Eye On The Experts: Jamie Redknapp

Ten years! Ten years! That's how long Jamie Redknapp has been on our TV screens. And yet he has never knowingly said anything insightful. That's worth applauding...

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goonz (Arsenal) says...

Mr Neville...who would have thought he would reign supreme over pundit land? Mr Hansen, very cliched, but knows his defensive tactics shat Mr Dixon...cool, calm and collected, very professional stance. There the only ones i can abide. The other muppets... Owen, the Steve Davis of the premier league. Robbie Savage... I thought hard but cant think of anything printable for that man Andy Townsend...should be selling trainers in belfast shortly from a stall rented off the council. Alan Shearer, i think him and Andy townsend might actually share the same brain, one gets switched off when the other one wants to borrow it. Dion Dublin, token booking obligating the 1 in 3 policy, limited football competence. Peter Schmicheal....just why, what for? Robbie Fowler he shows great promise as a pundit, but will get sick of not being as articulate as the neviller, not as squeaky clean as Owen, and not as good to look at as Dixon. Roy Keane....his ego is by far his worse affliction...an absolute disgusting player with little tactical credibility, the Jimmy Hoffa of the EPL. Steve Claridge ....remind me again what year this fella won the ballon d'or....would lick himself if given the opportunity. Neville is the new messiah, and as a long time Arsenal fan, I cannot see anybody knocking him off his perch in this decade.

Posted 3:03pm 27th January 2014

SuperJohn (Bolton Wanderers) says...

Sky didn't learn from ITV, once again the combination of football pundits talking in front of a live audience is proving painfully awkward, Jaimie and that presenter bloke are unwatchable, I'd rather miss the first 10 minutes of the game.

Posted 1:03am 27th January 2014

marukomu (Manchester United) says...

I enjoy Neville's eye-roll when Redknapp recycles the exact same point he's just made.

Posted 10:14am 26th January 2014

lester210 (Liverpool) says...

"We long to see him lean out of a car window to give an interview and thus establish if this is a genetically inherited skill." Top, top stuff right there.

Posted 9:15am 26th January 2014

surprisedicare says...

Much of the analysis of his punditry has been delivered, slightly harshly, so I'd like to add another point. As one of those players who you thought could've achieved so much more were it not for injuries, the fact he's over achieved as a pundit is maybe his reward; and I don't begrudge him that.

Posted 12:25am 26th January 2014

slowgraffiti says...

I loathe him and Michael Owen as robotic cliche machines with a polite sheen, but seeing him sit hilariously in conversation with the likes of Gullit, etc. is still far better than the US alternative, which is to see some underachieving former US national team player with no success abroad (Alexi Lalas) argue in support of negative football with Gullit and Michael Ballack.

Posted 7:41pm 25th January 2014

HarryBoulton says...

And to touch on another point in the article, it does seem absurd that on Champions League nights he's nicely sandwiched between the games biggest achievers like Souness, Gullit or even Klinsmann.

Posted 6:53pm 25th January 2014

ROBDOLPHIN66 (Manchester United) says...

He is an imbecile. If he is in the studio I do not listen to anything pre or post match nor at half-time. His bias is a disgrace and he still won't let go of it even when he is proved wrong.

Posted 5:30pm 25th January 2014

cogs (Liverpool) says...

Was my favourite player as a kid..Mainly cos I fancied his wife

Posted 3:52pm 25th January 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@gongclough - it makes me laugh watching it. He physically twitches at the banality of his comments. Top Top himself isn't dislikeable, but the fact that he commands such a position of privilege is irritating and disappointing.

Posted 12:34pm 25th January 2014

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