Five Reasons Real Are The Champions

Adam Bate was in the Stadium of Light and picks his five reasons why Real are champions of Europe. From the brilliance of Angel Di Maria to Diego Costa's early exit...

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Alkaline_ (Manchester United) says...

If you were to create a sub-point to the 5 mentioned, it would be the removal of Felipe Luis through injury. Up until he got subbed off he was arguably Atletico's best player along with Godin and was putting out fires right across the back line. Tracking runners and keeping Bale + Carvajal rather pinned back and under wraps. In fact Real weren't really up to much and looked the poorer of the two sides for a large period of the game, the second he had to go off injured the momentum switched and Real started gaining free reign to bomb down the left backs side of the pitch. Not to mention it was the man who replaced Luis, Alderweireld, who lost Ramos off the corner for the equaliser and also looked like Bambi on marbles when trying to defend Bale's header.

Posted 11:04pm 27th May 2014

jd.quench (Manchester United) says...

tonyv25 - Cristiano Ronaldo used to play for Manchester United. That will ALWAYS be the pre-set agenda when comments and opionions are expressed about him.

Posted 12:03pm 27th May 2014

big puma says...

thank you, thank you for mentioning Di Maria's contribution and probably the only article who expressly mentioned it as such. I like to take the press to task for sticking to the narratives but i'm relieved that you threw some of that aside in recognition of what we all saw with our eyes.

Posted 12:34am 27th May 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

Hey Adam you've forgotten to mention that ronaldo was average (although you could argue he just didn't see enough of the ball due to the lack of khedira incisiveness - wouldn't have happened if alonso was on the pitch) you'll have a lot of bitters baying for blood if you don't criticise the 17 goal champion at every opportunity.

Posted 4:58pm 26th May 2014

Triof (Manchester United) says...

@crookster - I think a lot of it is that they're the foreign teams, people over here just don't care as much about them buying victories. Real might get a bit of leeway because at least their incomes are a lot higher, rather than all being generated by huge owner investments. Of course, they should be getting a lot of stick for their (and Barcas) hugely unfair TV deals, but that's a different matter. They're much more established elite, so thet receive much less criticism for overspending.

Posted 2:12pm 26th May 2014

crookster (Manchester United) says...

A goal each from their 100 million a pop wingers. Before the game a lot was said of how Real would cope with the massive loss of Xabi Alonso in midfield. They managed the crisis well however by popping 30m rated Sami Khedira in his stead. When they needed to push on too the timely introduction of 30m wonderkid Isco proved another masterstroke. It is staggering to me how Man City can take so much schtick for buying the EPL but Madrid, the darlings of European football are fawned over for winning the CL without so much as a burp about their expediture. Similarly no one seems to care a jot about PSG sbuying their success. They too have been fined 50m for FFP breaches and are now spending another 50m on David Luis. Not a dickiebird. Let's have a bit of fairness. If anyone ever bought a tournament it was this one. La Decima - considering they've have spent ten times more than every other club it is quite fitting.

Posted 11:38am 26th May 2014

IanJames says...

They're also a club that could buy the ground you walk on, so having financial clout the size of the moon helps a bit.

Posted 9:27am 26th May 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

Ramos was the big man for the big game, no argument there but you left out one missing man who would have done more to earn his medal if he'd stolen it. Do I need to tell you who?

Posted 10:20pm 25th May 2014

fictionalemu says...

Daniel Story: Di Maria was "particularly guilty...[of] resorting to crossing from deep in a manner akin to David Moyes' United". Adam Bate: Di Maria was man of the match.

Posted 8:52pm 25th May 2014

Editor says ...

Di Maria was excellent, the idea to cross from deep wasn't, would be the logical conclusion. The Argetinean's dribbling after picking up the ball from deep was superb.

yossarian_lives (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Another anonymous game from the most overrated player in the world. I just don't get the fuss...

Posted 8:24pm 25th May 2014

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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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