The F365 End Of Season Awards 2013/14

It feels like there is something missing after the end of the season. Of course there is - it's our version of the Oscars...

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sterry (Manchester United) says...

as a man utd fan i find the whole plane thing embarrassing simply because banter is supposed to be funny and that simply isnt , there should have been a funny one liner about gerrard and his slip moment that would have been genuinely funny. This united 20 gerrard 0 crap is something a primary school kid would come up with its a lame attempt at humour. Its been a rubbish year to be a united fan because of the attitudes of most united fans we deserve to have the p**s taken out of us this year just take it on the chin and stop throwing your toys out of the pram .

Posted 3:12pm 18th May 2014

thebigshow says...

Even as a Liverpool fan you'll get no criticism of the "Moyes Out" banner from me. If you want to spend your money on something then provided it's legal then knock yourself out. The second one over Anfield lacked a bit of awareness but there was still a point to it. If I was absolutely loaded I'd probably do something like this every week, start off with the obvious, then add a bit of a dig or two before getting a bit cryptic and perhaps bordering on a nice bit of libel. I've got a slightly odd sense of humour though but as I said, it would be my money and I could do what I like with it.

Posted 11:03am 18th May 2014

dactyl (Manchester City) says...

@luhg_mufc Trouble is your convincing explanation will be read by hardly anyone. Most will see the banner on TV and think: "What d*ckh*ad thought that up?" It was actually quite embarrassing. On the positive side you won an award unlike famous Man United.

Posted 9:30am 18th May 2014

dactyl (Manchester City) says...

Continuing the theme: Imagine a team of Ronaldos versus a team of Suarezians - nobody left standing.

Posted 8:04am 18th May 2014

Koolski says...

Yep, I have to add my thoughts on the ridiculous choice for Most Improved Player as well. As impressive as Henderson has been, it is absurd to suggest he improved to a greater degree than Ramsey did. Actually, this has really bugged me. You just did it to be different, didn't you? Either that, or people just love making Aaron miss out on awards. Seriously, I demand an explanation. I'm waiting!

Posted 11:20pm 16th May 2014

sommaze (Liverpool) says...

Hahahahaha, I can't stop having fun with F365! Roll on the next season. I'm gonna miss Degsy Bilton and Big Weekend!!

Posted 9:34pm 16th May 2014

slimcarto (Southampton) says...

A special award to all those Stalinist-type revisionists who talk about the Gerrard slip - if memory serves correct the ball was presented to the lurking Ba by a combination of a thoughtless square pass to Gerrard whose ball control seemed to desert him at the worst possible moment. The fact that he slipped afterwards is entirely irrelevant as he would never have caught Ba from that point anyway. Just saying, that's all.

Posted 8:58pm 16th May 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

@bright and edgy, I'm a bit dubious about legitimising a debate centred around the hypotheticals of a whole team cloned from one player. I agree Toure is a more rounded player. However my point was simply that I think a team of Ronaldos would beat a team of Toures (which is not answering the same question as "who is the best all-rounder?") That is all. I might be wrong. I suspect we'll never know.

Posted 7:15pm 16th May 2014

luhg_mufc (Manchester United) says...

As one of the organizers of the Moyes out plane, I would like to point out that it was nothing to do the "fall from grace" It was an attempt to show that not all Manchester United fans were behind Moyes, Which at the time was not clear and a group of us felt our view was being portrayed incorrectly, It was also in reply to the laughable Chosen one banner - which the group that put it up refused to take down when it became clear he wasnt up to the job. It was not totally about results, It was about the style of football, and his general mentality, A Manchester United manager should not be calling Liverpool favorites at old trafford, or aspring to be like Manchester City, Manchester United should also be above employing a man whos entire career has been an abject failure without a single trophy of note. As far as your most embarrassing moment of the season goes, I would suggest giving it to David Moyes a man who has "earnt" 7m this year for destroying a football club coming out with "The Money spent on the plane would have been much better spent going to Fletchers charity", Not only does it lack basic dignity, or respect towards fans, It shows him to be a complete coward hiding behind a charity and using a charity as a stick to beat fans with. Either that, or the so called Manchester United fans that sung "We all stand by David Moyes" Or Clapped him onto the pitch. Two of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen in football. We did what we thought was best for the club in showing he was not supported the way he and the rest of the world seemed to think, Worldwide media attention for £840 isnt a bad reach, It got the ball rolling, and ended in his eventual sacking, Some of our so called fans stood by David Moyes and his destruction of the club, Those of us behind the plane stood by Manchester United

Posted 5:55pm 16th May 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

@SMU02NS liverpool came 2nd in 2009 how many liverpool fans are still celebrating that.............erm none, thats the point a few years later nobody cares who qualified for champions league just who won which trophy, you only care where you came in the table if you have low expectations and accept mediocrity, the big teams in the world like Utd, Barca, Real, Bayern etc in the seasons where they dont win the league dont really care where they finish if its not first, 2nd place is just first loser, but im sure in your world suarez, sturridge etc will be revelling telling their grandkids about the season on 2013-14 when they came second, the difference in utd and pool fans is the fact liverpool fans are loving finishing second whereas for utd it would be a massive disappointment and not somethin to be celebrated, liverpool fans have to take joy in where utd finished to cover up their choke job

Posted 5:53pm 16th May 2014

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