So Now The Mutineer Wants To Be Captain

By acquiescing to Rooney's demands, Moyes would paint himself to be weak and the club to be rudderless. It's time to put the striker in his place, even if that means selling him...

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HarryBoulton says...

Wayne Rooney is capable of being world class. At the moment I would put Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez and Aguero ahead of him, but not many more. His all round game exceeds that of most other forwards and his over all contribution is exceptional from week to week. In any case, arguing about whether he is world class is pointless. It is 100% subjective and entirely down to personal opinion. In the last 12 months we've seen Messi, Neymar, Xavi, Mourinho and Zlatan all praise him for being a top class player. I'd take their word over your casual fan every day.

Posted 1:00pm 31st January 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@solskjaer99 - you make some fair points, but you're still falling into the trap of taking the 'rumours' 'Rooney demands to be captain' and 'Rooney to be paid 300k a week' and giving them the same respect as you would if they were actually part of a leaked story or from an insider. They were fabricated by journalists practicing 'writing by numbers'. If you take the fact that Rooney is in talks about a new contract (when players always ask for a raise), his current wage (about £225k), the fact our captain and vice captain are nearing the end, and the need to write a story, then you get something like 'unconfirmed reports suggest Rooney might be demanding 300k a week and the captaincy'. It doesn't deserve to even be discussed among concrete facts, such as Chelsea want him (we know this). Of course he's been well rewarded for his work at the club, but show me a player who has contributed more to our five titles in the past ten years and I'll call you a liar. And he's still our best (most effective) player by about every criteria that matters. I suppose it all boils down to whether you think he's worth 'the hassle' - I haven't seen much hassle from him since Moyes took over (and there wasn't even that much before).

Posted 11:12am 31st January 2014

alwaysaboutcity (Manchester City) says...

@allaboutunited, seems like it's not just me that makes you look an idiot... Any proof I've lied anywhere yet? The old I'm a liar thing got tired now you can't back up anything you say? There's a well known online reference source that quite clearly backs up everything I said reference king Eric and the 40th Munich Anniversary match. Are they lying too? Or perhaps they got their info from my lies on F365?? Clown. Oh and Moyes is indeed rubbish. I bet you are really enjoying his football, so much better than Mancini's free scoring title winner no doubt. @bigdave, you can think what you like, you idolise Wayne Rooney, good for you. You think he's worth what United pay, good for you. I'd be disgusted if my club paid a man like that. Yet he's going to be your captain, must be that class United fans keep talking about. Wayne Rooney oozes class. Well he oozes something. Possibly from his todger...

Posted 10:33am 31st January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutunited You don't even understand the term 'for argument's sake' yet you try and claim the intellectual high ground, laughable. No, Rooney isn't worth the hassle, as for who to replace him with, as I've said, many times, it is not my job to sign players for Manchester United, I've never named one player I think should be signed for United, that is not the point. The point is he is not one of the top 5 players in the world, he goes missing for months at a time, yet people like you forget that as soon as he scores in a couple of games. I'm not saying Rooney isn't a good player, but he isn't world class. Your definition of world class clearly differs from mine, to me it means he would get into the first 11 of any team in the world, Rooney does not fit that description. You think it would cost too much to replace him, are you forgetting that if Rooney was sold, United would get money from the sale, and would no longer be paying his wages? These are basics that are obvious to most people but you have proved before that the obvious is too much for you to handle so I've broken it down for you. I'm saying that there comes a point when you have to say that the cons of keeping him outweigh the pros, and if it is true that he is demanding to be made captain (note the word 'if') and have a say in transfers, then that point has been reached. For someone who has absolute faith in Moyes purely because Fergie picked him, you don't really listen to anything else he has to say, he said that to be successful at United the manager must have complete control, of everything on the footballing side, if (the word 'if' again there for you, for clarity's sake it doesn't mean 'this is definitely true') Rooney gets to decide who's captain and what players are signed, Moyes cannot be in complete control, that is an incontrovertible fact.

Posted 11:33am 30th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@allaboutunited One thing that has been established os that you think what matters in football is everything except 11 men playing 11 men, each trying to put the ball in the back of the net more than their competitors. I've heard you say that Moyes must be a great manager because of all the wonderful things his ex-players say about him, I've heard you say that Moyes is a better manager than Mourinho because he signed Mata, despite a Moyes' managed side ever having beaten a Mourinho managed side. You ignore everything that matters in football, preferring instead to go on paranoid rants about extraneous nonsense, every time I call you on it, you just produce more.

