Premier League Embracing Tactical Shift

Louis van Gaal isn't alone in his plan to switch Man United to a 3-5-2 formation this season. It seems a tactical shift is taking place in the Premier League...

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crow says...

Like has been said f365 if you play with the two wing backs the formation is a 532 but if you play with the wide midfielders lm/rm then that is a true 352, there is a difference. If you say use two defensive midfielders that is 7 in defence as opposed to 6 in a 4231 or 5 in a 352 but then every team likes to get bodies behind the ball. To play a true 352 will take a brave manager as it can get open down the wings but a 532 is more defensive than a 4231 as has been said.

Posted 12:54am 7th August 2014

isildur1 (Chelsea) says...

great, going to be even more difficult breaking these teams down with 5 at the back. Yes, it's a 5-3-2 not a 3-5-2, but whatever helps you sleep at night

Posted 12:55pm 5th August 2014

bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

@synergy...clearly the 3-5-2 didn't always go well for us, but the press did what they do in such situations and focussed on that when we'd actually been doing as badly or worse prior to switching (or after switching depending on how we originally lined up). Anyway, it'll be genuinely interesting to see how you go with it (if of course you do, but I think that's a pretty safe bet). I get the impression Van Gaal agrees with you regarding wing-backs, so you may well be right regarding only looking at CBs now. It should be a good season, especially as 5 (possibly 6) doesn't go into 4. In fact, I think the next 2 or 3 seasons will be intriging as they may be key to the next decade or so at the top of the Premier League.

Posted 6:21pm 4th August 2014

nebs, jhb (Manchester United) says...

Excellent article.

Posted 11:16am 4th August 2014

baldini (Blackburn Rovers) says...

Any poster who uses a WWE reference in their username is probably best ignored. They're either under the age of 14, or an adult who really should know better...

Posted 9:08am 4th August 2014

Synergy says...

@summerofcmpunk> Wow talk about being a pessimist. I guess Athletico won La Liga coz they had the best players? What about United a season ago, when everyone openly stated that City had the best players?

Football is complex. A great unit can beat a bunch of talented players who don't play as well together, which is why coaching as well as team chemistry matters. Its also why we watch the games, coz otherwise every summer we would just give the team that has the top 11 players the trophy and skip the season.

Lastly nobody but you is claiming that 3-5-2 is some magic trick that guarantees a league win. Everyone is just impressed that Van Gaal managed to use a new system to take an average Dutch side to the semi finals and that players considered rubbish by opposition fans are suddenly shining under Van Gaal in his 3-5-2 system. I don't think even United fans, have claimed we will be winning the league, just happy to watch some fantastic passing and attacking football, something we didn't get to watch under the Moyes debacle.

Posted 7:19am 4th August 2014

Synergy says...

@bernsteinforpm> Didn't know Mancini trained for the 3-5-2. I watched them play it in a couple of games and they looked very confused. Could be just individual errors and the press than made it seem that they unprepared.

And yeah if we don't sign any CBs, I'd be very concerned, especially given Smalling can't stay healthy and Jones is intent on making tackles that injure himself. Depending on Keene and Blackett who are talented, but have no first team experience at all would be asking for trouble. At the very minimum we need 1 CB, ideally 2. Though I am damm pleased with out attack and actually believe that Young and Valencia can deputy at wingback for Shaw and Rafael, so we can manage without additional wingback signings.

Imagine that, a Man United fan actually starting to believe Ashley Young can do something, Van Gaal must be a warlock to manage that miracle.

Posted 7:11am 4th August 2014

summerofcmpunk (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

@Kevinsoutham I bet you get up real early to stream Volyn Lutsk games from Ukraine and freak out about their formation for hours leading up to it cos it really matters. Chances are u watch YouTube for 8 mins a week and then say Pablo Aimar was the best player in the world cos u signed him in football manager for Grimsby. Soooo many BS'ers on this site. If Burnley play 3-5-2 they will win the league cos its the best fad ever right now. 3+2 = 5 oooo spooky

Posted 6:43pm 3rd August 2014

paulonbooks (Liverpool) says...

I believe that formations, especially the newer variations, were invented by God to give pub bores something to talk about. For a brief moment, teams may line up with three at the front, short back and sides and the cleaners protecting their mops in a twist on catenaccio. Then the whistle goes, people run about a bit and it's impossible to say what formation is being played.

Posted 11:37am 3rd August 2014

kevinsoutham (Liverpool) says...

Essentially Liverpool played 3-5-2 the whole of last season, Gerrard being the 3rd CB. More often than not he dropped back, the CB's split and that's where he picked up the ball. This enabled the FB's to push forward and make four/five in midfield and, as you say, select Suaraz & Sturridge. @ summerofcmpunk have you thought of applying for the England Manager's job?

Posted 10:51am 3rd August 2014

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