WhoScored's Five Overpriced Signings...

We start with Adam Lallana at a mind-boggling £25m despite losing the ball at an alarming rate for Southampton, but add Jake Livermore and three more over-priced picks...

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gracie (Liverpool) says...

Luke Shaw!!

Posted 9:17am 13th August 2014

jackstumps says...

Wot, no Ross McCormack?

Posted 5:40pm 11th August 2014

Synergy says...

@fictionalemu> What I said was the fee would be justified "IF" he settles in and contributes for a few years, especially if that contribution helps Pool remain in the top 4. That is a big IF, especially since Coutinho will play in his preferred position and is a better player than Lallana. On the other hand I am quite confident that Shaw will make left back his own for the next decade and Hererra will fit in perfectly into the United central midfield, given lack of players blocking their progress and their skillsets.

In short do I think Lallana is overpriced....Yes. Do I think Pool should have taken a chance and paid the cash...Yes.

I agree with the finances of football. When a club is dumb enough to pay 50 mil for Sideshow Bob, you know football finances have gone mad.

Posted 1:24pm 11th August 2014

gabu (Manchester United) says...

@ moondance...nice your opinion cracked me up a bit..lol

Posted 4:03pm 8th August 2014

fictionalemu says...

@Synergy, I didn't say anywhere that Markovic and Herrera aren't worth their prices. I was just making a comparison, saying that if they're worth £20m and £29m respectively, then Lallana is easily worth £25m. Also, you say that Lallana is overpriced, but then that once he settles and contributes for a few years, he will probably justify the price. You can't have it both ways: either he's worth the money or he's not. What people don't get when criticising the prices of players is that football is becoming more and more lucrative every year. Look how much the TV revenues went up last season; or how much the World Cup earns FIFA now. Transfer fees and wages simply reflect how much money football is worth to those involved. So what would have been an excessive fee 10 years ago is perfectly normal today. I remember the days when there was shock at a player earning £50,000 a week, but now the likes of Messi are on six times that. It doesn't mean he's being overpaid, or that Liverpool overpaid for Lallana; it simply reflects the growing financial stakes in the game.

Posted 3:17pm 8th August 2014

zedsmith (Liverpool) says...

@dryice, my point is less about which is the right number to use and more about the fact that F365 have used the higher number to drive hits (and yes, I am aware I'm falling for it!). Is he overpriced? Probably. Is it "mind-boggling" that Liverpool would pay a big amount for a very creative player who will slot straight in, given the absence of Suarez? Less so. The thing this article misses is that every transfer is both a function of the player themselves and also the buying club situation - Liverpool knew they were about to be flush with a whole heap of cash from the Suarez deal and wanted to land their main targets quickly and with no competition, so have paid over the odds by any neutral measure. But ignoring the context is a bit silly. Same goes for Luke Shaw - is it too much? Of course it is, no matter how young he is. Does it make absolute sense in the context of United's position (lots of money, a big hole at left-back, a desire to make a statement, and the need to blow competition for the player out the water)? Yep.

Posted 2:21pm 8th August 2014

dr.greggles (Liverpool) says...

I'm a Liverpool fan and think that Lallana is a decent player. But £25 million is a ludicrous amount to pay for a player who I don't consider to be good enough to make the first XI. It's one of the areas we have a bit of strength in depth in too.

Posted 11:41am 8th August 2014

dryice says...

zedsmith. It makes perfect sense to detail the upper figure when talking about transfers. It's what has been accounted for and offers the best value for money for the buying club. Paying the lowest figure just means he's not fulfilled the clubs expectations and is definitely overpriced or a bit of a flop if you will. Whereas you pay the upper amount in the end and he has exceeded everything you hoped he would. You can't have it both ways.

Posted 10:18am 8th August 2014

Synergy says...

@fictionalemu> What is the obsession with lack of caps for Herrera? Lack of caps mean next to nothing if you have world class players blocking your path. He was a important player in a team that reached the Europa League finals.

Secondly Markovic price is also badly inflated as he has one decent season and showed flashes of talent. Sadly that is today's market, if someone shows even a bit of talent or pace his price goes through the roof. Gone are the days of getting prospects at cheap prices.

Lastly is Lalana overpriced? Definitely. Doesn't take away from the fact that he is a very good player and still very young, so assuming he settles in, will give Pool years of service and justify the price.

It just seems Pool seem to have the need to justify that they paid the perfect price for every player and hence we have Scouse math telling us Carroll cost -15 mil.

Posted 6:34am 8th August 2014

ameer (Liverpool) says...

dont know why the reds paid 25 mil for this piece of craap lallana , we saw all his apparent "play making" in the world cup and he was nothing special for Southampton either ... turd of a player, crap of a deal

Posted 6:15pm 7th August 2014

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