16 Conclusions On Chelsea 3 United 1

United's defensive sloppiness is crippling progress, whilst Mourinho can rely on the work-rate of Willian and actual goals from strikers. Plus, why why why Ashley Young..?

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HarryBoulton says...

"I find it ironic how some Manure fans think Chelsea's goals came by mistakes" -------------- What's ironic about it? I'm not sure that "ironic" is the word you're looking for. You may disagree, and that's fine. But it's not "ironic". Not that I can see, anyway.

Posted 4:58pm 22nd January 2014

englander (Chelsea) says...

I find it ironic how some Manure fans think Chelsea's goals came by mistakes, der most goals come by some mistake or whatever and then some come by deflections but that doesn't mean Chelsea were lucky in any way. Manure played well in parts Chelsea were slack in parts also it is true but to me they were more up for it and when they did play well they looked good.

Posted 7:21pm 21st January 2014

Synergy says...

As soon as I saw Youngs name in the starting lineup I knew we were done. Its hardly like Young tracks back, defenders or does anything but one of his two tricks (cut back and sky the ball or dive).

Playing Januzaj at the no 10 when he struggled there against Swansea and was only effective once moved to the left wing, made no logical sense. This was the game to put Januzaj on the left wing and Kagawa at no 10. Probably wouldn't have worked against but honestly anything is better than playing 10 on 11 with Ashley Young putting in his shift as the invisible man.

Posted 1:22pm 21st January 2014

leopolddoom (Manchester United) says...

bernsteinforom I totally agree, chelseablue you're a bit of an o.af then it seems. Luiz completely smashed into him and hazard was awarded a free kick. you're thinking of the incident of when Rafael ran into him, nothing Luiz could do to get out of the way, though he didn't need to bring his forearm up to smash it into his face. I mailed in about Luiz and his continuted disregard for other pros, I will not be surprised if he does serious damage to someone someday

Posted 12:56am 21st January 2014

skotsko says...

@bobsy, you've answered your own question, took the shot then 2 seconds later is caught...is that not the definition of a late tackle?

Posted 6:50pm 20th January 2014

bob the manc (Manchester United) says...

Luiz is a very cunning player. He will body check opponents and make it seem as if it was the others fault. Brilliant.

Posted 6:46pm 20th January 2014

vancouverboy (Sunderland) says...

Finally, a Manu supporter who has seen the light.(amaca) Manu is having a slow year, every team experiences this from time to time. Its your turn, deal with it.

Posted 6:37pm 20th January 2014

peeyugo (Arsenal) says...

@sukov, I'll put in a word with the Glazers for you; I'm sure you (as well as every blind man and his dog) know exactly what to do to win 90% of your remaining games. @crookster, "criteria" is plural, "criterion" is singular

Posted 5:37pm 20th January 2014

bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) says...

@chelseablue...You've got to be thinking about a different incident!

Posted 3:32pm 20th January 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@bernsteinforpm (Manchester City) - It isn't down to the defender to get out of the way if he is standing still, Luiz didn't move into Jones path, he stood still and Jones just ran into him, therefore the ref was right not to award a freekick.

Posted 2:08pm 20th January 2014

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