The World Cup's Great Playmakers

With plenty of attacking talent on show in Brazil, pick out one playmaker from each of the groups that should be expected to shine...

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chuks84 (Manchester United) says...

@bright and edgy. It's the top playmaker from each group. So it doesn't mean England have no quality playmakers. It's just that in the group of Italy, England, Uruguay and Costa Rica, the one playmaker who is best is Marco Verratti. So reading the top of the article might help you before you go rashly stating that England could be screwed

Posted 2:15am 16th June 2014

GVMUFC says...

@harry: and while we are dismissing hit it and hope and "punt it up the field" let's not forget Barnes, keggie, teddy, c bell, bobby c, alan 'baller' ball, sir stanley m and robbo. Arrivederci it's one on one!

Posted 2:48pm 15th June 2014

slowgraffiti says...

bright and edgy - I'm no Englishman, but it seems worth noting that the list is one player per group. Given that condition, an England player could have only appeared in one spot. Not a tragedy to miss out on that spot for James who had a great season at Monaco.

Posted 3:42am 15th June 2014

bright and edgy (Manchester City) says...

@ztunytsur....Yeah well I did acknowledge its a subjective list. My point was that it clearly highlights that England don't have a creative player good enough to take them very far. And its true.

Posted 8:40pm 14th June 2014

ztunytsur (Everton) says...

Bright and Edgy. I'd personally put the 'Lack of English players' down to the fact the author picked one player from each group And went with an Italian from Englands... Seeing as England are just one team from 4 in that group, and the Author went with an Italian, compounded by the fact we're not in the other groups because of, well, there only being one national team per nation allowed in the competition, then that could explain the lack of 'Englishmen' in the list. You know, there being lots of other teams, groups and selections according to the basis of the article...

Posted 7:34pm 14th June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Not really. Platt, Gascoigne, Waddle, Hoddle and Beardsley were not "hit it and hope" players at all. Not even close.

Posted 1:52pm 14th June 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

@bright and edgy - You are also entitled to your opinion, though I would suggest that you base on something other than one friendly match. I'm not sure I'm the naive one.

Posted 1:40pm 14th June 2014

Geddy76 (Arsenal) says...

@bright and edgy. That's because 'playmaking' in the traditional English game was always 'punt it up the field'.

Posted 2:46am 14th June 2014

thomspur (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Arguably the "key passes" statistic is more important than "assists" to playmakers, particularly deep-lying playmakers like Pirlo. It is often their passes that put players in through the channels creating the opportunity for a cross from the byline or similar. Key passes are the passes that put people into key attacking positions or that create chances.

Posted 3:19pm 13th June 2014

bright and edgy (Manchester City) says...

@ajsr1982.....Despite it being an experimental team, those creative giants could barely summon enough creativity to trouble Honduras. Ever wondered how that is going to fare when facing proper creative players like Modric, Oscar, Silva, Ozil, Messi etc? As much as you are entitled to your opinion, the flippant and sarcastic tone of your comment would suggest you are very naive indeed.

Posted 3:04pm 13th June 2014

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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


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Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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