Stats Say Sherwood No Tactical Chump

It might suit him to play the part of the 'young 'Arry' with his emphasis of players over tactics but Tim Sherwood has found formations that suit his attacking players...

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parklanespurs (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I think Tim showed what his true intentions were against Swansea, when we played 4-3-3, with the forward 4 all regularly interchanging. That is how his development side played all last season. I do like the young lad, he does the simple things well and has a bright future, however he is not Sandro who in my opinion should be first name on the team sheet. Last season when he and Dembele were together they were amazing and that is the ideal partnership for me in the middle.. Add Super Jan in at the back, who I feel is in the top 3 best defenders in the premiership and we have a very strong X1 an extremely strong bench too. If he can get them happy and believing, there is still a good chance we can get 4th and win the Europa League. COYS

Posted 12:20pm 24th January 2014

bob the manc (Manchester United) says...

For all those saying but he only has played teams that are out of form or wek teams, let me state that my beloved United lost to teams that are fighting relegation. Put that in perspective and you should be happy with he has offered so far. He is man managing rather than tactician at this stage. The players refused to fight for AVB and that showed on the results.

Posted 7:21am 24th January 2014

gongclough (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

'Bentaleb moves it quickly around midfield, making a pass on average every one minute 20 seconds, the eighth most often in the Premier League and more frequently than the likes of Michael Carrick, Aaron Ramsey or Steven Gerrard, to name but three' A new low for pointless stats has been reached with this!

Posted 10:43pm 23rd January 2014

dryice says...

Er Arsenal are an excellent side who were playing at home, tactics or no tactics it wasn't simply up to us whether we won or lost. Sherwood has turned games around at Half time to a positive effect. Now, that either means he's a reactionary buffoon who cant dictate games, or he's a flexible innovative coach who can see problems and address them immediately.

Posted 3:14pm 23rd January 2014

orikoru (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

We lost to Arsenal mainly because our full backs cannot defend. Wasn't really a tactical thing.

Posted 2:05pm 23rd January 2014

markofaspur (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Good article however I don't think we can make any judgements yet, 442 has worked well but about from the Arse we've mainly played teams out of form or just not very good and even then we've been exposed in the middle. Bentelab is a fantasitc prospect but he's too similar to Dembele, against stronger opposition I'd like to see a specialist DM either Capoue (who funnily enough started against the Mancs) or Sandro when fit as I think we'll be taken apart. Citeh next week will be a better test of his management skills but so far so goot for Interim Tim

Posted 1:49pm 23rd January 2014

gooner14 (Arsenal) says...

I think Sherwood is doing a good job at the moment while confidence is high - it will be interesting to see what he does when he's behind in a game and if he knows how to change things. In the FA Cup game against Arsenal, he didn't really look as if he knew what to do to turn things around (admittedly with a pretty weak bench in terms of attacking options). Turning a game in your favour when the chips are down is the true sign of a great manager.

Posted 1:12pm 23rd January 2014

rhino20-ten (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

That was a very good and factual article, more of these please F365. Every club has to have an identity and ours is based around Blanchflower's philosophy. AVB wasn't true to this and suffered as a result of it, Tim seems very aware of what the fans of this club expect. Yes, we're not quite as tight defensivley, but then again our first choice pait will always be Vert and Kaboul and we havent had them, so that will improve once we have better players in those positions. But going forwards we're playing like Spurs again. Yes we'll probably screw up fourth spot, but we'll do it losing 6-5 in the last game, not 1-0 in the last minute in a game where we only had 3 attempts (all from outside the box) on goal. Like a Dad says to his son, "it's ok losing as long as you try your best you're still a winner in my eyes". Under AVB we werent trying our best.

Posted 11:45am 23rd January 2014

harry hotspur (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I would argue that Tim Sherwood has pulled off something of a tactical masterstroke in that he's made the players actually enjoy themselves. As any manager in any industry will tell you, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. I'm increasingly impressed by Sherwood, though there is still the concern from when he said he didn't know anything about Capoue, and of course his taste in cheese.

Posted 11:05am 23rd January 2014

dryice says...

I personally think you confuse tactics with formation. I don't see many teams sit rigidly to a single formation throughout a match and so even if there are 2 strikers and it's assumed as a 4-4-2 one will generally drop deep and roam a little, replace that striker with an attacking midfielder who does the same job and immediately it's seem as a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 which are pretty much the same thing depending on what side has the ball.

Posted 10:01am 23rd January 2014

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