Why Is It Raining Glorious Goals?

After 44 goals in the first 14 matches, Adam Bate looks at some of the reasons why we've seen so much action in Brazil. Has everyone just agreed to say 'sod it'?

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masmaz (Arsenal) says...

I like this article and bet it is revisited in a few weeks. @Dr. This ain't 1st time you made no sense,but the heat is a factor. Pitch size? If you have played rapido or court football you know this is wrong. See Titi's Highbury. I've seen alot of crap goalkeeping. How De Gea doesn't make team is telling. Most interesting is there aren't a bunch of dominant strikers. Nor is it mostly set pieces. I believe it's a combination of at least 3 things: midfielders too tired/hot to close down; blowback against tiki taka or anti-possession counter attacking (which may see Holland go far) and the trend of the false nine. Now its almost striker less with 4 interchanging attackers.... And shit goal keeping, zonal marking and full backs who are wingers(Baines,Johnson).

Posted 8:19am 19th June 2014

debra2927 (Sunderland) says...

I was actually disappointed with the TIm Cahill goal. I had just got in from work and put the radio on while I made something to eat. As I switched it on, Savage and the commentator were screaming in delight at "one of the best goals in ANY World Cup, EVER!" There were comparisons with Van Basten, and the raving went on, and on... So I switched on my Sky Plus and sped through (Robben's goal wasn't bad either) and thought "it's good but not THAT good!" I thought it stood comparison with Van Persie's Old Trafford effort but wasn't in the same league as Van Basten's. The problem, as a correspondent yesterday said, is that commentators are now constantly trying to create "moments". The Radio Five pair kept saying "People will be able to say I was there when that goal was scored!" What they meant was THEY were there and it will be THEIR voices that keep being played whenever montages of WC 2014 are played. So everything has to be bigger, better, more orgasmic than it actually is. Sorry, Tim.

Posted 8:15am 19th June 2014

andreas187 (Liverpool) says...

There are more goals in this world cup because adidas brought out that ridiculous ball which nobody could keep from flying 50 feet over the crossbar. The ball was bad enough but add that to the high altitude (thin air) in JoBerg and it made it even harder to keep that flighty ball down. Believe it or not, the blame lies squarly with Adidas

Posted 8:37am 18th June 2014

Cruyff74 says...

The pitch size; They are huge, at their maximum dimensions under the guideline it appears. Not always the case especially where stadiums already exist Germany 2006, France '98 etc. Also, I think most teams are playing with deep-lying defences, which actually creates more space in midfield, so the basketball type exchanges are more common. Therefore one team attacks, gets broken up, opposition have a chance to counter-attack with multiple players against only 2 or 3 defenders. Repeat. The humidity (and the pitch size) are all contributing to this.

Posted 4:49am 18th June 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

It's obviously because the European countries can't adapt to the heat and they just want to score a bunch and go home to their hot European cities with no air conditioning.

Posted 12:12am 18th June 2014

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his specializing in mediocrity will only stop when Wenger and his entire back room staff are cleared out. Dortmund are everything Arsenal should be; in fact they're everything Arsenal thought they were, until they met this supreme doppelg nger.

dr soccer
The Bitter Taste Of Arsenal Déjà Vu


isgusting. Shambolic. Pathetic. Embarassing. Inept. Below par. Painful. Horrible. Sickening. Frustrating. Wasteful. 11 adjectives to describe the 11 professionals on the pitch. I have never been so frustrated. Losing I can handle, but negligence and years of the same mistake is just becoming a joke now. One that isn't even funny anymore.

The Bitter Taste Of Arsenal Déjà Vu


he worst performance since Wenger took charge. A spineless, gutless cowardly performance. Wenger and the players should hand their weeks wages to the fans. Useless pathetic amateurs.

Wenger bemoans poor display

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