Johnny And Al's Ads For TV Football...

BT's campaign is smooth but Sky Sports are the big cheese, the incumbent, the champ, and the David Beckham ads are going down rather nicely with our TV boys...

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tk421 says...

@ perdesthai, so in your opinion the very existence of capitalism (and the inevitability that we will buy stuff that might have been advertised on TV at some point in our lives) is reason enough to have the BBC funded by law, even if you receive a broadcast signal but don't use their services or watch their content? Ok then. It's as though you think the likes of Sky etc actually have it easy compared the (publicly funded, by law) BBC. Why do people do this? Sentimentalise British institutions like this? As I said before I actually love some of their content and sure, they're an intrinsic part of 20th-21st century culture in the UK. But they are basically guaranteed cash like a government department is, which I think contributes to an "we're untouchable because we're so important" attitude within their staff (I deal with them frequently in my job). What you haven't explained, by the way, is why you think it's fine for the BBC to protected in such a way.

Posted 12:46pm 4th August 2014

perdesthai (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

@tk421 - I don't know how much clearer I can be. If you do not want to you do not have to pay the licence fee. However it is nearly impossible to avoid buying things that are advertised on commercial television and when you do so you are funding those commercial TV companies even if they are ones that you do not have a subscription for. TV licence = you pay if you watch TV Commercial TV advertising revenue = you pay if you eat (/ drive a car / insure your house / whatever)

Posted 10:34am 4th August 2014

spuzzell (Fulham) says...

Anyone who complains about the license fee needs to spend a year living in another country. ANY other country. If you're not begging for the chance to pay the license fee and once again get everything the BBC offers after two months then you're probably braindead. (Strictly can suck my twig and giggleberries though)

Posted 5:46pm 1st August 2014

tk421 says...

@ perdesthai, I'm struggling to understand the second sentence here: "Subscription TV services are also funded by advertisers who recoup the cost of the advertising from us, their customers. They do this regardless of whether we subscribe to those TV companies". Can you elaborate? What I am trying to say (and this is in support of of Johnny and Al's "beastly business of making a product" jibe) is this: Television infrastructure (ie production crew, presenters, broadcast hardware, masts, satellites, cabling etc) needs to be paid for, somehow, and in the case of commercial TV it is paid for through a combination of customer subscriptions and hefty (and hugely risky) investment from banks and other businesses. Now let's say you want the services provided by them: You pay for them. Now let's say you don't want them: You don't pay for it. Not so for the BBC, who are guaranteed funding thanks to the license fee - even if you had a Sky subscription and *never* watched a BBC channel you'd still have to pay a license fee. Remember that they're not government department: There's no real reason for them to basically be entitled to your money, other than the opinion that a national broadcaster - not tied to any of the vested interest of advertisers or parent company shennanigans - is, overall, a "good thing". Don't get me wrong: A highly developed broadcast and visual entertainment industry is healthy for our country and our cultural well-being. But the beeb get funded no-matter-what and so long as that continues I'll continue to believe that a) they've got it easy and that isn't fair and b) they should be concentrating of shows like Horizon rather than The Voice.

Posted 4:02pm 1st August 2014

perdesthai (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

@tk421 I'll try and put this in a way that is acceptable to the site moderation. Subscription TV services are also funded by advertisers who recoup the cost of the advertising from us, their customers. They do this regardless of whether we subscribe to those TV companies. This might be said to resemble a tax at least as much as the non-mandatory licence fee.

Posted 2:08pm 1st August 2014

zedsmith (Liverpool) says...

@tk421, I take it you don't listen to any of the Bbc radio stations, which are also funded by the licence fee.

Posted 2:03pm 1st August 2014

tk421 says...

@ perdesthai, I think the point being made is technically we're being taxed by a bloated, pious and arrogant bunch of Islington-ites so that Strictly Come Dancing can exist and newsreaders can earn half a million a year.

Posted 12:20pm 1st August 2014

westhulltiger (Hull City) says...

so in twelve months time when BT nab the champions league skys all singing all dancing european footy channel is essesntially gonna be the la liga channel with a bit of Heerenveen v Groningen chucked in for good measure. Is it really worth it?

Posted 12:06pm 1st August 2014

badwolf (Manchester United) says...

Yes, they clearly made a point of saying don't even threaten to open your mouth. (Hump, you're on form this week.)

Posted 11:02am 1st August 2014

perdesthai (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

"a government system that can put you in prison if you own a TV and don't pay for the privilege" You can own as many TVs as you like without a TV licence. The licence is only required if you watch or record TV as it is being broadcast live. The administration of the payment system is outsourced to Capita and they are aggressive in the policing of it to a quite unpleasant degree but fundamentally it does boil down to paying for something you use - TV isn't air, we could all live without it.

Posted 10:45am 1st August 2014

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