Chelsea's Defensive Resolve Comes Alarmingly Unstuck

For 44 minutes Chelsea's safety-first approach looked to be once again successful, but its limitation is only exposed when the inevitable mistake occurs. And how...

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new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Celeey - singlehandedly, you won the trophy once ever. We set the European benchmark in Britain. And guess what? We are back in it and will probably play your lot about 17 times as usual.

Posted 11:38am 2nd May 2014

new1fowler_9 (Liverpool) says...

Moondance plus our 2 finals in the 3 years preceeding that but then we fell apart so cant take all the credit.

Posted 11:36am 2nd May 2014

celery1971 (Chelsea) says...

@moondance of course its the easier option. If you are mentally weak and in need of impressing people or just can't cope without the Monday morning bragging rights then nothing easier than picking a big club that overall are more likely to win than lose. its the choice of the weak and lonely

Posted 10:33am 2nd May 2014

sommaze (Liverpool) says...

¿Chelsea are not set up to play football, we are good on the counter. Often I¿m asked to do it all by myself and it¿s not easy¿ - Hazard. Really? Wow! Say that again Hazard!! I repeat, football is what football is!!!

Posted 9:50am 2nd May 2014

moondance says...

celery1971 do you seriosly think the easy route to popularity would have been by becoming a United or Liverpool fan ? Wow you obviously don't read many comments from fans of other clubs about those teams then,do you ? Also i think Manchester United getting to the final in 2008,2009 and 2011 has probably helped keep that slot to while Chelsea being eliminated at the group stage last season perhaps not as much.

Posted 4:59pm 1st May 2014

moondance says...

@dfm i suppose Chelsea fans and ultimately Abramovich have their own idea of what their expectations for the season were but for me Chelsea have just about met rather than exceeded expectations. Considering the relative quality and quantity of their squad,money spent and experience and track record of their manager and then comparing all those factors with all the other teams,it wouldn't have been unreasonable to have expected Man City and Chelsea to compete with each other for the title. Of course they could still win the title in which case they probably will have exceeded expectations but they are more likely to finish third behind Liverpool which to most people would not have been expected at the start of the season. The Champions League is more difficult when it comes to comparing teams as it depends on the draw in the knockout stages but i think it's fair to say Abramovich would certainly have expected them to get past Galatasaray and while PSG are a decent team it wasn't a great overachievement to knock them out on away goals. Had they beaten Atletico and then Real in the final it would certainly have exceeded all expectations but getting to the semi final wasn't that unexpected. Mourinho has managed to con(vince) certain sections of the media that his little horse has exceeded expectations but it doesn't mean the rest of us have to believe it.

Posted 4:52pm 1st May 2014

quoasis (Liverpool) says...

"Haters gonna hate " - nice to see Chelsea get a share of the 13 year old girl fans. You do realise the only reason you're in the top 4 is because Roman doesn't need another yacht.

Posted 4:42pm 1st May 2014

quoasis (Liverpool) says...

Just heard a rumour that John Terry was seen this morning in a travel agents booking a flight to Lisbon holding a Real Madrid kit in a Sports Direct carrier bag.

Posted 4:42pm 1st May 2014

ted maul (Chelsea) says...

@zabbaman - would you look well upon going out of the CL early because it gives you the Europa League trophy? Honestly? It's unlikely but Chelsea are still in contention to win the league. That hasn't happened since Ancelotti. On that basis, there is tangible progress.

Posted 4:24pm 1st May 2014

celery1971 (Chelsea) says...

Haters gonna hate - fine by me. Last time I checked I couldn't give a rats arse what anyone else thought of my club. If I was that bothered by popularity, I'd have chosen the easy route of becoming a United or Liverpool fan. Let me just say two things. 1, That all your teams after the top 4 positions wouldn't have a top 4 to aim at if it wasn't for Chelsea single-handedly keeping that extra slot and 2, I really really hope that if we don't win the league City do just for Stevie's slip up

Posted 4:16pm 1st May 2014

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