Rooney Deal Too Big A Gamble For United

Giving Wayne Rooney a five-year £300,000 contract shows an incredible amount of faith by Manchester United and David Moyes. Nick Miller thinks it's misguided...

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HarryBoulton says...

If any City fan expects anyone to believe that Fernandinho is on £55k a week then they've got their head in the clouds. Players do not move to Manchester City on pay-cuts. I'm sorry, but they don't. To suggest otherwise is desperate. The same applies to Negredo as well.

Posted 4:16pm 21st February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@joemanunited, would they be the same figure that UEFA's forensic accounts have scrutinised?

Posted 10:24am 20th February 2014

joemanutd (Manchester United) says...

@chickenlambix putting faith in Citi's financial reporting is the equivalent of putting faith in China's financial figures each quarter or Kim Jong Un's human rights stats. It's all optics for the masses who follow blindly!!!

Posted 11:19am 19th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@montecristo5000, you googled? No doubt some red top gave you your solid evidence. Again, I'll just take the words of the clubs official financial break down. Fernandinho according to himself took a pay cit and sacrificed something like 4 million euro's in loyalty bonuses to join City or if you like save his World Cup dream.

Posted 9:40am 19th February 2014

montecristo5000 (Manchester United) says...

I was so infuriated by chickenlambmix talking nonsense that I had to sign up. I googled Fernandinho, as an example, cos I just knew "£55k p/w" was absolute NONSENSE. Turns out he's on £155k a week. a BIG difference.

Posted 1:09am 19th February 2014

onstandby (Manchester City) says...

@diegtristan8 - surely the poster for whom the phrase "thick as a whale omelette" was coined. Must be allaboutuniteds (aka Jimis) other handle.

Posted 6:19pm 18th February 2014

megabrow (cufc) (Colchester United) says...

Summary of 66 comments: Wayne Rooney continues to divide opinion United and City fans don't like each other much. Illuminating...

Posted 5:07pm 18th February 2014

chickenlambmix (Manchester City) says...

@GVMUFC, I didn't realise you were just going to make your own figures up. i was just using the ones reported by City. NAvas, £45k p/w, Fernandinho, £55k p/w, Negredo, £48k p/w and Jovetic £50k p/w. Aguero signed a new deal at £180k pw. So as I said, I'd much prefer Sergio, Alvaro and Stefan thanks.

Posted 4:45pm 18th February 2014

joeyd8668 (Liverpool) says...

He earns 49.5p a second, every second of everyday... even asleep £300,000 * 52 = £15,600,000 a year £15,600,000/365 = £42,739.73 a day £42,739.73/24 = £1780.82 an hour (a decent monthly wage for a normal human) £1780.82/60 = £29.68 a minute £29.68/60 = £0.49 a second Words......

Posted 1:57pm 18th February 2014

diegtristan8 (Manchester United) says...

@GVMUFC that would be understandable given how bad jovetic is, 20k to play seems fair

Posted 1:51pm 18th February 2014

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