Anzhi Fall A Warning To All

Anzhi looked like a club on the up both in Russia and in Europe, but in one instant it has all been taken away. Don't pretend that it couldn't happen to your club...

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stevemelbourne (Chelsea) says...

Abramovich turned his investment in Chelsea into equity so if he decides, for whatever reason, to up and walk away it would be sold off to the highest bidder. Considering they have put into work a sensible buisness model with FFP first and foremost in their minds, and Roman has ploughed over half a billion quid into the club and has stuck around over 10 years now, all you prawn sandwich munchers and job dodging Northerners had better realise that Russian's are more loyal than Yanks. Watch what will happen at OT if they don't make the CL. If Moyes really thinks they will be playing in Europe next season, he better start writing their song for Eurovision.

Posted 9:33pm 21st January 2014

bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

Although there is always a risk, the reason why clubs like City and Chelsea don't have as much to fear as Anzhi is here: The clubs are both valuable assets, so unless there owners deliberately sabotage their own assets then the chances are they would survive just fine.

Posted 1:55pm 21st January 2014

bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

@flashinthepanio....So FSG didn't pump vast amounts of money into your club and they're keeping a tight control on the budget are they? They've not put it as much as at City/Chelsea granted, but Liverpool fans really shouldn't be the ones complaining.

Posted 1:37pm 21st January 2014

slowgraffiti says...

This might not be the most popular thought posted here as 'Americaphobia' reigns, but some of the guiding principles under which the most successful US leagues (NFL, MLB, partly NBA) operate would go far to reign in the ridiculousness of football economics (which ignore most principles of...economics). European football is operating more along the lines of US government spending.

Posted 5:44pm 20th January 2014

monkeymanboy (Arsenal) says...

@fish city - yes you have a point in that Solskjær did what we often wish our beloved stars would, he stayed loyal. (or lacked ambition, but if he did that has changed now) However, even he left another club at one point to come to United. Was he not disloyal to Molde (twice now!) and whatever else club he started in as a kid?

Posted 3:38pm 20th January 2014

dan_pfc (Portsmouth) says...

Exactly what happened to Pompey - our sugardaddy turned the tap off overnight due to his (his father was arrested for gun running) assets being frozen. Only then did we find out that all of the 'investment' he had put in were in fact 'loans' with interest rates of over 15% - plus we had 11-12 players on £70k a week whose contracts were protected by the exclusive rule that footballers & Managers have, that their contracts are paid in full!! So we owed £100 million to the old owner, who had now taken our ground as collateral, and millions to the players. How this is allowed I dont know. At least we now have fans owbership of 52% a la the German model and a crowd of £15k that has its pride back - but... we are in League Two. Good luck to Cardiff, Fulham & Hull.

Posted 2:19pm 20th January 2014

mh74 says...

@bemused "but you still struggle to fill your small stadium..." Simply saying something doesn't make it fact, the truth is Chelsea's average attendance each season is above 99% and has been for years. Whichever way you look at it due to their continued success anyone under the age of 20 will only have memories of Chelsea being top team always challenging for honours, if they grew up being a supporter then the majority will continue to do so throughout their life and future generations. It's the same reason why so many born in the 60's and 70's support Liverpool, the 80's and 90's Manchester United etc.

Posted 2:07pm 20th January 2014

fish city (Manchester City) says...

Hate to tell you Bemused but Jack Walker changed all that. Realistically, both Chelsea and CITY would be immediately bought by another sugar daddy due to their location if nothing else. Chelsea is on the Kings Road in one of the trendiest places in the world and CITY are in Manchester which is an internationally recognised city conveniently placed bang in the middle of Britain.

Posted 12:12pm 20th January 2014

bemused says...

dontommasino - but you still struggle to fill your small stadium. I remember hearing an ad on the radio trying to flog tickets the weekend before a mid-week non-glamour tie. This was then followed by an advert for some show with Elvis Costello featuring - one of the tracks they played? Yep "I don't want to go to Chelsea" you couldn't make it up. Your club would collapse, as would City, and football would be all the better for it.

Posted 11:07am 20th January 2014

fish city (Manchester City) says...

@monkeymanboy "Someone comes a long with a nice contract and offers of playing time and you expect them to say no and prefer the bench out of loyalty?" This sums up very nicely the least ambitious player in the past 20 years - Solskjaer. Was happy to take Utd's money and sit on the bench for the best part of his career. Talk about lacking ambition! Revered at Utd for what? Being a super sub? Yes he's a nice guy and yes he scored in that final but really - he could have gone to Spurs and made a proper career for himself instead of being a benchwarmer...

Posted 10:39am 20th January 2014

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