British Coaches Abroad: Roy Hodgson

Before England, Roy Hodgson has enjoyed something of a nomadic football lifestyle. He talks Sweden, life away from England and English players moving abroad...

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yycbear says...

Another good article in a series of them. Although someone should remind Roy that Sir Alex did have a managerial career before Manchester United. He actually did quite well at Aberdeen y'know...

Posted 8:03pm 29th August 2014

KuriKuri (Wigan Athletic) says...

Until agents & advisors start thinking about a player's development instead of their percentage, its unlikely we are going to see many English players abroad. Drives me mad, would you rather be in London or Manchester on 70 grand a week, or Rome on 50 grand a week? Youth is wasted on the young.

Posted 4:07pm 28th August 2014

hump3. (Ipswich Town) says...

The worry I would have is that although Roy has an extended knowledge of football in Europe, the players don't. Every current England player knows only the Premier League (I could have missed someone) but to apply learned knowledge on different ideas can be implemented at club level, especially smaller clubs, but not at our national level, where our default when under pressure is kick and rush. Power. Strength. @frogooner sums it up nicely. Good read though.

Posted 6:29pm 27th August 2014

gongclough (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

It's not what you know it's who you know that counts.

Posted 12:24pm 27th August 2014

frogooner says...

Well done 365, much more interesting than the sensationalism and gossip you often serve. I like Roy. He is not the best coach in the world but he looks like someone who opened up, wasn't afraid to go abroad and learned from life. Miles away from the average lad British coach.

Posted 12:03pm 27th August 2014

cheekyballboy (Fulham) says...

This is really insightful, especially the fact that it was his determination to coach that lead him abroad - a real lesson for his players. I certainly don't think he is a guru, but it's always been clear since I've left England that the reason English football is in its current state is not Hodgson, it's the whole system (man).

Posted 10:32am 27th August 2014

deckard (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Some interesting points made here, it is a shame that English players tend to stay in England these days, not that we were ever a great exporter but the trickle does seem to have dried up. Hodgson seems like a thoroughly decent chap.

Posted 9:23am 27th August 2014

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