utter tool, but the FA shouldn't be able to decide when sarcasm amounts to improper conduct and when it doesn't - almost every manager makes sarcastic comments when they get decisions go against them

Posted 1:01pm 9th May 2014

gunnergremlin (Arsenal) says...

During his first tenure at the shed, I liked Jose. He was funny, witty and added a bit of a buzz to the otherwise dull image of PL managers. This time, he's just egotistical, self serving and not funny anymore. Like that old girlfriend who used to be hot but has now turned into a cranky old battlexe.

Posted 10:38am 9th May 2014

fevriul (Chelsea) says...

Listen "Serial Failures" should learn to keep their mouths shut when talking about Chelsea , bunch of voyeurs. I would take em to court , he has not said anything , intact he congratulated everyone. How exactly has he broung the game into disrepute!

Posted 10:12am 9th May 2014

sicklelord (Chelsea) says...

@dr soccer. His football certainly harms Arsenal doesnt it. six *cough* nil.

Posted 9:53am 9th May 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

How could his comments harm the reputation of football? Ridiculous. His football harms the reputation of football.

Posted 8:17pm 8th May 2014

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