Five Midfield Targets For Manchester United

With Manchester United said to be in the market for another midfielder, Ian Watson looks at the five possible targets for Louis van Gaal...

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stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

Should really be going for Mikel of Chelsea!

Posted 8:27pm 9th July 2014

Synergy says...

@Alkaline_ (Manchester United)> Think your buying into the Moyes narrative about how poor United are as a team. The fact is United are a top team with quality players, just were saddled with an incompetent coach, who managed to get the entire team to have their worst seasons in a united shirt.

We have already bought Herrera & Shaw, two fantastic players. If Vidal comes, he strengthens our last major weakness in central midfield. We have a fantastic attack and while we could use another top central defender & maybe one winger, Van Gaal has managed to make do with Aston Villas defender for the Dutch and they are in the semi finals, so I am not too concerned.

Simply put if we get Vidal, I would be backing us as favorites for the title next season, given City lose Mr Birthday Cake, Pool lose the Biter and Chelsea struggle to break down teams as they do a Mourinho to them, by parking the bus and looking to counter attack them.

Posted 11:35am 7th July 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@lfcfan80 If LvG and Rooney don't get on, Rooney will leave and the team will be better for it, he won't pander to him, no matter how many shirts he sells, unlike Moyes who undid his belt, slid his trousers and shorts down, turned round, bent over and said 'come and get it big boy', which, as I saw it, was much worse than any of the many humiliations on the pitch. I'm interested to see what happens when Suarez leaves as well, will Rodgers get the money to reinvest, and if he does will he spend it wisely, or will you go the way United did after Ronaldo was sold and get less than half to reinvest, only time will tell. Obviously I hope Rodgers gets the money and signs mediocre replacements that see Liverpool occupy their previous position after last season's flash in the pan. If United have a poor start, I for one won't panic, van Gaal has proven he knows what he's doing, I don't care if success is instant, my problem with Moyes was never a lack of patience, as long as there are signs that a plan is in place I'll tolerate slow improvement, whatever happens it'll be better than under Moyes.

Posted 3:53pm 5th July 2014

Alkaline_ (Manchester United) says...

The only way I see Vidal joining United is if we either sign 2/3 more players before going after him, or include a clause in his contract that stipulates we will be signing more top quality players before the start of the season. I cannot see him joining United on a 1 man rescue mission, he'll only be interested if he see's a large scale project happening at United ala PSG and becomes excited by the prospect of being involved in something huge, ala PSG. He would be perfect for us as he encapsulates everything we have been missing in midfield for years now, plus he scores plenty too, but I think he's going to cost easily £100m to bring in. £45-55m on his transfer, plus 2 or 3 others to really convince him LVG and United are trying something immense in scale.

Posted 1:58pm 5th July 2014

Synergy says...

@solskjaer99> Yeah its an exciting time for United with a World Class coach. We are getting in some fantastic young players and I fully expect to see all the players playing like they did under SAF, rather than under "Dithering David Moyes".

Should be fun to watch United back to being an attacking juggernaut next season. Fun times ahead for United fans.

Posted 8:23am 5th July 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

We will also see what United are made of too, United cannot afford a poor start next season. Plus Van Gaal has a track record of upsetting teams. If Rooney stays, that's an explosion waiting to happen. True we will see where Liverpool are without Suarez, I for one think we will be fine. I've got a feeling that maybe a top player is coming to us in the summer window, not sure whom.

Posted 3:51am 5th July 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@polaknuar Of course my mood has improved, hope has returned, anyone who had any hope of Moyes making it at United was deluding themselves, I never had any intention of doing that, now we can all embrace the oranje revolution! Loving all the talk from City clowns 'How dare they spend their own money, that they earned to buy players that they need, how is that different to being a loss making club and spending someone else's money to sign players half of which they'll hardly ever play, I don't see any difference at all?'. @jupestar I must admit I don't follow the fortunes of Brighton & Hove Albion closely but I dare say any of those would improve your side. @bobsy Really not arsed about Pogba, not in the slightest, he was made a good offer, he turned it down, we move on, we missed out on Gazza, Shearer, Ronaldinho back in the day, different circumstances, same outcome, but the club is bigger than all of them, whereas we'll all find out what Liverpool are without Suarez before too long.

Posted 6:48pm 4th July 2014

bigm1982 (Liverpool) says...

@badwolf give it up. Fellaini just aint good enough

Posted 3:49pm 4th July 2014

sellars (Nottingham Forest) says...

This time last year it was realistically all about Fellaini, Baines (with rumours about Tiago dangled to tease and dissappoint delluded United fans) ... What a difference a change of boss makes. With Van Gaal's reputation this speculation is almost believable too.

Posted 1:58pm 4th July 2014

redjari (Liverpool) says...

One obvious name missing.... Dirk Kuyt

Posted 12:39pm 4th July 2014

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