"At A Loss" City Have Little Cause For Complaint

On the field Manchester City are closing in on a second league title in three seasons, but UEFA's FFP sanctions threaten to leave a sour, and deserved, taste in the mouth...

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geemacaitch (Liverpool) says...

Lehmann Bros' accounts were audited by Ernst & Young, which has been criticized in both the UK and the US as being grossly misleading. Enron's accounts were audited by Authur Anderson, one of the biggest five auditing partnership in the world in 2000, which was dissolved as a direct result of their involvement in that corporate disaster. An external audit is not a truly independent exercise and tends to confirm exactly what the client desires.

Posted 7:49am 13th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

What were City thinking? Why didn't they just employ synergy & oneloveunited(oneobsessioncity) to audit our accounts. What were they thinking employing arguably the most highly regarded accountancy firm in the World to audit our accounts? Synergy could have done it, if only he knew we signed Negredo & Navas the year after Hazard & RVP... How many time do you want to use the term 'lastly'? Are you both honestly that stupid that you think A, City were just not interested and then B, despite obviously having no intention to comply, we have questioned it? Simply brilliant, just brilliant. Sit back and watch arguably the most exciting Premier league side of all time win the league..

Posted 3:01pm 10th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

As you bring up PSG, it's quite obvious you don't know what you're talking about. PSG have had their deal deducted, £200 million per season for stadium rights alone to £100 million. That's still £60 million more per year than City's stadium & shirt deal. So we thanks to FFP finding are now within our rights to renegotiate a stadium rights deal alone up to £100 million. Fair market value according to UEFA. Well played babe, as they say, talk enough sh1t and you'll drown in it. Best get your arm bands on.

Posted 12:38pm 10th May 2014

Synergy says...

@zabbaman> You really did get a laugh from me when you made that ridiculous claim of " if FFP were not a consideration I doubt we'd have signed Negredo, Navas". Who exactly would you have been signing, Messi & Ronaldo? You signed two Spanish internationals after your first choice of RVP & Hazzard prefered to go to United and Chelsea. In addition you signed Fernandinho & Jovetic and all of them are on huge salaries. And Negredo cost more than Balotelli and is probably on higher wages,

Lastly you just spent £103 mil in the year FFP was about to get implemented. And lastly most of City's earning are basically Sheikh finding innovative ways to give his team money. Its not really a self sustaining model. If Sheikh leaves tomorrow and pulls his money and sponsorship out, City will be bankrupt.

Posted 12:21pm 10th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

@jimi I'll leave it here, your obviously a little slow, highlighting it to much more of a degree would be close to bullying. 1, The Etihad deal is not in question. By European law it cannot be as it has not been sold to a related party. This has aldready been established in court. 2, accountancy firms are not employed to do the bidding of the employer. If City have indeed failed Deloitte will no doubt face a law suit from City as we employed them as an INDEPENDANT World respected accountancy firm to tell us if we comply or not. The fact that you think you employ an accountancy firm to find as you like is just laughable. I should have a word with my accountant as these NI contribution payments, nah I don't fancy them & I really could do with paying less tax. Your last post is embarrassing.

Posted 11:32am 10th May 2014

oneloveunited says...

@zabbaman.....what a load of garbage. City have made NO attempt to curb their spending. You spent another 100m? Spend the most of wages, pay the most to agents! Where have they 'tried' to curd their spending? Tevez wanted to leave, we all know how City embarrassing backed down and kept him in the first place, whilst the owners wantes Balotelli because of the constant stupid antics. It wasn't about FFP. The only reason you signed the likes of Negredo and Navas, was because you spent the previous summer chasing world class players....that turned you down and ended up with Rodwell and Sinclair! Who have since retired. There is no 'disagreement' between two accountancy firms, because only UEFAs view is relevant. They, and not you, are clearly aware of the 'conflict of interest' of clubs paying for their own auditors to approve their dodgy deals....as demonstrated by the fact that both PSGs and City's clearly over inflated stadium deals were approved by the audits they paid for.....their opinion is clearly flawed. How come none of the other clubs are complaining? The rules haven't changed, just City making a mistake. There is nothing accidental here, City knew the rules, have spent millions looking into it and made the mistake of thinking anyone else but City fan would give an credence to an audit they paid for! City have no 'argument', and neither do you....it's all part of the spin from what is nothing more than an 'image laundering operation' like David Conn said.....still hiding from that though aren't you?

Posted 11:24am 10th May 2014

dactyl (Manchester City) says...

Jean-Louis Dupont has challenged FFP and is adamant that FFP as it stand is illegal in European Law. He argues, as many have, that it simply ensures to continuation in European competitions of clubs who are already rich. There won't be a decision before February 2015 but I wouldn't bet against the lawyer whose successful action brought in the Bosman rule. Specifically he says that limiting spending to what you earn is illegal. Clubs shouldn't be allowed (like Portsmouth) to spend money they don't have and can't guarantee but if rich owners want to underwrite the spending of a club then that isn't the same risk and is be permitted under European law. It's surely right that City and PSG should have to abide by any rules that UEFA make and suffer any punishment for FFP transgressions that UEFA decree but UEFA also have to abide by European law and suffer the consequences if they have over-reached themselves. Perhaps in February we'll find that City do have a cause for complaint after all.

Posted 7:23pm 9th May 2014

footyron (Manchester United) says...

I wonder if Manchester City FC are more influential than UAFA. There seems to be little respect for the concept of fairness as they battle to resist it. Further to this, is there need for us to fear what is happening with backers of PSG, who are reportedly buying up television companies and football rights to televise football?

Posted 6:52pm 9th May 2014

zabbaman (Manchester City) says...

'harry, I have repeatedly stated I think City need to bring spending in line with FFP, but considering the rule is what 5 years old? It hasn't given us anytime. It's actually had the opposite effect. While I agree with you, to lose £150 million in 2 years isn't the way forwards, that's not our aim. You could also take into account that the in those two years our value as a club has risen £250 million. So I ask, in what other business is it considered a negative if you invests £150 million yet your business grows £250 million. I don't honestly think any can actually read. I fully agree with FFP. City in my opinion will be the biggest benefactor from it. If we put ourselves on the stockmarket to raise these revenues would that make you happier? People talk about FFP like they are some sort of historic requisite of European football, they are just a few seasons old. The are pulling up the draw bridge, as a City fan that's fine. what is FFP and UEFA doing to help clubs? All I see is concern for thise to dare challenge the elite. FFP should not be there to protect the elite. They should be there to help stop debt.

Posted 5:02pm 9th May 2014

onceupon says...

@zabbaman: Like I said, your obviously more clued up than me on this and I can understand it is a very complex process to decide what is market value and legitimate in terms of deals and revenue. We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out but I very much doubt legal actions against UEFA will yield benefits. They are more likely to flex their muscle and show that in the end, if you don't play by the rules they can just outright refuse entry to the competition on the basis of their own judgement. Not sure anyone can appeal if they decide on this course of action.

Posted 4:49pm 9th May 2014

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