Cole Proves His Enduring Quality...

He may have been ousted from Chelsea's first XI by Cesar Azpilicueta, but Ashley Cole reminded everyone of his enduring quality against Liverpool and Atletico Madrid...

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kevemmer says...

What I noticed last season and the reason why I believe Cole has been side lined is that when the ball has been lost and he is out of position, he no longer seems to put a shift in to get back and help the defence. Noticing his absence several times as the ball hit the back of our net, he would suddenly appear jogging or walking into the picture. Has he influenced Eden ?

Posted 3:02pm 4th May 2014

HarryBoulton says...

@chelseablue_no1 - I agree. For me it shouldn't be Cole or Shaw. If we MUST pick one or the other, it should be Baines or Shaw. Personally I still absolutely believe Cole is our best option at left-back, and I have seen nothing this season to suggest otherwise. If we're playing a top side, I would be starting Cole at LB every single time, without a shadow of a doubt.

Posted 4:44pm 1st May 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

It's a great testament to the sheer class and quality of Ashley as a player that he could come in and do an awesome job in two high profile matches having not played much recently. It also amazes me that Chelsea were even considering allowing him to leave. He is England's best left back and probably has been one of England's greatest ever left backs. He has to go and start at the WC and I think as much as I would love Shaw at Liverpool, I really feel he should go to Chelsea and learn from Cole so that England can have a natural progression of world class left back to world class left back.

Posted 8:24pm 30th April 2014

thetruthwillout (Manchester United) says...

Gab1965 you have totally failed to address the very simple point I was trying to make about what Roy Hodgson, the England Manager wants from his players & team! Surely that is the single most important point he will be addressing when picking his squads & in the future..... Players will have to fit what HE wants to do, simple as that! It's not about who we like or prefer as a player for whatever reason.

Posted 4:49pm 30th April 2014

tk421 says...

Even his crosses have been decent. And he had a shot on target.

Posted 3:12pm 30th April 2014

diabolicaldiaby (Arsenal) says...

Another vital point that people are failing to discuss is what is the best decsion for the England team going forward? There's no doubt Cole and Lampard were and are very good players but given this world cup will be a swansong for them, should they rob the place of younger players who could do with the experience as part of their development? Cole has nothing left to prove and, given that he's nearing the end of his career, I'd argue that rather than take him and Lampard to sit on the bench, they should take younger players to help build for future tournaments. This mentality held the English rugby team back for several years and they're now improving hugely by placing more trust in younger talent and disposing of players who won't be around in the next 2-4 years. Having said that, Roy will undoubtedly stay loyal to the tried and failed 'golden generation' so this is probably a discussion not worth having!

Posted 2:50pm 30th April 2014

Gab1965 says...

thetruthwillout - Whatever Hodgson thinks does not take away from the fact that all talk of Cole's demise have been totally exaggerated. If you think that he is going to want a full back charging up and down the pitch against Uruguay, in particular, then be ready for some heavy beatings over the summer. I have never seen a footballer who has been so consistently good in his position, so underrated, underappreciated and easily ditched as a selection for a squad lacking players with experience and quality. If nothing else, the standard of his recent performances should guarantee his place on the plane as stand in, rather than an 18 year old. And his lack of games might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for England as well. The idea of Baines and Shaw going, with neither having any World Cup experience, is ridiculous to me and Baines is nowhere near the defender that Cole is. And anyone who thinks Hodgson is going to set up the team to play to Baines strengths, attacking, is deluding themselves. If he does that, we are definitely coming home early. If anyone should have been watching Chelsea, and Cole, at Anfield last week, it should have been Hodgson.

Posted 2:32pm 30th April 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

Why is it between Cole and Shaw, surely the question should be Baines or Shaw? Are you sure you don't want Ashley on the pitch when you're playing the likes of Spain, Italy or Brazil?

Posted 2:06pm 30th April 2014

crookster (Manchester United) says...

Why not consider playing Cole LB and Baines LM. Bainesy is comfortably a better left sided player than any of Englands other options. It would be worth it alone for his delivery from out wide. A 4-5-1 with Sturridge up front, Baines out left, Sterling out right, Gerrard and Lallana/Henderson sitting with Rooney just in front of them would be tough to breakdown. Cole, Cahill, Jones & Johnson could all sit deep like the Chelsea back four. You are weakest at the back so a high line would be suicidal. Cole is an excellent defender, Baines an excellent attacker and keeps posession well. Worth considering I think.

Posted 2:02pm 30th April 2014

thetruthwillout (Manchester United) says...

All the recent talk about an Ashley Cole renaissance (after his 2 appearances in the last week), proving that he should go to the World Cup ahead of Luke Shaw, hasn't taken into account one very important factor that needs to be considered before deciding on either player. What does Roy Hodgson expect from his fullbacks? Does Roy want his fullbacks to just defend, OR does he want them to defend AND provide attacking width for his team? Ashley Cole has shown in the last 2 matches he played that he can still defend with the best of them.... So if that is the only criteria to consider here then his defending & experience would be useful to Roy. However, if fullbacks are also expected to get up & down the pitch in order to provide England attacking width, then it would have to be Luke Shaw, even with his lack of experience, as Ashley Cole has not been able to get up & down the pitch as required over the last 2 seasons. AND his fitness & his ability to do so has been further eroded this season with his lack of matches. Noone is saying that Cole is not a good player, but his former very valuable ability to get up & down the pitch has been on the wane for a long time... So if Roy wants his fullbacks to defend AND provide width for his team, then Luke Shaw should be chosen as back up to Baines, which would also provide Shaw with valuable experience he could draw upon in the future..... What do you think?

Posted 12:23pm 30th April 2014

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