A Fitting Way For Liverpool's Challenge To End

A dodgy defence and poor second-half record have been lingering worries for Liverpool all season. On Monday night, they proved the Reds' downfall as their title hopes died...

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gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

@sideshowbob, you could well be right about a lack of depth hamstringing your season. Arsenal had the same problem. It's always going to be a problem for teams who have to earn the money to buy new players rather than buying whoever they fancy for whatever price they're quoted and then just pay the 50 million fine at the start of the following season (You just watch that happen this summer)

Posted 3:32am 8th May 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

"Automatic qualification to next year's Champions League group stage should soften the blow, but any intention to return stronger and better prepared for the title race must be founded in improving a defence that has cost them until the bitter end." That, and finding a replacement for Suarez after he goes to Real Madrid. I wonder if the rest of the Liverpool front line will be as successful if they don't have the fear factor Suarez brings to the opponents in each game. Suarez going to Real could bring the same result as Bale going to Real last summer - Boom, you're ordinary again. Then again, you'll probably have Sagna by August, so maybe you can challenge for next year's title while scoring half as many goals but also while letting in only half as many goals as this season. Next season is going to be a cracker.

Posted 3:23am 8th May 2014

sideshowbob (Liverpool) says...

He made the tackle for all the right reasons, but Henderson's red at City has played a massive part in my view. We missed him in the first 11, but over the last 3 games I think I our midfield has been crying out for "fresh legs" after 60 minutes or so, but only Coutinho on the bench (palace) could play centre-mid (he came on for Stirling further upfield). Nobody else to replace Lucas, Allen or Gerrard. In truth what Henderson's 3 game ban highlights is the lack of depth and options BR had to play with throughout the season...and what a tremendous job he has done this season along with those players. I think he/we will need a lot of new recruits in the summer if we are to compete for both CL and premier league next year.

Posted 10:03am 7th May 2014

sideshowbob (Liverpool) says...

I am sure better personnel cannot hurt us, but a lot of the goals we concede are down to the system we play....we ask a lot more than any other PL team of our centre backs and sometimes the are exposed when it goes wrong. I expect Kolo to be replaced (Caulker maybe), but the emphasis should be on both full-back positions (please sign Shaw!) and a powerful and energetic centre midfielder who can offer more physically than Allen/Lucas/Coutinho...in the mould of Vidal.

Posted 9:39am 7th May 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@Montezuma, personally I have no hope of that happening it would be amazing if it did but I can't see it. My straw clutching moment is hoping that we will win the league next year with this year as the experience building year coupled with making the players hungrier for it next year. With some quality additions and a change to the defensive system and tactics I think we really can win the league next year. Rival fans have said teams will park the bus more next year now they know what we can do and will do. As I like to look at it, if you were in the ring with a Tyson or Ali you know what's going to come and what they will do and when it does, it still hurts.

Posted 2:26am 7th May 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

@masmaz, well there is the small matter of the WC, if Gerrard leads England to glory then I think the love fest might rise a wee tad. As a Highlander and by virtue of this a Scotsman but I am a Highlander first and foremost I really want to see England win the WC in Brasil. I have never wanted to England to do badly. I have found the unrealistic expectation on English players silly and the over-hyping of English players silly also, but it would be great for the UK if England could win the WC. It would have been perfect if Gerrard could have gone to the WC with PL title and then to lift the WC, but guess we will have to settle for hopefully the WC.

Posted 2:19am 7th May 2014

masmaz (Arsenal) says...

What a shame. Liverpool were damn good fun to watch. Maybe the Gerrard love fest can end now and Rodgers can't get a proper DM to protect the defense as Lucas can barely move now. And a new fullback with positional awareness.

Posted 4:25pm 6th May 2014

masmaz (Arsenal) says...

Oh and Red007, Petulant Radish is a Chelsea fan so he already expects dodgy decisions to go his way. Not always in CL tho.

Posted 4:25pm 6th May 2014

onceupon says...

Well said moondance. Liverpool form in the second half of last season was indicative of top four form. No one could have predicted a title challenge but Champions League qualification was a real possibility. I have no doubt Manchester United will be better next year and their starting position is probably better than Liverpool's was two years ago. It would be very surprising if they challenge for the title but I think they will be there or thereabout when it comes to the top four. Next year could be even better than this one!

Posted 3:53pm 6th May 2014

GVMUFC says...

@moondance: I think there could be an element of lack of CL football hindering who we get. But it can be spun as a one year hiatus and money talks. Offer enough money and most players will consider it. Factor in a bohemoth of a manager and a club with a recent history of winning things and I am not too concerned. Convinced we can be up challenging again next season.

Posted 3:41pm 6th May 2014

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