Before Sympathy, British Managers Must Improve

Moyes' sacking means that the 'Where are the British managers?' drum is again being beaten. Matthew Stanger says they must improve before their plight is lamented...

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new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Ezy rider - what walrus said is spot on. Bangs of ignorance to ignore someones identity and nationality and just file all under British.

Posted 7:34am 25th April 2014

shea666 (Manchester United) says...

Moyes is not a bad manager, he just wasn't the right man for Man Utd. Rodgers is very talented and the confidence gained at Swansea seems to be benefiting him at Liverpool. Tim Sherwood's win ratio is very respectable at Spurs regardless of what anyone thinks of his methods. Tony Pulis was vastly underestimated towards the end at Stoke and has shown so far at Palace that it was no fluke. Chris Hughton, like Moyes, was badly let down by his players at Norwich as in not yet a bad manager in my opinion, he has one more club to make a go of before I'd accept that. Steve Clarke likewise is highly regarded, the fallout of Odemwingie's famous antics and Shane Long's desire to leave didn't help him, I have no doubt he will find his feet and prove a success somewhere else. Nigel Atkins was doing a very good job at Southampton, a few bad results and he was turfed out, unfairly I say, and he will also prove his mettle and show what he can do. Considering the restrictions financially at Aston Villa I'd say Paul Lambert is doing the best he can with what he has. Malky Makay was the victim of a lunatic madman at Cardiff and will come good at a better club. Steve Bruce is managing alright at Hull, next season will be the one to tell if he can progress or if promotion and first year survival is the limit of his managerial ability.... I thinky myself that British managers are given a hard time unfairly, not everyone can win the cup or league and must be judged on the club's ambition

Posted 12:41am 25th April 2014

raphapablap (Manchester City) says...

Can you hear that? That's the sound of Alan Curbishley, the saviour of English managers, dusting off his CV.

Posted 11:44pm 24th April 2014

jericho (Leeds United) says...

Nowt to do with nationality folks. Its based on ability and track record and up to a point PR. Just like British players, British managers are not good enough.

Posted 8:53pm 24th April 2014

marxist8 (Manchester United) says...

Unless you actually speak Danish(In which case I apologise),don't try to be clever in adding it into your article.It makes me wonder what other of "your opinions" you have copied and pasted to serve up to us.

Posted 4:06pm 24th April 2014

walrus (Aston Villa) says...

We know why there are not more British managers in the league, they are not good enough. Rather than worry about, you should worry about what to do about it. They are not learning the right things in England. Brendon Rodgers, the top British manager right now, spent years working in Spain learning coaching and then worked under José Mourinho at Chelsea as both youth team and reserve manager. This has clearly helped him at both Swansea and Liverpool. Perhaps more of this, or getting more foreign coaches teaching into the curriculum for the famous badges over in England. Do they have teachers? I am not sure how it is set up. Of course none of this matters if you agree with v. Profane. Do we really care about managers nationalities?

Posted 2:45pm 24th April 2014

walrus (Aston Villa) says...

@ Ezy_Rider. It is a dodgy thing to say. Calling someone from the republic of Ireland British can get a very negative reaction and would seem to me to be pure ignorance. Also Mick McCarthy is from Barnsley, have you heard him speak? His Dad was Irish and so he qualified to play for Ireland under FIFA rules. Now if someone like Steve Staunton got the job, well that would just be hilarious.

Posted 2:35pm 24th April 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Brendan Rodgers, played GAA in Ireland, and represented both Northern Ireland and Rep of Ireland at schoolboy level, British or Irish, I don't care in the least, he has restored pride to Liverpool by the manner we play and what has! been achieved. Who cares if he is Northern Irish, Rep of Irish, Irish or British? It matters not.

Posted 1:44pm 24th April 2014

v. profane (Newcastle United) says...

Why exactly should we care about "British" managers? There's only ever going to be around 100 full-time professional football managers working at one time here, so it can't be from an economic/employment point of view. If it's from the point of view of who will be good enough to manage England, then why bother to think about a Scot like Moyes who would never be England manager anyway? Worrying about where your manager comes from should be much further down the agenda than developing players and the motives (and nationality) of club owners.

Posted 1:42pm 24th April 2014

Gollo (Wolverhampton Wanderers) says...

What's important is that Brendan Rodgers has shifty eyes, you can't trust a fella with eyes like that. Mark my words.

Posted 1:25pm 24th April 2014

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