Chelsea Killed The Game Instead Of Playing It

If you approach a match with a siege mentality, it shouldn't be a surprise when it eventually turns into a siege. Matt Stanger thinks Chelsea showed Atletico too much respect...

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dontommasino (Chelsea) says...

Kudos to you @soul controller for not watching the Chelsea_Atletico game as you knew what was on the menu. I wish many fans from other clubs were like you rather than watching and moaning relentlessly afterwards as if they have nothing else to do or entertain themselves with in their lives. But my only question to you (@soul controller ) is why come here and waste your valuable time to rant and tell people about how and why you despise Chelsea so much? Man you have issues and need help. By the way how old are you possibly need to look at ringing the childline first and they will refer you to the right avenues? Remember there is no shame in seeking help we have all done it at one time or another.

Posted 11:21pm 26th April 2014

mregmi121 (Chelsea) says...

Chelsea knocked out 11 teams in European competitions in 3 years and rest of the England managed only 8 teams in same period. So shut up. We parked the bus once this season and so many negatives? What about when we parked the bus and run over ethihad? What about 6-0 arsenal, 4-0 spurs, 2-1 lpool after going after conceding early goal?

Posted 7:37am 25th April 2014

shuy (Chelsea) says...

Matt, your article perfectly explains why you aren't a football manager.

Posted 4:13am 25th April 2014

suffolkgooner (Arsenal) says...

@cozens. Well done for accepting my point about Chelsea's success, Roman's extensive and expensive support has got you where you are. But where you are wrong is in not realising the huge expense of funding a new stadium like the Emirates in London together with the funding for top dollar wages such as you can afford (see Cashley Cole as the prime example!) HAS lead (much to the chagrin of Arsenal fans) with the sale of some top talent and Arsene's (not always) successful attempts at buying reasonable players on the cheap and flogging them on at a profit! That's what difference is made in having to sell and pay for the new ground. I accept that in the coming couple of seasons with the debt under control better players should be afforded and the results should follow. I just happen to believe that will be a difficult mindset for Wenger to get out of! I do agree that trophies are better than a balance sheet but you have to weather the storm when money is tight! (See Great Britain as an example!) Good luck in the second leg! England (and Russia) are counting on it!

Posted 4:03pm 24th April 2014

vaseline gang (Arsenal) says...

@cozens - A club that spent over £100m in 2013 and over £800m in the last decade should never park the lambo. And not for the first time this season either. Cuts off beef? Chelsea and West Ham are different animals I say.

Posted 3:22pm 24th April 2014

soul controller (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

This is a silly discussion. I don't like or dislike Chelsea. They are a just an irrelevant little club in Londo Bourough of Fulham. Jose Mourinho has dropped loads of hilarious quotes throughout the years - calling Wenger a "voyeur" and "a specialist in failure" being my personal favorites. I must, however, admit that his eye gouging of the Barca coach a few yrs ago was pathetic and cowardly. As for his tactics, he's negative and boring and has achieved inconsistent success with those tactics, similar to Fabio Capello. I knew what was going to happen yesterday and when I saw Chelsea's lineup, I decided I wouldn't even watch the inevitable boring spectacle. Anyone who was stupid enough to watch that crap deserves what they got. If everyone played like Chelsea, I wouldn't bother watching football anymore. I don't understand why Chelsea fans and non Chelsea fans can't understand and accept these simple facts. Chelsea fans - please remove your mouths from Jose's door knob before he releases his venom and you choke do death. Hes a successful manager, a very funny man, a negative tactician and a coward. If you lot can point out he's successful and funny, then at least you can accept others accurately pointing out that hes a negative tactician and a coward. Get over yourselves.

Posted 2:58pm 24th April 2014

cozens says...

@vaseline gang. Shoulder and Porterhouse are both cuts of beef that can be eaten as a steak, but they are so very different on the palate!. West Hams performance at Chelsea was very different to the Chelsea performance on Tuesday. I was at the Bridge for the West Ham game and in 25 years of watching Chelsea, they gave the worst footballing performance I have ever seen (and I've watched some rubbish - trust me !!). Also, Jose's comments included something along the lines of ''if I was Sam, I'd probably do the same. Good luck to them''.

Posted 1:33pm 24th April 2014

cozens says...

@suffolgooner. Arsenal do not have to sell either. They choose to sell. Arsenal are more interested in keeping the share holders happy, than they are he fans. The same fans who pay the most in the country to watch a game of football. Arsenal may not be able to compete head to head with the Oil and Oligarch money, but they can more than hold their own. They choose not to though. As a fan what would you want ? A happy and healthy bank balance, or more on-field success with a team that doesn't fade in March ? (I am not deluded. I know Chelsea have been hugely successful because of Romans input....we may still have done o.k. without him, but certainly not to the degree we have in last 10 years)

Posted 1:17pm 24th April 2014

ob1 (Liverpool) says...

Gittoplo "nobody comes close to Chelsea" really? Have a look at other teams records domestically and in Europe before you make such foolish statements. "Chelsea are winners" again have a look at your recent league results, Sunderland ring any bells? Athletico was a draw and you haven't won anything this season... You must have got the how to quote like mourinho book for Christmas.

Posted 12:11pm 24th April 2014

thebigshow says...

vaseline gang - you answered your own question. In fact, I'm not even sure why you bothered to ask it in the first place! Mourinho is a pragmatist and a hypocrite but behind that he's an excellent manager. We can respect his achievements but a few amusing soundbits aside it's really not worth listening to what he has to say.

Posted 11:31am 24th April 2014

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