The Engineer Fixes His Winning Machine

Man City were hugely impressive in their 2-0 win over Chelsea in a match that provided excellent preparation for Tuesday's test against Barcelona. But what about Jose Mourinho's failings?

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chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@chelseablue_no1, Terry was missing so you replaced him with a £25 million centre half. That team was what Mourinho your beloved manager considered your best team. Love allaboutunited's incredible basic logic, yes it was a master class, it was the most one sided game since the 4-1 against United. He lost at home with 5 key players missing, three of them in the same position. He lost away with our most important player missing in the last seconds to catastrophic keeping error. I very much doubt either Pellegrini or Mourinho made allowances for that. Just a bitter lost fool. Yet more fans revolting about the treatment of the fans yet again... #SOD

Posted 9:55am 20th February 2014

allaboutunited says...

@Solskjaer.....Erm, but you've been saying all season that Mourinho is a 'winner', are you now trying to suggest that he choose to lose?? Limitations of his Chelsea squad?? What you mean the 'proven winners' in the team? Like the ones that one the EC two seasons ago for example? I think one trick Mourinho just got found out, he copied Pullis's tactics in the first game and failed to adapt his tactics, I say 'failed'....I don't actually think he has any other tactics. You're just talking clueless nonsense in order to try and defend CHELSEA's manager!! Get a grip. Though I did laugh at the person that called it a Pellegrini 'masterclass'.....given most people wouldn't have made the same mistakes he did in the first two games they lost, I'd say it was merely a case of the 'law of averages' and the vast amount of money they have spent, they have a better squad than Chelsea....its just nice that Pellegrini has caught up. But it was hardly the schooling Klopp and Dortmund dished out to Mourinho last year.

Posted 12:38pm 18th February 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@alwaysaboutcity - Hardly strongest line-up, with Terry out injured and Luiz playing in the defence and playing Mikel in the middle, isn't anywhere near our strongest line-up. Should have started Lampard and Oscar instead of Ramires and Mikel.

Posted 6:22pm 17th February 2014

HarryBoulton says...

What fevriul said. I think at this level, City are the last team you want to be playing fully rested. I'm not taking anything away from them, City were awsome, but that rest would have helped a little, I think.

Posted 5:24pm 17th February 2014

fevriul (Chelsea) says...

Man City had their midweek game called off due to weather, Chelsea had hard fought game versus We3st bromw, the fresher team won, end of story. Jesus Wept :S

Posted 2:11pm 17th February 2014

amaca (Manchester United) says...

When Mourinho wins a game, obviously he hasn't failed. Now we discover that when he loses a game, he hasn't failed either. He truly is an amzing man.

Posted 1:52pm 17th February 2014

luca_85 (Chelsea) says...

@ blueblood (Chelsea) - You must be under 16 or crazy. Jose is the best manager we have ever had and quite clearly knows what he is doing better than you. How can you possibly moan? We are top of the league in Feb, "leading us the wrong way".... WHAT!? We have massive improvements this season and are clearly going the right way.

Posted 1:17pm 17th February 2014

thecat (Manchester City) says...

Christ on a bike, can people stop claiming Mourinho / Chelsea weren't interested in this game! Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. The difference between Saturday's performance from City and that on February 3rd is simple - we had a fit defensive midfielder available, albeit the lesser of the two talents in Garcia (though he was excellent on Saturday). Two weeks ago we were without Fernandinho, Garcia, Rodwell and Milner (again excellent on Saturday) through injury along with Nasri and Aguero. That's the "engine room" of our midfield completely unavailable. Chelsea were very good on the night and took full advantage. Fair play. A lot has been made of "Mourinho's tactical masterclass" that night, but Pellers was in essence playing with his hands tied behind his back. The return of Garcia and Milner allowed City to take control of the game, allowing Yaya the freedom to do what he does best. I don't doubt the outcome on February 3rd would have been similar to Saturday night had we had those players available. We didn't and life goes on.

Posted 11:19am 17th February 2014

alwaysaboutcity (Manchester City) says...

@solskjaer99 you would have a point if Jose hadn't lined up with exactly the same tactics as two weeks ago and his strongest starting xi. Are you suggesting he picked his strongest possible side then instructed them to not try? The mighty Mourinho bear City yes, but he has won just 2 of the last 5 games, is this in his grand plan. He has one way to play, City nullified that, there was no plan B and they were outclassed.

Posted 9:59am 17th February 2014

peeyugo (Arsenal) says...

@metal, thanks man. @blueblood, people like you make me realize it will be a knee-jerk reaction to lose hope that humanity can ever embrace honesty/integrity; a very rare sight it is to see a person (never mind a Chelsea fan) who tells the truth in such a refreshing manner. Thank you

Posted 9:50am 17th February 2014

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