Eye On The Experts: The BBC Pundits

The first in a two-part World Cup pundit preview, John Nicholson and Alan Tyers look at the BBC's mammoth team who'll be bantzing it up out in Brazil this summer...

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crossbarjess says...

As a woman with great interest in men's football, I can honestly say that the lack of female voices covering the World Cup does not bother me. I believe that pundits should be chosen based on their potential to provide the viewer with insights, analysis and knowledge; in short, what I look for in the people covering football is skill, not gender. This being said, I disagree wholeheartedly with certain comments I've read that seem to dismiss the idea of female pundits entirely, often stating the inferiority of women's football as a reason not to name female pundits for coverage of men's football. First of all, playing and covering are two entirely separate activities (trying very hard not to namedrop here, but it is repeatedly proven that being a talented footballer in no way means you will be a talented pundit), secondly I would like to cite personal experience. I consider myself to know football rather well, but not half as well as some of the most knowledgeable people I know; several of whom are women. This brings my argument full circle as I can again state that pundits should be chosen based on their skill, not their gender. Incidentally this also relates to my worries for the BBC team. Rather than react to the lack of women, it is the lack of representation for 'proper' journalists that concerns me. The article touches on this, and I too am worried that we will forego a lot of knowledge and analysis because the BBC have opted to send only ex-players.

Posted 12:04pm 9th June 2014

sarcasticgooner (Arsenal) says...

I'm watching sumo on NHK World and the expert is an 80 year old English lady. She knows her stuff and is much more interesting than people like shearer

Posted 10:10am 9th June 2014

danilo g (Liverpool) says...

Alright, amid all the arguing and "ha-ha, Savage's a chick!", let me just add: interesting, funny article. Thanks.

Posted 6:07pm 7th June 2014

juddlinskatron (Chelsea) says...

@bun9. Erm, it's not. That's why the article didn't say it was. You got any other non-existent points you want to regale us with?

Posted 1:40pm 7th June 2014

bun9 (Manchester United) says...

The BBC have never had any women on any panel in World Cups previously. Why is it suddenly now misogynistic when it never has been before?

Posted 2:38pm 6th June 2014

Skoolyad (Bradford City) says...

I can imagine that thought of spending a month in a sweaty studio alongside the likes of Robbie Savage, Rio Ferdinand and Mark Lawrenson is enough to put most women off...

Posted 11:53am 6th June 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

Wot! No Adebayor this time round? And while we are on the subject of sexism, why are there no male panelists on Loose Women?

Posted 11:31am 6th June 2014

tokyojoker (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I stopped reading at the paragraph pointing with faux-outrage at the fact that no women involved. Give it a rest, creeps.

Posted 9:21am 6th June 2014

tokyojoker (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Trousers, not pants.

Posted 9:02am 6th June 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

I think Savage is legally a vagina, so he counts.

Posted 4:45am 6th June 2014

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