Why Are International Squads Limited In Number?

There might be a lot of excitement over who will be on England's plane to Brazil, but Daniel Storey can't see the reason for limiting squad size. Surely it's about country v country..?

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BenArsenal says...

It's for practical purposes isn't it? I mean, if you choose to bring 40-50 players out, who's gonna accommodate them? Where are they gonna sit (I doubt any dugout bench is big enough)?

Posted 8:34pm 12th May 2014

macca0507 (Rangers) says...

Have F365 just got Adrian Durham in to write this tripe? It is surely about being the stand out players that can make a difference in a cup tournament. Look at the 'cup specialists' in domestic football down the years. Plus, what is this guff about Shaw getting 'a run out in a group game'. England won't have any meaningless games as they will most probably be on the first plane home when all is said and done

Posted 10:18am 12th May 2014

Matt79LFC says...

@ rez plus, I hope when you say 'Jones is the best example of "versatility" ' you mean it in the sense he has filled the biggest variety of roles because you surely can't mean he is the best in ability. He has played in a number of positions and varied from bang-average to woeful in all of them this season!

Posted 9:21am 12th May 2014

BrianFly10 says...

Don't see an issue with limiting squad size. But why not allow managers to swap players out if they pick up an injury? Obviously they wouldn't be allowed to come back into the squad later if they recover, and that's the gamble. Number of players available for any given match would still be 23.

Posted 8:55pm 11th May 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

They should go back to 22 man squads. 23 man squads are idiotic and brought about by managers being paranoid over the highly unlikely event that two goalkeepers might get injured during the tournament. A further mockery was made of the whole thing the last time out by refusing to allow the country with the guts to take just two goalkeepers in favour of an extra outfield player to do that. Bring back 22 man squads and don't allow them to bring more than two goalkeepers. It's all well and good to say it should be country against country but club competitions are club against club and they still limit those squad sizes even though there's far less reason for doing so since club football is increasingly about money more than about sport. 22 players ought to be plenty. Can you imagine it? A 40 man bench for Brazil or Spain and let's face it, england. Imagine if Ireland qualified? We'd probably just bring every registered soccer player in the country, just for the craic (provided they paid their own air fare). Or are we suggesting that the squads should be unlimited but the bench shouldn't be, in which case, how can you justify that (because the same argument for unlimited squads stands up for unlimited benches)? 22 man squads made sense. 2 full teams. That ought to be plenty given that you're only going to be playing a maximum of 7 games.

Posted 7:21pm 11th May 2014

wilfriedbonym says...

There is no rule against bringing 4 keepers, nor is there any rule that says you have to bring an extra midfielder/striker instead of a right back. If you are concerned about facing a physical group or a squad particularly prone to injury, you should take players that are more up to the challenge of facing a physical group and emerging victorious, it rewards strategy over simply having the biggest army.

Posted 12:32pm 11th May 2014

chubbs83 (Motherwell) says...

First off, playing right back is NOT something that can just be fobbed of to a right midfield player. That sort of comment shows the lack of actual football sense that those who run this site have. And it's pretty straight forward that 23 players = 2 teams + 1 extra goalkeeper.

Posted 10:40am 11th May 2014

Editor says ...

History shows that teams take one specialist right-back to tournaments. Simple as that. Centre-halves and right-sided midfielders fill in those spots.

SonicSP says...

Probably to keep it simple, I don't see any issue with the size limit per say. Otherwise, countries with a large "squads" or professional players will have an advantage. It may be country vs country but its still a "country team" versus a "country team".

Posted 1:43am 11th May 2014

tonyv25 (Manchester United) says...

I think the 23 cap is fine but you should be allowed an infinite number of extra players as long as they are under the age of 21. Now that would be good.

Posted 11:37pm 10th May 2014

nanouk (Rangers) says...

Daniel, simply because a Team like Brazil could then basically play a totally different team every match and then have their preferred eleven top fit for when it matters most. A Tournament is also about staying fit and still being able to perform after three or four tiring games. You would take this part out for the countries with lots of players to choose from... Though I do think 23 is on the small side. But I donĀ“t think it should be more than 30, I would probably go for 25 or 26 so that is not that much different, so I have no problem with that rule at all.

Posted 8:05pm 10th May 2014

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