England Are Already Consumed By Fear

Matt Stanger is worried that Roy Hodgson already fears another penalty shoot-out exit. By raising his concerns so early, the manager is only going to increase the pressure...

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kevinsoutham (Liverpool) says...

If ever an F365 article belonged on mediawatch it's this one. Article "England consumed by fear" actual quotes from Hodgson "we'll prepare by using a psychologist". Mentions of fear - none. Talk about making something from nothing. As "spangle" says he was probably asked about what England's preparations might be and gave a studied response. Better to be prepared no? Or would you rather he said "psycholgy - hocus pocus" and then you could criticise him for being unprepared. Very poor Matt, it was obviously a slow news week for you.

Posted 4:39am 27th February 2014

Majick says...

Between 1990, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2006 and 2012, England's penalty woes are well documented. Pre-emptively addressing the problem (in public) gives the media one less stick with which to beat Hodgson if (when?) England fail to win the World Cup.

Posted 11:31pm 25th February 2014

biyitch (Southampton) says...

I'm not sure what's so difficult to understand about the article. It's not that they may be using a psychologist; it's the fact there's even a decision to make. It seems ridiculous that this isn't already part of their training. Admittedly they would have a club professional but training specific to international tournaments in unusual surroundings wound be beneficial to the squad as a whole.

Posted 6:03pm 25th February 2014

dryice says...

simonthfc - Who are these undereducated British footballers you mention. Or are you just guessing? One thing football does seem to do is to grasp new techniques, yoga, spiritual mind cleansing, roasting etc.

Posted 4:17pm 25th February 2014

thefuldutch (Fulham) says...

I agree with all the other commenters-why would you not try to improve that which has sent you packing at three of the last four tournaments entered? At Fulham, Hodgson's success was credited for a large part to his emphasis on practicing defensive situations ad nauseam, and far beyond that. This gave us the third best defensive record in the league in 08-09 (we're bottom this year). Anyway, that's exactly the method Roy should apply here. Have everybody who's likely take a pen stay after training and just take spot kicks over and over again, until they can find every desired corner blindfolded. Confidence is knowing, be it from experience or arrogance, that you can do something and confidence in your ability to take pens is no different.

Posted 3:12pm 25th February 2014

simonthfc (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

All top sportsmen and women use sports psychologists theses days. I'm afraid that it is its generally (not all) the undereducated British footballer that thinks its all hocus pocus and beneath him.

Posted 2:49pm 25th February 2014

onceupon says...

@mufc phil: Spot on. You all make fair comments but choose to ignore the point MS makes. He says it's a good thing Hodgson is considering bringing a psychologist in but that it should already be a foregone conclusion. Part of the preparation for the last euros was to have a penalty shootout at the end of training sessions and simulate under pressure situation. So he has been aware of the problem from day one. If the use of a sports psychologist is an obvious method to improve, why leave it so late to act? To basically state he thinks the players are not ready/capable of executing only serves to plant the seed of doubt into their mind. By all means, prepare for it in whatever way you can but don't pile up the pressure unnecessarily.

Posted 2:47pm 25th February 2014

paulw66 (Chelsea) says...

Spangle - spot on. How often do you get a club manager asked a question about a certain topic, so they respond, only to cries of, "why is he talking about such and such....?" The simple answer to the question is that England have been knocked out of major tournaments 6 times in the last 10 tournaments we have competed in. He would be an incompetent fool if he wasnt concerned about it.

Posted 2:12pm 25th February 2014

rocket (Arsenal) says...

Completely agree Spangle. He was asked a question and answered it. I hope Mediawatch will be examining this article tomorrow. It would be completely negligent of Roy to not be thinking about penalties, as we can't ignore the fact we have a terrible record at them and there's no point burying our head in the sand over it.

Posted 2:12pm 25th February 2014

dryice says...

That's a strange take on what should be a positive improvement in our overall preparation. I wonder if our players practice throw in's and that if Matt see's them he will think Roy is planning for a Rory Delap styled Stoke formation?

Posted 2:10pm 25th February 2014

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