Eye On The Experts: Pat Nevin

Alan and Johnny suspect Pat could talk for a long time about the Jesus And Mary Chain or the Cocteau Twins and let's face it, you couldn't say that about many pundits...

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liferbird7 (Liverpool) says...

Ha ha. This one gave me a laugh. Try to imagine this for a moment... I am a "soccer coach" (it makes me cringe as well, gents) in the good ol' US of A who regularly blasts My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain on the car ride to training. I suspect my boys play a more cultured brand of the game than our contemporaries but somehow I still feel like a pariah... PLAY FREE BIRD!!!!!

Posted 10:25pm 15th May 2014

quoththeraven (Crystal Palace) says...

I remember seeing once Pat Nevin described as "caught" reading a book. Yes, caught, as though the printed word were some sort of secret vice, the public discovery of which should have brought shame on the reader. It's also worth pointing out that his appearances south of the border usually mean it's all aboard the banterbus, it's time to show that awful penalty again, but he seems to take it in good humour.

Posted 8:01pm 15th May 2014

sailingmagpie says...

pauliechick - When you saw Ian Brown, did he start and end with the same song? I mean, I like his Thriller cover but I don't need to hear it sung badly twice in one evening!

Posted 5:57pm 15th May 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

C'mon Al and Johnny...do Trevor Brooking next. For ships and giggles if nothing else...

Posted 3:23pm 15th May 2014

paul_f says...

He doesn't give off a "show us your medals" air because he never won any. I think he's all right but if he takes against somebody he'll take that viewpoint to his grave no matter what the evidence in front of his eyes. His attitude towards Benitez over the years makes you wonder if Rafa has been overly friendly with Mrs Nevin at some point.

Posted 2:45pm 15th May 2014

pauliechick (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

sailingmagpie I stand corrected on Russell Crowe meltdown film reference. I guess maybe I'm just an old romantic that feels after Kevin Costner there can never be another Robin Hood. Amazing how the subconscious can play tricks on you. For instance, I used to believe that Ian Brown in his Stone Roses days had the voice of a northern angel, then I saw him live and realised he had the angelic tones of a Stockport Drunk who has brought his own microphone to a karaoke night...

Posted 2:16pm 15th May 2014

sailingmagpie says...

pauliechick - It was Robin Hood, not Braveheart. Both about as historically accurate though, so an easy mistake to make. He did sound quite Sellars-esque though.

Posted 1:58pm 15th May 2014

pauliechick (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

My favourite part of this synopsis is: "One imagines that having a conversation with him would be like having a conversation with an actual adult and that at no point would he attempt to cut off your tie or poo in your coffee." I don't think there is enough analysis on which famous footballing icon would poo in your coffee. I can however offer the following suggestions: 1. Joey Barton - a man forever on the precipice of mental destruction. Dependent upon how he woke up that day, he could either pass this off as 'banter' or, there's public outcry 'A cry for help and therapy'. 2. Roy Keane: Gathering by the furore that he caused when not being booked into the right standard of hotel, back in his Utd days, this will not be a thinly veiled threat. ITV you have been warned! 3. Non footballing icon susceptible to poo/coffee cup protests is Russell Crowe. This man was like a lion scorned after an interviewer famously questioned his ability to do accents after his hammy yet confusing Peter Sellers-esque voice in Braveheart. He told the interviewer to "Open up his ears." This was a chilling reminder: When the coffee/poo cup is swilling, you better open up your ears!

Posted 1:07pm 15th May 2014

ckvh (Chelsea) says...

Positive words about Chelsea and the Mary Chain in the same F365 article, I thought I'd never see the day. Pat is as knowledgeable as sainted G Nev without the fervour. Sadly I fear for the wee man were he ever to be stuck on a bus to an away game with Lil Wayne and D Guetta blaring from players' iPhones.

Posted 1:05pm 15th May 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

An extract from his Wiki page reads: "He has an arts degree from Glasgow Caledonian University. He was noted during his playing days for being somewhat different from the stereotypical footballer, especially through his interest in literature and the arts, and in his musical tastes, preferring The Fall and Joy Division to Phil Collins or Lionel Richie. As such, he was interviewed by the NME and was a guest presenter on Radio City during his Everton and Tranmere career...At the second Bowlie Weekender, hosted by ATP he played a DJ set, playing Belle & Sebastian, Orange Juice and "My New House" by The Fall while wearing a The Pains of Being Pure at Heart t-shirt. The following day he slipped an indiepop reference onto 5 Live while talking about the Man Utd vs Arsenal match. He has also appeared as a guest DJ at Scared To Dance and How Does It Feel To Be Loved?, which are both indiepop club nights in London." He is therefore, by all acounts, the thinking man's football pundit - sorry about that, Redknapp Jr...

Posted 12:54pm 15th May 2014

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