50 Ways To Make England v San Marino Fun...

We know you're not looking forward to England v San Marino. Heck, even the players will probably get bored. So here are 50 ways to make watching the match more fun...

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trapdoor (Manchester United) says...

red_ped. Genius. I'm off to staples first thing. Too late for the match but I'm doing it anyway. My wife will be thrilled when she sees my hard days work.

Posted 8:04am 10th October 2014

kevinsoutham (Liverpool) says...

I am going to make my home into a bat cave.

Posted 7:57am 10th October 2014

mufc phil (Manchester United) says...

Was Andi Thomas not available?

Posted 2:44pm 9th October 2014

MCFC87 (Manchester City) says...

Or how about 52 (after badwolf's suggestion) - Watch the f*****g game and actually enjoy England scoring a lot of goals for a change?

Posted 1:59pm 9th October 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

#51 write bad articles about how to make watching football games fun (and then wonder when you turned into Alan Greene or Mark Lawrenson)

Posted 1:18pm 9th October 2014

red goose (Liverpool) says...

Why would you come up with something as stupid as this!! Pointless....utter tosh... Actually, seeing how you get paid for writing this crap - any jobs going?

Posted 12:48pm 9th October 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

I like to pass the time during England games by shouting very loudly "get big Heskey on" from the first min to the last, irrespective of the score line, or indeed if Heskey is in the squad/retired/dead.

Posted 12:43pm 9th October 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

I'll be obsessively following #37 all evening.

Posted 12:41pm 9th October 2014

red_ped (Manchester United) says...

Make your home into the bat cave by putting postie-notes on everything naming them bat things e.g put one on your phone that says bat-phone, one on your beer that says bat-beer. In the second half wait for Rooney to appear on your screen and slap a bat-Rooney sticker on him. If your wife questions this, give her a sticker that says bat-wife.

Posted 11:01am 9th October 2014

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