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Mourinho slams German referee

Jose Mourinho criticised the referee as Chelsea slipped to a friendly defeat at Werder Bremen in a game Mourinho described as 'a circus'.

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crow says...

@ uncle money, English not your strongest suit? Struggling to understand what was said by the man in charge of the football team? Let me help you. Jose was complaining against the Ref as he ruined the match. I don't know if you understand football but the purpose of pre season friendlies is to get your players fit, get new players and start to get your team playing well. The results are secondary. You keeping up? For a fan of a team that includes Steven (watch me dive) Gerrard I would keep your opinions about penalties to yourself.

Posted 1:45pm 9th August 2014

uncle monty (Liverpool) says...

Chelsea fans complaining about dubious penalties being awarded against them...oh the irony.

Posted 4:59pm 4th August 2014

ted maul (Chelsea) says...

I think he's missing the point. Third preseason game and third time Zouma has looked bobbins when the ball is in the air.

Posted 1:41pm 4th August 2014

paulonbooks (Liverpool) says...

"Mourinho criticises referee" Sob, football's back, and this site has fallen at the first hurdle.

Posted 1:17pm 4th August 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

It's not the result Jose was complaining about, it was the fact that it turned into a nothing game because of the ref. The whole idea of preseason is to get the players fit and to learn about new players coming in. To be honest, after that ref performance you would learn more with a training session back at Cobham than anything from that match, it just ended up being a waste of time.

Posted 12:50pm 4th August 2014

D_M_S says...

I miss the days when the scores from pre-season games were barely even reported.

Posted 12:19pm 4th August 2014

isildur1 (Chelsea) says...

the game was poorly reffed, but in fairness it's pre season in Germany. Can't expect a neutral ref. Also Jose complaining about it is a bit off, I mean it's pre season! No one cares!

Posted 11:43am 4th August 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

There was a lot wrong with that game yesterday but the ref didn't help matters at all, both penalties were dubious, the first JT is trying to move his arm out of the way and even with the tv pictures we still can't tell whether the ball hit the underside of his upper arm or his back, so how the ref could see is beyond me. That meant that Bremen just sat back and then hit us on the break for the rest of the game. The 2nd penalty was a recovering tackle when Nathan Ake got enough of the ball to divert it away from the Bremen player and he couldn't believe the ref gave a penalty. It was definitely a bad display from a very bad ref.

Posted 9:58am 4th August 2014

quoasis (Liverpool) says...

Didn't take long did it...

Posted 9:46am 4th August 2014

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