Mata Would Not Be A Quick Fix For United

Juan Mata is undoubtedly an enormously talented player, but Jose Mourinho has been vindicated in his decision to drop the Spaniard. Would Moyes know how to use him best?

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solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutunited You really are deluded, do you really think that if United were challenging for the title Mourinho would have let Mata go to United? Mata being sold may have been a financial decision but to be sold to United was a footballing decision, if United were a threat under Moyes, Chelsea would have sold Mata to a foreign club. My motives are invented are they? They're perfectly logical, unlike your increasingly paranoid ranting. Moyes has got the better of Mourinho? Again? I must have missed the first time. Strange, I could have sworn that Mourinho's Chelsea had taken 4 points against United this season and that Chelsea were in the top four while United aren't even in the chasing pack. So now that Moyes has signed Mata, what's your excuse going to be if United don't make the top four? That no-one could have expected the champions to stay in the top four after having only spent £80m? Football is played on the pitch, your blind spot it seems, in your world it's all about players saying nice things about the manager and letting players dictate their terms to the club, just so they don't leave to a club with a better manager. If Moyes really wanted to be in charge at United he'd tell Rooney were to shove it, instead he's pulling down his pants, turning round and bending down in front of Rooney, shameful behaviour that brings the club into disrepute.

Posted 11:56pm 29th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@solskjaer.....Again, completely baseless nonsense. It's quite clearly a financial decision. He doesn't rate Mata, and doesn't have a place for him. Sell him whilst his stock is high, and reinvest in players who suit Mourinho's cynical tactics. Of course it suits your agenda to invent your own motives, that contradicts what Mourinho has actually said, and pretend that this part of some illogical plan by Mourinho.....but it's just more self deluded nonsense from the self deluded United 'fan'. You can't even be positive about us getting a quality player in! Funny though, as Moyes seems to have got the better of Mourinho again. First he keeps Mourinho's top target, now he's knicked his best player, thank god Mourinho isn't the United manager....we'd probably be selling Januzaj to PSG because he doesn't run around enough!

Posted 5:48pm 27th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@gooner mike He's sold Mata to the only club in the world with the cash to buy him, who will pose no threat to Chelsea in any competition, it's genius. If he thought United were genuine competitors there's no chance he would have sold him. This is bad news for United, due to his closeness to Ferguson, Mourinho has been assured that Moyes will be getting at least another year or two at United, which is why this is risk free for Jose.

Posted 5:20pm 26th January 2014

gooner mike (Arsenal) says...

Does anyone else get the feeling that Mourinho is being awfully nice to Utd. Too nice perhaps. Being very sympathetic after their Chelsea defeat and now selling them one of their best players? He is surely not after Moyes's job, is he?

Posted 12:09am 24th January 2014

onstandby (Manchester City) says...

Quick fix, maybe not - but he's an excellent player and even at that price I doubt Utd will ever regret signing him. A good bit of business for them, if they get RVP fit and with Mata, Rooney and Janujaz behind him they'd be pretty lethal.

Posted 10:13pm 23rd January 2014

HarryBoulton says...

Bump: Too small for big time targets. Have Matt and Sarah discussed this, yet? I'd say Mata was fairly "big time", wouldn't you agree?

Posted 5:13pm 23rd January 2014

GVMUFC says...

@solskjaer99: why don't you and Mou just go get a room? :-)

Posted 10:12am 23rd January 2014

jonnywishbone2 (Arsenal) says...

fictionalemu, though your general point about ManU still being a big draw is obviously correct, I'm not sure that Mata really does have too many options. If he goes to ManU it will be for similar reasons to Ozil joining Arsenal. His problem is lack of game time in a World Cup year and he is desperate to play. In England, Chelsea would never sell to City, their main tital rival. Arsenal have a glut of attacking midfielders. I'm not sure that anyone else on these shores can afford him. The only two clubs in Spain that can afford him would not be able to guarantee him regular football. Bayern too have a wealth of attacking talent, don't need him and couldn't guarantee him enough games. The Italian game is bereft of money. Who else is there, PSG and Monaco? ManU offers him a combination of actually wanting him, a guarantee of playing in the first team, high profile at a huge club, being able to afford his fee and wages.

Posted 9:57am 23rd January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@dfm Moyes' brand of football isn't competitive, that's United's entire problem. It doesn't matter who is signed, United won't win a thing under Moyes, Mourinho can see this, that's why he's selling Mata to United, he knows that they're the only club in the world with the cash to buy him that will pose absolutely no threat to Chelsea, at home or in Europe, all part of his genius.

Posted 7:24am 23rd January 2014

dev (Leeds United) says...

"But Jose Mourinho has been vindicated in his decision to drop the Spaniard", so a player who was their player of the year gets dropped by the manager because he doesn't fit into his high pressure defensive system and so he is now a bad player?

Posted 1:02am 23rd January 2014

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