Jose Right To Be Smug About Chelsea's January

While there's still a week to go, Chelsea already look like the winners of the January transfer window. Nick Miller believes Jose Mourinho has played a blinder...

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mhlgate13 says...

@ jim1985 - You have got a lot of work to do before you can finish 4th old sport and with Moyes in charge I don't fancy your chances to be brutally honest. If paying us £37M for Mata makes it all seem alright and acts as some sort of trophy for you then I'm happy your happy but it also really does paint a lovely picture of how far the mighty have fallen.

Posted 4:38pm 31st January 2014

deepcdiver (Chelsea) says...

Jim1985. I'll clarify it for you as you seem confused. Juan Mata cannot touch Eden Hazard as a footballer. Hazard has got the lot. Mata falls short in quite a few departments. In short, whatever Mata can can Hazard, the same cannot be said in reverse though I'm afraid. There is a very good reason why Oscar, Hazard and Willan kept Mata out of the why do you think that is? And you enjoy your little 'coup' wont you, we'll enjoy the 37m you coughed up after earlier in the year refusing to pay Chelsea less than that...good business on your behalf, not. But to be far, you could have Messi and Ronaldo at Old Trafford, but with Moyes in charge, it wouldnt make a jot of difference really.

Posted 1:59pm 31st January 2014

jim1985 (Manchester United) says...

Grimupnorth don't be obtuse. Just because mourinhos didn't favour him doesn't detract from his ability. I confidently say he was Chelsea s best by some way in theory and proved it in practice at any given opportunity. It's funny, tho I'll admit to United having a mare this year, finishing fourth and the coup of Mata would be more satisfying than being Chelsea: third , trophyless, losing best player to rival. Let's see.

Posted 3:52am 31st January 2014

mhlgate13 says...

@allaboutunited You are from Manchester? Guess we will have to take your word for that- If I had a pound for every United fan on the internet who claimed to be from Manchester I would be a very rich man. Anyway, let's get stuck into your waffle without further a do. "There are a number of books about financing within football"- that's great but not what we were talking about chief. What book have you read that has published the specific details of the pay packages of current Manchester United players such as Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata (the players you claimed to have knowledge of when it came to their performance related pay). Unless there is a book that has done that then you are basically talking out your backside and the irony mentioned in my previous post very much remains. Next- "Juan Mata didn't suit Mourinhos negative approach to football" This would be the same approach that has seen Chelsea under Mourinho score 5 more goals than United under Moyes? I would advise engaging your brain before spouting the old generic cliches that don't really add up. Finally "perhaps the quality of Mata & De Bruyne could have made a difference" Perhaps they could, we will never know but Mata started games against Newcastle & Everton this season (both games we lost) and was unable to wave a magic wand and score a goal when we most needed it so there is no guarantee he would have proved any more effective than Hazard, Oscar or Willian all of which have performed better when played this season than Mata. Lots of love #Moyesin

Posted 6:44pm 30th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@mhlgate....yeah, I'm from Manchester....are you from Chelsea? Thought not. The majority of clubs have performance related pay. United have had for years, there are a number of books about financing within's all in there. Perhaps open your mind a little and read something other than the articles on an internet site. Just a suggestion. Mata didn't suit Mourinhos negative approach to football, his 'give the ball to Hazard and hope he does something' tactics. Then youve just drawn 0-0 with West Ham. It's not that they parked the bus either as you had 39 shots, only 9 where on target though.....perhaps the quality of Mata and De Bruyne could have made a difference, but then again....Mourinho chose to bring Matic and Lamps in didn't he?

Posted 4:06pm 30th January 2014

deepcdiver (Chelsea) says...

Best player when jim1985? Last year? the year before? Certainly wasnt this season thats for sure...

Posted 11:23am 30th January 2014

jim1985 (Manchester United) says...

I just wish there could be a more consistent application of the sarcastic tone on this site. One would have thought that mourinhos smugness, losing the best player, being third and drawing with west ham would be met with glee. Some clubs get a free pass.

Posted 3:51am 30th January 2014

man of ire (Manchester United) says...

Just wondering if he's as smug now after being held by West Ham?

Posted 10:02pm 29th January 2014

uptheblades (Sheffield United) says...

Its easy to say they've done great business, but all they are doing is reaping the rewards of stockpiling so many players over the last few seasons. They had Mata but still went for Hazard, Oscar, Marin, De Bruyne - even Hazard's younger brother! Getting rid of your best player over the last couple of season's is easy if you have so many other top players and are prepared to throw money around like water. And lets face it, paying £1.5m for a player (Matic), then giving him away, then buying him back for £21m is not the most astute way of doing business! Apparently Chelski have 25 players out on loan at the moment, which says it all; yes, they might have had a good January in the transfer market, but, as they say, if you throw enough brown stuff at the wall, some of it is bound to stick...

Posted 12:50pm 29th January 2014

mhlgate13 says...

@ allaboutunited. I would bet a few quid that I live a damn site closer to Stamford Bridge than you do to Old Trafford 'chap'..... can you even claim to be from Manchester?! Go on, tell me you are! As for me talking about media gossip- bit ironic when you then in the next breath go on to try and imply that you know the specific details of the wage structure at United. Dare I ask how you know such details because I assume it would have been from some form of media outlet? Unless of course you work in the payroll department at United? As for selling our best player of the last 2 years....... this would be the one that hadn't played since New Years day and couldn't get into our current starting 11 wouldn't it? We made a profit on both players- happy days.Considering we have already invested the money in other key areas of the squad that we needed to strangthen I would say that it was fairly good business and our squad looks more balanced for it, nothing desperate about it but nice try. back in ya box son.

Posted 12:06pm 29th January 2014

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