Liverpool Must Now Build For A Brighter Future

A wondrous campaign Liverpool may not have ended in glory, but they are the Premier League's good news story. Now to ensure that this was more than just a season in the sun...

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GVMUFC says...

lfcfan80: not sure how we could be any worse tbh. But agree with your point - pool could challenge next season. However, if you accept that lack of european football helped this season (less chance of injuries, less travelling, more time to prepare for matches) then you have to accept it will have an impact next season. It's likely that the squad will be stretched so you'll need say a handful of quality squad players (either bought or brought through) and maybe one or two top class first teamers. Certainly not inconceivable that this will happen and you could be challenging. But it will be more difficult next year regardless as other teams will kick on too and you will have at least 6 extra games which can potentially have a direct impact on 12 league games. For example, look at Chelsea. Their squad is a lot deeper and they struggled at times in the league. If I were a pool fan I'd be looking to consolidate the top 4 place and anything else is a bonus. Then build on that each year by adding players.

Posted 9:20am 13th May 2014

lfcfan80 (Liverpool) says...

I've said this before but I really feel this season has been our United '92 moment and I think despite what some fans have been saying that this season was our only chance of winning the league which is utter bollocks, next season we can win the league. We will need to start strongly of course but next season United are unknown quantities again. They could be back to being great or could be even worse, Chelsea will have Jose so will be strong against top sides weak against weak sides. City will start as favourites but aren't guaranteed to walk away with the league and Arsenal will probably finish fourth. Incidentally if Arsenal finish fourth one more time can we amend the saying regarding death and taxes to incorporating Arsenal finishing fourth as well? Sorry Arsenal fans I couldn't resist it. I genuinely feel if Arsenal win the FA Cup later this month then they can will be a force next season. Tottenham and Everton will be strong but are outside bets for top 4 let alone top 3 or the title. So why can't we challenge or win the title next season?

Posted 2:00am 13th May 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

Its so funny how liverpool fans are goin back 16 games to try and justify why liverpool choked when it got to the games that matter, winning ten or 11 games in a row is meaningless if you throw it away with three games to go Pool fans need to get a thicker skin if they are so hurt that people comment on a liverpool thread saying mean things, its just not fair is it, everyone should just worship how wonderful of a season they had had, imagine how insufferable you lot would be if you if they actually did win something once in a while.

Posted 5:34pm 12th May 2014

GVMUFC says...

@bobsy: which plane are we talking about - the first or second?! Regardless, I didn't have anything to do with those banners - I have better things to spend spare cash on, such as a drink or two as you suggest. Didn't agree with the Moyes one but found the gerrard one quite funny. What behaviour would this be? Winding up pool fans like yourself? Dry your eyes, you gave out enough stick all season so I'm sure you can take a bit back.

Posted 2:37pm 12th May 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

GVMUFC i'm guessing you were one of the plane banner manc's the rest of the club is embarrassed of? even your fellow fans are cringing at your behaviour. i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've had a drink or two. this season has really just reinforced why everyone hates united.

Posted 1:49pm 12th May 2014

GVMUFC says...

@highsociety: I see your school let you use the computers at lunchtime again. :-)

Posted 1:41pm 12th May 2014

highsociety (Liverpool) says...

I see mums let their kids play on the Internet again. Think GVMUFC and Morpheus mums need an Internet blocker.

Posted 1:15pm 12th May 2014

GVMUFC says...

@mickymousemarc: ha ha, now that's not very nice. I like the way you are implying I am childish and then resort to name calling and slagging off my mother (who btw is not fat as you suggest you cheeky scamp). If you're going to have a "grown up conversation" then you should really keep it about the football and not make personal insults to someone you don't even know! You'd think after not winning the league for 24 years you'd have learnt how to take some stick - but obv not.

Posted 1:02pm 12th May 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@metal...We didn't lose it at the palace game, we lost it at the Chelsea game.

Posted 12:46pm 12th May 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

@OpenG ...Different set of circumstances. We had awful owners who were in the midst of financial meltdown.We sold our heartbeat in Alonso, got a injury prone replacement and never recovered. This time the team is young, owners and club stable and looking to the future, with more money to spend on players. This time we have a vision, we have clarity. We lacked that in '09.

Posted 12:45pm 12th May 2014

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