British Coaches Abroad: Ashley Westwood

After spells as Michael Appleton's assistant at Portsmouth, Blackpool, and Blackburn, Ashley Westwood set off on a new challenge in India. It's fair to say it's going well...

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ari0403 (Manchester United) says...

Bengalurufc is my home club and i have been to all their home games have to say what ashley has told here is spot on, the atmosphere is absolutely electric and the football they play is super. As a regular f365 reader it is great to read about your home club on the website.

Posted 10:00am 28th February 2014

alien85 (Liverpool) says...

I live in Bengaluru, and have actually been to watch Bengaluru FC play at 3 of their home games. The team's been playing some excellent football. Sleek passing, a good pace to the game and very easy on the eye. They have some good local talent coming through. There's Keegan Periera (LB), Siam Hangal (MF), Beikhokhei (I can't spell his second name - playmaker), Darren Caldeira (MF). besides the stars already mentioned (Sunil Chhetri & Robin Singh). Its great to see the positive influence that Ashley is having on the players in shaping their careers and the city of Bengaluru in general in promoting football. Long may it last!

Posted 8:28am 28th February 2014

vins99 (Liverpool) says...

it's surely a silver lining for India! I am not sure but by 2020 we may have more followers of EPL than in England....

Posted 8:20pm 27th February 2014

chrisnelsonmmm says...

Every Steve Kean interview I've read he seems to get more delusional, so I fully expect him to be responsible for Blackburn winning the Champions League by the time that article comes around.

Posted 4:16pm 27th February 2014

lee (Liverpool) says...

Crivens - I was just jesting about the Kean thing too. Now that WILL be a read.

Posted 1:02pm 27th February 2014

owen amos says...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Lee - we have requests in with Steve Kean, hopefully we'll have something soon.

Posted 12:08pm 27th February 2014

godof86 says...

Minor point, but beyond Chhetri (who is obviously India's captain), there are at least two other Indian national team players in the Bangalore FC team, NS Manju and Robin Singh.

Posted 11:42am 27th February 2014

godof86 says...

@Jatin832, if you are in India, do visit the matches too. I have started doing that, after a long, long time. Love the atmosphere. And by shelling out the rupees, we would be doing our bit for football in India. You never know, maybe India'll get to the WC in my lifetime...

Posted 11:38am 27th February 2014

chrisnelsonmmm says...

@lee Curb your foulmouthed tongue ;)

Posted 10:39am 27th February 2014

maddy marg (Liverpool) says...

Maddy Marg (Liverpool) says... It¿s fantastic to see the sport of football becoming so popular across India¿ Also great to see a British ex-player/coach with decent exposure to professional football , start something like this in my home town¿ I hope many more professionals like Ashley could come to India and take this beautiful game to greater levels here. This has now encouraged me to start following Bangalore FC !!!

Posted 10:34am 27th February 2014

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