Eye On The Experts: World Cup Awards - Week One

The first week of the World Cup has seen an extraordinary amount of reaction to television punditry of various qualities. Alan and Johnny are therefore in their element...

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Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@ajsr1982...Yeah that was hilarious. I actually thought Hoddle had lost his mind what a crazy team. Strachan's reaction was priceless.

Posted 4:45pm 20th June 2014

jericho (Leeds United) says...

Nowhere else to post this so here will do - Hodgson looks like a "young Civil Servant" while Taberaz looks like he's been "down a few back alleys" That's the difference between the Managers. England need a few players that "would kick their granny"

Posted 3:04pm 20th June 2014

ben afc (Arsenal) says...

"Imagine watching Inception with Jonathan Pearce" - seen on his Twitter after his meltdown. Classic - moment of the World Cup for me. He was STILL banging on about it in his next commentary game some 3 days later, it actually defies belief. Had nobody explained it to him by then!

Posted 2:33pm 20th June 2014

franks (Nottingham Forest) says...

To my mind, Mark Lawrenson achieved immortality in South Africa 2010 during the England-Germany game for describing the German coaching staff as looking "like a boy band". And what's more, just the other day during one game or another he announced that he "can't remember last week". For these reasons he is untouchable.

Posted 1:51pm 20th June 2014

JacobBurns (Leeds United) says...

If they made a movie about pundits, Lawrenson would be played by Bill Murray and Adrian Chiles by Woody Allen.

Posted 10:16pm 19th June 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

The lesser Neville brother (I'm not comparing Cyril to Aaron music fans) was an inspired choice for the Enland game. Watching England is really stressful, but with P Nev at the mic, I was oddly calm throughout. I will miss him tonight.

Posted 2:37pm 19th June 2014

jericho (Leeds United) says...

And............ And .................... U forgot Dunphy referring to Neymar as f**king dreadful! Surely that's an award?

Posted 2:25pm 19th June 2014

jericho (Leeds United) says...

They are all a bit boring in fairness and Shearer is rock bottom.........Speaking of rock bottoms (nudge nudge wink wink!), where did Lawro get himself to early hours of Saturday cos when he appeared on our screens on Saturday afternoon dishevelled, and disorientated in pink shirt and scraggy stubble, he looked like he had gone 6 rounds with Tyson in the jungle.............!

Posted 2:23pm 19th June 2014

zedsmith (Liverpool) says...

Award for best showing up of a fellow pundit: must go to Rio Ferdinand and Thierry Henry in the studio alongside Alan Shearer for Spain-Holland (I think). They were giving some great insight and actual honest views; Alan was squinting a lot and repeating the same stock phrases irrespective of what was actually happening. As someone who thought Ferdinand and Henry were just added by the BBC because they were well know faces, I think their punditry has actually been superb and a massive step on from the tired old crew. And Clarence...marvellous Clarence...

Posted 2:18pm 19th June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

I don't like Adrian Chiles. I find him to be patronising and deliberately fuddy-duddy around a lot of the players, but he was absolutely on the money to press Vieira on his (indefensible) defence of Muller, and the act of deceiving the match officials. I know it's now considered part of the professional game, and that we see it quite a lot, but the players have a responsibility towards each other, and towards the game in general. You cannot throw yourself to the floor looking for a foul that is non-existant and then rid yourself of responsibility by saying "sh*t happens, it's part of the game". What's more, he was coming across in a very patronising "you wouldn't understand" which I find to be arrogant and short sighted. It's not a question of experience and insight. It's a question of fairness and integrity. I wouldn't single Muller out, because he isn't the only one, but while you can make exuses for players jumping out the way of tackles, there was no excuse for Muller to drop like a sack of spuds in a deliberate attempt to con the match officials into booking another player. Chiles rightly questioned his disappointing attitude towards this, I thought.

Posted 2:13pm 19th June 2014

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his is brilliant! All these years of moral ambiguity, grey areas of offence and context..now we have a simple, easy to follow guide to right and wrong. What did you do today? I kicked the face off a panda . Oh well, you didn't rape, kill anyone or abuse a minor, knock yourself champ.

megabrow (cufc)
Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


wonder if he'd feel the same way if he wasn't a white, non-jewish heterosexual male. Because Mackay has basically insulted everyone else!

Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence


heers Harry. I was wondering if he'd murdered anyone

Redknapp leaps to Mackay defence

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