Five Things We're Learning About Van Gaal

For Manchester United fans, the World Cup offers a window into the tactics and techniques of Louis van Gaal. He's no respecter of traditions or reputations...

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jimbobbarker (Torquay United) says...

There are only three players in Man Utd's entire squad who don't need to be replaced. Rooney, RVP and De Gea. The rest of them need to to be replaced and then backup's acquired. It's going to take a LOT of money and a good few seasons to get back up to the Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG level. For what its worth, I think Van Gaal to exactly the right man for the job, so they are on the right tracks. By the way, I am not trolling here, I am being honest. Expect a long hard slog back to the top.

Posted 3:32pm 23rd June 2014

bestmyhero (Manchester United) says...

What I like about Van Gaal is him coming from a country where football is as much art as it is a fight. He will also recognize continental and briitsh talent far better than Moyes. Or Fergie for that matter.

Posted 5:54pm 21st June 2014

tommydoc (Manchester United) says...

the first issue for Utd is central defence. England demise was largely due to weakness in that area. France is doing well coz they have central defenders like Sakho/varane/koscielny. VanGaal must start from here otherwise all the good work will go to waste...

Posted 8:43am 21st June 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

He'll make the team better, after the Moyesogenic shambles that's enough. As for who to take over after him, not Giggs, not unless he proves himself as a manager first, not as an assistant, as a manager, until he does I see no reason to entrust the biggest job to him, his attributes as a player are utterly irrelevant, we don't know if he's a Cruyff or a Sherwood and I don't want United to be the club where we find out he's the latter.

Posted 12:55am 21st June 2014

HarryBoulton says...

He's a good manager, but not a miracle worker. Our squad has issues. He brought through an impressive number of young players, but these players were good players. We don't have a Xavi or a Schweinstieger in our youth team, so he needs support from the top, and I fear this will be lacking. Woodward seems nothing short of useless, and the Glazers aren't going to spend any more money, not after Fellaini and Mata last season.

Posted 4:44pm 20th June 2014

amsterhammer (Manchester United) says...

The 4-3-3 in The Netherlands is indeed a big deal. When the formation changed vs Australia the pub (in Amsterdam) started to chant 4-3-3! You don't usually hear a formation get it's name chanted but you do over here it seems!

Posted 4:10pm 20th June 2014

dutch oven (Manchester United) says...

@GVMUFC, Relax buddy, straight off Buttner is being allowed to leave leaving no obvious back up for Evra (on a 1 year contract) so you would imagine theres a deal done for LB there. United seem very quiet and secretive in their transfer dealings which would indicate a lesson learned hopefully and I expect to see at 2, 3 or maybe 4 new faces line up at a press conference in the new Chevrolet jersey which has yet to be unveiled (late by United standards). I'll stick my neck out and say LVG is manager we can believe in.

Posted 3:52pm 20th June 2014

wholesisckcrew (Manchester United) says...

I'm very firmly behind Netherlands this tournament now we're pretty much out. Mid-table flunkies need a little something to catch the eye of uninterested suitors. A manager coming off an impressive world cup might just do the trick. United fans can at the very least enjoy that LVG RVP high five over and over again.

Posted 1:14pm 20th June 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

GVMUFC, don't worry about the transfers, if Woodward can't do the business I think Van Gaal will just strangle him, bury him under a training pitch and get on with himself.

Posted 11:41am 20th June 2014

Mike_Christie (Manchester United) says...

bluecookie, van Gaal is 10 years older and Mourinho worked under him at Barcelona, so it doesn't take much working out. I can't wait for next season. From a manager who couldn't get anywhere close the best out of our team to a manager that a player as level headed as Van der Sar has described as being better than Fergie. He might only be there a few years as he doesn't seem so stick around too long, but he does seem to leave clubs in fantastic shape. Giggs may well be taking over in 2018 or so, having been handed a club that has been given an LvG overhaul, with a youth setup to rival Barcelona and Bayern. If last season was the price we had to pay for that, then so be it.

Posted 11:15am 20th June 2014

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