There's A Good Reason For The 'Double Punishment'

Many say that offenders like Martin Demichelis should not be punished twice with a red card and a penalty, but Philip Cornwall argues that there is a good reason for it...

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crow says...

The Aussie rules fix is just daft. The Ref has to do justice but the question is, is it too much. I reckon the Ref should have three cards, say a blue one. The other two would be used the same but the blue one would be a sin bin card say for 5 to 15 minutes. This way the side that has committed the foul will still get punished but they will get their player back. This should only be used for fouls where a red card would be issued for non violent tackles, if the victim is injured then the other player should walk with a red. But you still have the possibility of the rule being abused, a player. Doing deliberate handball in the penalty area. If the thinks he will come back on then he will do it again. There has to be a fail safe. Refs do need better education with handballs at the best of times but even so deliberate handball in the pen area should be a straight red IMO.

Posted 5:20am 23rd February 2014

neiler (Liverpool) says...

I think each situation be judged individually. For example if a player plays the ball far wide and its not within the 6 yard box then a penalty and yellow is enough IMO. Rules are rules though so why people are so up in arms about the pen is beyond me, surely the keeper knows and takes the risk, its happened countless times and will continue to do so.

Posted 2:57pm 21st February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

and by the way 71% of people disagree with your view PC

Posted 9:52am 21st February 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

a rebuttal

Posted 9:24am 21st February 2014

sixty2 (Everton) says...

Australian Rules Football is the best example of how to handle this scenario. Players are never sent off regardless of the crime they have committed. There isn't even a sin bin - they are allowed to play the remainder of the game. They are "reported" and face the jurisdiction in the days after the game where they may face a lengthy suspension and/or large fine dependant on the severity of the offence. The thinking behind this is that to reduce the size of the team by over 5.5% greatly affects the ability of the team to compete. In my opinion this system works very well. In terms of Association Football the referee has the power to destroy a match. How often are players sent off only later to "cleared" by virtue of electronic media? By sending off a player the size of the offending team is reduced by over 9%; the whole nature of the match is changed. Firstly, this is unfair to both sets of supporters who have paid a sizeable amount to watch the game. Secondly, the financial affects for the offending club can be massive. The send off rule should be scrapped and the player allowed to continue playing. The price for this should be an increase in the length of any suspensions and in the size of the fines.

Posted 9:40pm 20th February 2014

nednoodle (Manchester United) says...

The use of this double punishment was to deter people from hacking down the attacker as a last line of defense and that rule is fine. But what happens now and has been for a number of years is that defenders are suffering this punishment for honest or mistimed tackles. Demichelis should be sent off as the tackle was "hopeless". This is apt punishment for a cynical foul (Suarez handball in world cup). Just because player is last man should not automatically mean red. It's a RIDICULOUS rule. Darren Fletcher got sent off for an honest effort to tackle Van Persie in Champs League semis a few years back. Penalty would be more than sufficient in that case but it is treated the same as Saurez batting the ball off the line in World Cup semis. When are we going to open our collective eyes and adjust this idiotic rule?

Posted 2:28pm 20th February 2014

onceupon says...

Having reread the article it is obvious where Philip Cornwall argument falls short. He seems to think the only way you can change the rule to satisfy those complaining about double punishment is by taking out the red card punishment entirely. However, it is possible to change the rule and still have the red card + penalty decision for certain situations (when ball is not within playing distance). There could even be instances where a goal is automatically given instead of a penalty (handball on the line or 1v0).

Posted 2:09pm 20th February 2014

merse10 (Arsenal) says...

To those calling for a sin bin, what are you supposed to do if the player in question is the goalkeeper? Do you stick somebody else in goal for 10 minutes then put him out on field again when the keepers back or do you make a substitution and end up with your reserve goalkeeper playing out on pitch when the sin bin is over? Either way seems a bit farcical to me. I think I'd rather just be down to 10 men than have to play any significant period of time with my left back between the sticks.

Posted 1:31pm 20th February 2014

tred (Leeds United) says...

Where a player denies an obvious goal illegally e.g Suarez in the World Cup, the double punishment is justified. He can't stay on the pitch after that and a penalty has to be given. Where a player denies a "one on one with the keeper goal scoring opportunity" (outside the box) it's a red and a free kick. If he commits the same foul in the box it should just be a penalty. No denial of a goal scoring opportunity so no need for the red card. They need to change the rules.

Posted 1:31pm 20th February 2014

thefury (Liverpool) says...

@walshi. You clearly haven't read the article. Your scenario is exactly what PC Is saying would impact the game. People will dive In to tackles thinking 'what the hell' cos they know they won't give away a penalty. In what universe should a penalty not be given for a foul in the box??? Ludicrous. And how would a referee decide between two punishments for similar events (a foul in the box)?? Silly man

Posted 1:30pm 20th February 2014

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