Cockles Warmed By New Tottenham...

If Tottenham are going to fail in their quest to finish in the top four, then it's best to fail with a vision based on youth than on a set of expensive new players, says Matt Stanger...

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dryice says...

jonnywishbone2 - From what I understand it's Baldini who is responsible for the scouting network, where they go, what criteria they look for in players. AVB would identify the weaknesses and ask for specific skills and then Baldini would identify one from who has been scouted or will instruct his scouts to try and find. Once there are candidates Baldini would present them to AVB and they would discuss what to do next, AVB would then go and watch the player. If yes then Baldini and Levy would get the process started to sign. It was never Baldini just dumping a bunch of players and expecting the manager to play them. It was done in tandem. It's pretty much the same at any club.

Posted 8:11am 17th January 2014

fictionalemu says...

My mistake, he was signed in 2012

Posted 2:31am 17th January 2014

fictionalemu says...

Erm, what? Bentaleb isn't a long-term youth product: he was signed last summer. And how has Spurs' recent transfer activity had 'a crippling focus on the short term'? The average age of their 7 senior signings in the summer was 23.5. And in 2012 they got rid of an experienced, older manager and replaced him with a 34-year-old. That's the definition of long-term thinking. It doesn't mean it was good thinking, but the last thing you can accuse Spurs of is short-termism.

Posted 2:25am 17th January 2014

summerofcmpunk (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

New Tottenham?? Bentaleb has made one start. And we signed him this season

Posted 4:03pm 16th January 2014

don juan king (Liverpool) says...

I think most managers should get given a bit of time and patience from fans and owners if they give youth a chance. Sometimes the youth players are used out of necessity, i.e injuries, suspension etc and it gives them their chance. Liverpool had to blood in several academy players over the last couple of years like sterling, flanagan, kelly, ibe, suso all to varying degrees of success. If the team is successful then the manager can take the plaudits for taking a risk, if the team fails he can say he had to give those players a chance due to financial restraints, injuries etc. its a win win situation sometimes. for all villas struggles, lambert can point to all these excuses and after all 'you cannae win anything with kids'...

Posted 3:36pm 16th January 2014

parklanespurs (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Orikoru - admittedly Charlie was slower than a lame donkey, but he didn't give away stupid fouls, he was rarely out of position, he could head the ball well and he did have an excellent partnership with Azza... Pace isn't everything, as modern football would have you believe.

Posted 3:35pm 16th January 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

A question to Spurs fans: how much influence does the manager have over what players get signed, relative to the influence of Baldini and the apparently egotistical Levy? (I'm really thinking about AVB rather than Sherwood since no-one has been signed under the latter yet). I had assumed that AVB's failure was in not integrating half a squad of players into a team who were bought for him, rather than by him. Is that accurate? In which case, if Sherwood does get rid of some of the recently bought players (who nevertheless can't be fairly judged until next season, I would argue) and promote some youngsters, then I agree with a modified version of the premise of the article. If/when he fails, at least it will have been his own failure, rather than that of those above his pay grade.

Posted 3:13pm 16th January 2014

parklanespurs (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

I agree with Ricky on this one.. I think we have been extremely lucky, I was screaming to get the young lad off the pitch over the last few games. All he's done is a few sideways passes, whilst leaving us way too lightweight in the middle of the park. If we had played Capoue against Woowich we would have at least had a chance to WIN a tackle and hence get the ball back. Holtby has bundles of potential and it would be a real shame to lose him... I think the more likely thing is that Levy has said.. "Tim, you can spend what you sell" and hence Sherwood is looking to clear a few out to raise £20m and I assume another striker. We are totally overloaded in Midfield anyway, we must have 10 first team midfielders playing for 4 slots and that's never going to work for long. Finally Tim is fooling himself if he things he's going to get time.. get top 4, win Europa league or your gone in the Summer and a big world cup manager comes in. Sorry, but we all know that's the case...

Posted 3:00pm 16th January 2014

orikoru (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Not being funny, but Corluka was crap.

Posted 12:57pm 16th January 2014

gongclough (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

Reading the comment from patrese76 has brought back my anger at our selling Corluka. Can you imagine how much better our back line would have been had AVB had him?

Posted 12:34pm 16th January 2014

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