World Cup TV Review: The Fancy Business

The'samba samba happy happy urchins and the jiggly smiling ladies because: futbal!' narrative has dominated British TV at this World Cup. A bit more imagination needed...

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onnajiuba says...

Having a go at religion really isn't as cool and edgy as you'd like to think. Why don't you just stick to the football?

Posted 11:09pm 16th July 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

How is showing a woman enjoying a football game the objectification of her? Is it also the objectification of the men, children and lesser-than-both: football players? Isn't Neymar the most objectified human in Brazil and shouldn't we be outraged about that? Your ridiculous and trite stand against "objectification" is juvenile, or rather, virginal.

Posted 5:55pm 13th July 2014

damoceltic (Celtic) says...

Ankles should never be covered, not nice female ankles anyway.....

Posted 10:29am 13th July 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

Perhaps you should tell those delighted looking ladies that they're being turned into objects and that they should really be frowning on this sort of thing, tell them to cover their ankles for Christ's sakes!

Posted 3:13pm 12th July 2014

tk421 says...

Brilliant piece.

Posted 12:58pm 12th July 2014

ljg86 (Oldham Athletic) says...

Love 365 and visit every day but I'm sorry, this article was more depressing than anything Hansen has said. I felt as though I was duped into reading an article comparing ITV and BBC's coverage of the World cup and ended up being asked to put my hand in my pocket. Let's, then, forget about Brazil being 'the home of football' and only host future such tournaments in, say, Qatar. As for the 'pervert' discussion; it can be seen as tedious although most of the 'objects' seem to enjoy the limelight.

Posted 10:09am 12th July 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

but the BBC's enemies are legion - the ironing is too much

Posted 2:17pm 11th July 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

yep, f365 are the shining light by which us less righteous should live our lives. either that or they're owned by the same company that employed gray and keys and should perhaps have a bit more humility. take your pick

Posted 2:17pm 11th July 2014

bar says...

'If we were living in a slum under Christ's permanent gaze we'd have to wonder why he was allowing this to happen'. In depth coverage of an interesting subject...bit like the Alan's on apartheid...irony much?

Posted 12:54pm 11th July 2014

macca0507 (Rangers) says...

ITV have continued their tradition of p*** poor decisions regarding their on screen personalities. Adrian Chiles and Clive 'Man U' Tyldsley speak for themselves but why An'dross' Townsend and Cannavarro? Both can hardly speak English to a fluent, analytical level and I get the feeling Cannavarro was only their for the ribbing styles of Chiles once England progressed further than them. At least they all avoided Sol Campbell...

Posted 12:43pm 11th July 2014

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