Rodgers Plays At Level Of Strikers...

Brendan Rodgers allowed himself to get carried away before the Aston Villa game and paid a two-point price. Against Everton, he played as well as his strikers...

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stringman04 (Liverpool) says...

@bobsy & @abelxavierhair .. I think bobsy has a genuinely good point. Sure City and Chelsea can be blamed for stockpiling .. but they wouldn't be able to if the players didn't want to be on that pile collecting their money. At some stage we have to stop blaming the money-men for the final decisions that the players make (along with their agents)

Posted 6:37pm 30th January 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

@abelxavierhair - i don't blame chelsea and city though. the blame should be reserved for the greedy so and so's that put short term benefit over long term gain

Posted 12:32pm 30th January 2014

surprisedicare says...

Devil's advocacy can be quite counter-productive it appears. Whilst I appreciate the "on the one hand" approach to writing is a general objective and accepted standard, with the fear of becoming a eulogising fanzine if not. However, it can sometimes be a little thin and bely a lack of integrity. It's widely accepted that you need a good striker or 2 to win the league. If not (as it's occasionally possible without), certainly to be considered a great team. So when you get the "25-goal-a-season" personnel every craves, it's a little odd to suggest that it's a concern that the majority of the goals come through that/those player(s). Is that not efficiency? If they're that good, let them do what they're good at and were bought for. As you say, it's better to see Coutinho making through-balls than shooting as currently that's his relative strength. That in turn implies my previous point; he's creating for those players upon whom you can rely for goals. 4 in a game with less possession than the opposition speaks volumes for efficiency. At best, I could see it as an unintentional compliment that Liverpool are not a great team yet. My view of great teams are those that (amongst other things of course) not only have the outstanding forwards but the midfielders who score 10-15 a season too. Arsenal had Pires and Ljunberg, United with Beckham, Scholes and Giggs, Chelsea were getting there under Ancelotti with Lampard and Malouda. So Liverpool aren't a great team but they've got some great players in important positions. A good start.

Posted 9:51am 30th January 2014

markarogers (Liverpool) says...

I love how some things become the accepted truth if you say it enough times in hindsight. Time will remember we lost 5-0 to Aston Villa because Brendan Rodgers said we were better than Barcelona, then decided to only field six players, demanding that the other five carry him up and down the touchline on a hoisted throne. I mean, it was a bad day at the office, but did the title quote really cause Mignolet to flap at that ball?

Posted 11:23pm 29th January 2014

Matt79LFC says...

Jamief72, I agree he is so enthusiastic and eager, he really, really loves playing for LFC and is our best FB (on either side) at the moment, he had both Baines and Pienaar in his pockets until he came off, Everton had no joy on their left wing until Kelly came on, keep it up Flanno lad!

Posted 10:04pm 29th January 2014

jamief72 (Liverpool) says...

Not really a comment about our strikers or Brendan - But i reckon Jon Flanagan is Liverpool's best right back and best left back at the moment - he has come on so much this season.

Posted 4:06pm 29th January 2014

abelxavierhair (Stoke City) says...

27 goals in 33 games for Sturridge? Its fair to say that teams like City and Chelsea are doing harm to players who they stockpile.

Posted 2:16pm 29th January 2014

corydog (Liverpool) says...

yes today Everton looked like a throwback to the Wigan sides of the Martinez era, but this Everton side have been outstanding defensively this season.highlighted by the fact they are one of the best defensive sides in the comp.True Liverpool are a little weak in attacking backup.But im sure there is talent there,but players need game time, which is something i feel BR has been poor in supplying this season to the likes of Aspas,Alberto,Moses,Sinclair and Ibe. Just look at how well Sterling and Flano are going now they're playing regularly,

Posted 12:20pm 29th January 2014

macduff says...

How about Martinez? As soon as he had to seriously mix up the defense he inherited, Everton defend like Wigan

Posted 10:43am 29th January 2014

ajsr1982 (Liverpool) says...

I'm not too worried that we have to rely on those three for goals. Better than relying on, say, Soldado, Adebayor and Eriksen, no? I know the point you were making - what happens if one or more of them gets injured/suspended for a very long time? To be honest though, with the exception of probably only Man City, I think you'd struggle to name another team where the goals come from more than three regular goalscorers. At the risk of sounding like Brendan himself, I think it's a good system that produces goals, no matter the personnel (within reason).

Posted 10:21am 29th January 2014

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