We Create Our Own Managerial Beasts

By reacting to everything managers say in such a knee-jerk manner, we contribute to the cycle of boring platitudes. It isn't difficult to control the media like Jose Mourinho...

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supercilious says...

If only journalists were brave enough to question some of the things that managers like Mourinho say, to his face, during the press conference. I take it that no one pointed out to him that his own teams have occasionally used tactics similar to those that West Ham used. Perhaps every post match press conference could be a joint press conference, with both managers sitting alongside each other, and thus able to react immediately to whatever nonsense their counterpart spouts, instead of hearing about jibes and accusations second hand from some spittle forming tittle tattling toad with a microphone.

Posted 9:05am 13th February 2014

crow says...

If you don't agree with what he says why do you print it? You try to pour scorn on what he says but he has no right of reply, so who are you? Your opinion is just as worthless as the next one.

Posted 10:26pm 12th February 2014

luca_85 (Chelsea) says...

It is worth remembering though that most journos support a team and therefore have their own agendas. Why would a Liverpool supporting journalist pass up the oppurtunity to cause trouble for Man Utd by putting a slant on their comments. Football is a soap opera these days, Sky Sports News needs to fill 24 hours of TV with stories they can't just give match reports, they need to whip up stories.

Posted 4:19pm 12th February 2014

cozens says...

Journalists should report the news. they are not their to give an opinion. I don't care what they think. If I want and opinion I'll come to F365 etal - where that is often the remit (e.g. this article)., that is my problem with the media. The journalist thinks 'he' is the 'famous one'.

Posted 2:33pm 12th February 2014

klaus_dinger (Southampton) says...

Hey dude, you ARE the media. This website pretty much exists to regurgitate the soap opera storylines and celeb culture hyper-criticism of the tabloid press. Yeah you've got Mediawatch getting sniffy about other people's mistakes. But if you really want to rise above it, stop trying to create scandal and controversy out of every dreary soundbite. Maybe talk about the football. Maybe be the bigger website. Maybe raise the discourse instead of pointing the finger.

Posted 2:21pm 12th February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

sorry, but its the fault of the press. 99% of the press is weak or in the pocket of someone or other in the chain. its not a profession, its a bunch of amateurs sharing their views on something. wouldn't know the word objectivity if it wazzed on their chips. this is not a dig at f365 at all, i think you're probably in the 1%, unfortunately the other outlets monopolise distribution to such a degree that only readers and players of football manager are aware of you

Posted 1:30pm 12th February 2014

lankymanc (Manchester United) says...

Excellent article, and spot on. The press (in which I include 365 recently) have always been sales/click driven instead of fact driven and people fall for it over and over again. They take what they read as gospel and react to it, spouting out their own vitriol with the over confidence of someone who's actually involved in the situation. I've never read so many subjective comments being passed of as fact recently, and usually based on a journalist's twisted, self-serving view of an event in order to create a reaction rather than to inform. It's manipulative journalism, and the subjects have become wise and very cautious of it and are now using it to their own advantage. It's us, the readers that have to take it all with a pinch of salt because we can't trust the journalist's motives, that lose out.

Posted 11:20am 12th February 2014

thecat (Manchester City) says...

My "outrage" at manager comments isn't so much caused by what is said but by the slant the media put on it. Certain manager's utterings, Mourinho being the prime example currently operating, are given extra credence by the media based entirely on their ridiculous / contentious nature and because it sells. The "boring platitudes" to which you refer tend to be the more reasoned and natural responses to events on the field, lest we forget that football is ultimately a game and if you're in a Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday cycle a pretty repetitive one at that. It isn't difficult to control the media, but the media doesn't need to be quite so fawning and accepting of outlandish comments for the sake of it.

Posted 11:10am 12th February 2014

nick (Liverpool) says...

All fair points well made, Alex. Though as for - "Of course, the role of the media in exploiting and fostering the above is fundamental, too", we don't have to click too often to find a site to whom this applies in spades, do we?

Posted 11:01am 12th February 2014

godsmote (Liverpool) says...

By reacting and commenting on everything F365 say's in such a knee-jerk manner, we contribute to the cycle of ..... most humble apologies f365 but I just could not help myself.

Posted 10:58am 12th February 2014

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