Eye On The Experts: Roy Keane

He's there to be different, to emanate malevolence and weary disdain. He's a counter-weight to the cheery vanilla and we admire him all the more for it. Oh and we're scared.

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jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

Savinator - I'll see your Keane and Redknapp and raise you a Souness. Enduring image...isn't it?

Posted 3:14pm 14th February 2014

red_devil83 (Manchester United) says...

I would pay to see Robbie Savage and Roy Keane on the MOTD sofa with Gary Lineker presenting.

Posted 11:03pm 10th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@kophero, just do yourself a favour and read the transcript from the Suarez Evra affair as well, would you buddy. No one called anyone "negrito".

Posted 6:38pm 10th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

I like him only because he clearly scares the cr@p out of Chiles and Southgate, which is funny. Chiles gets away with it only because he's there to merely ask the questions. Southgate is in a much tougher position because he's paid to give his opinion, and that puts him directly in Roys line of sight. I think these days he just stammers out whatever he thinks Roy would say in order to avoid confrontation, which only makes things worse because then Roy presumably sees him as weak and irrelevant instead. Like the article says, if Keane is a good pundit, we wouldn't really know because ITV's format doesn't allow them to be anything more than talking heads for 5 or 10 minutes here and there. Like BBC as well, we don't get enough time to hear what they have to say because somewhere, some place there's a bunch of soap-opera loving social outcasts moaning that Eastenders or Coronation Street has been re-scheduled, and they're the type of people to write strongly opinionated letters to Points of View if they don't get their daily dose of Norris Cole........

Posted 6:34pm 10th February 2014

crow says...

Why is F365 so scared of Keane? Are you scared of Vinny jones as well? He was a hard tackling footballer as has been countless others but he is know gangster in real life so why the yellow streak F365? Or is your aim to build the man up like Jones? I actually like Keane as a pundit. Didn't think I would but I do. He takes sense most of the time and gives a reason but he isn't biased. I don't agree with all the time and nor should I but compared to some other pundits who have an opinion on the club first before what happens on the pitch he is doing OK.

Posted 8:18pm 9th February 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

As with Gary Neville, hated him as a player but love him as a pundit. When Celtic lost 3-0 to Juventus he sounded as if he wanted to punch the Celtic defender who played in the African Cup of Nations final 48 hours before the CL match and then was at faulty with two of the goals. None of this "he'll be disappointed with that" or "nine times out of ten he would have..." crap with Keano. But my fave Keano moment was when he shared a studio with Zola. All his bile and hatred for his fellow man melted away in the face of Zola's charm and warmth.

Posted 8:23am 9th February 2014

nicobellik (Manchester United) says...

@kophero, that is complete balls. I have many football-loving friends from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Not a single one mounted any defence of Suarez's words towards Evra. They all said it was unacceptable language and clearly racist in nature. Not a single one of them supports Man Utd. They all understand Spanish/Latin culture.

Posted 7:11pm 8th February 2014

kophero (Liverpool) says...

@bemused:if u disagree with joeyboswell its fine.But you fall in the same grey territory as him with your putrid hate filled comments.@dalgishdagger and I are prime examples, where we like roy keane @ some level, which immediately tarnishes your opinion that joeyboswell is saying so coz he is pool supporter..Whatever!! Probably you should read @Gollo comments to understand how football fans lower their IQs while displaying football morality.No bloody football fan can claim that they know what anelka meant/said.For me, knowing the french(having lived there), what he did was certainly not racist. Similarly calling someone "n**rito" is not racist as far as any spanish/latin culture understanding person will tell you. So stop judging other ppl's comments, esp. when you end you doing the same.

Posted 11:15am 8th February 2014

mr. eko (Arsenal) says...

@Spammo "the guy was 5-4 inch..." vieira was (is) 6-7 inches taller the guy and still did not mess with him like he did with other players-this man is to be feared....tis the sole purpose of his existence.

Posted 5:43am 8th February 2014

rodger's gusset (Liverpool) says...

I like the guy, he talks a lot of sense, he treats Chiles like the wank*r that he is. I actually think he would fit in great on MOTD and be a great replacement for Hansen. @JoeyBoswell, in fairness mate he's not leaving lovebites on your sister's neck. He has been a thorough s**t in some football games I'll grant you that, but I've seen worse and as pundits go he's better than most.

Posted 3:33pm 7th February 2014

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