Posted 11:16am 30th January 2014

allaboutunited says...

@solskjaer.....One thing that has been established over the last few months, is that you have very little understanding about football. The problem is Rooney isn't actually going to be paid 300k a week, it's media nonsense. United's pay structure is performance related, again I'd expect a United fan to know that, so he'd probably have to win everything to get paid that much. I've not seen any reports saying Rooney is 'demanding' to be captain, he's merely the obvious choice once Rio, Evra and Vidic move on. You say he's not world class, but then say there are 'half a dozen' better forwards?? which puts Rooney in the top bracket. He's been our best player this season, who are you actually going to replace him with? And would that cost a whole lot more than just paying him 50k a week extra? Did you listen to Mata? Who was the first player he talked about? Rooney. He's the sort of player that other top players want to play with..Rooneys value to United is immense, both on and off the pitch. it's just that you don't know what you're talking about.

Posted 10:20am 30th January 2014

solskjaer99 (Manchester United) says...

@big dave Say, for argument's sake, we assume the reports are correct and Rooney is to be paid £300k/week (no point in arguing the facts of that one, we may never know), that would put him in the same league as Messi/Ronaldo, for all his abilities, do you really think Rooney's worth that? I don't. As for loyal service, do you believe that if a bid had been accepted by United, Rooney wouldn't be a Chelsea player now? Again, I don't. You talk about Rooney as if he's been working hard for United for all those years and has got nothing in return, he has, not only is he already one of the highest paid players in the world, he's had the opportunity to win almost every trophy there is to win, would he have done that if he'd signed for Newcastle all those years ago? I would say he's got as much from United as he's given in return and I don't consider him world class, there are at least half a dozen forwards better. If the reports about him demanding to be made captain are true, and again I'm not saying they are, but for the sake of argument, we say that this is indeed the case, and United accede to his demands, what message does that send to the other players? For £300k/week, or even for his current salary, I think the least we should expect is a player who doesn't smoke or let himself get out of shape in the off-season. Does anyone still believe that Rooney is irreplaceable?

Posted 1:06am 30th January 2014

red lee (Liverpool) says...

allaboutunited - You are asking why alwaysaboutcity is on a utd article ? Have you been on any Chelsea articles this week? Try not to lie as it's there for all to see. Also you speak about people changing there name? Are you Jimijk or not? You don't do yourself any favours do you

Posted 10:26pm 29th January 2014

man of ire (Manchester United) says...

Look at the damage this article has done to society with utd_till_i_die, alwaysaboutcity and now big dave getting into the caliber of argument usually reserved for the climax of Quentin Tarantino movies. God forbid these guys cross each others paths in a bar some weekend. I can see it now...they'll pass each other as one walks out of the stall of an otherwise empty restroom. They'll know each other, they'll recognize the hate. And then they'll start blurting out long winded points while the other one waits for them to finish. They'll then counter each others arguments using quotes, gossip and various changing opinions. People will be queuing for the toilets for hours, it will be mayhem!!

Posted 10:01pm 29th January 2014

big dave (Manchester United) says...

@alwaysaboutcity - I'm not going to get into this playground 'your players are more mercenary than ours' rubbish. But you spout so much nonsense about Rooney that I feel I need to at least respond to that: 'I've seen United fans burning Wayne Rooney effigies. He has made your club look very silly time and time again. You honestly think he should be the highest paid player in the Prem?' - first, I don't believe that you have seen United players burning Wayne Rooney effigies. Maybe we have different definitions of fans/human beings/reality. Second, outside some of the more idiotic fans of rival clubs, and the media that they read/listen to, no he hasn't. Ten years of loyal service, with one attempt to force his way out (and he subsequently changed his mind) for which he has long since atoned by playing his a*se off. Your opinion of our best player is less than irrelevant. And finally, does he deserve the highest wages in the EPL? Well, after ten years as the (overall) best player at the most successful club in the EPL, during which time he has helped us win (amongst other things) 5 titles and a Champions League. I'd say that you would have to be pretty anti-United and/or anti-Rooney to argue that he doesn't deserve to be at least up there, wouldn't you? Oh sorry, I forgot, I'm trying to reason with someone who is actually blinded by hatred of another club and one of its players. Grow the f**k up.

Posted 2:06pm 29th January 2014

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