A Season Of Failure For Arsenal?

In the latest of our Fight, Fight, Fight pieces Daniel Storey and Matthew Stanger go head to head (not literally) over those that are still criticising Arsenal's season...

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timmyc (Arsenal) says...

SUCCESS! Arsenal won the FA cup final! :-P

Posted 9:22am 18th May 2014

Jay_D says...

Well, that ends the debate then!

Posted 11:49pm 17th May 2014

highsociety (Liverpool) says...

Bobsy has a reasonable opinion and some of you gooners get your panties in a bunch. Quite pathetic. Why is it every time a fan of another club says something reasonable others have to hurl insults and throw toys out the pram? I get it when it's obvious trolling but in this case it makes some of you look really immature. Internet anonymity makes adults(I'm assuming) act like children. Grow up or shut up.

Posted 8:34pm 16th May 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

wozza, your point has been answered so well by SMU02NS i won't add to it

Posted 1:37pm 16th May 2014

Oysterman (Arsenal) says...

The season's not over (for us). I don't see why anyone is debating whether or not it's been a success for Arsenal. We'll know tomorrow. I do know it's not been a success for Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton. Unless you refer to qualifying for Europe. Roles reversed then.

Posted 1:36pm 16th May 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

Personally, I quite admire Arsene, but if you're going to compare Arsenal's spending with Real's, I think you also need to note that the £1.3 billion that Real spent didn't just get them 17 years of Champion's League qualification - there's also the small matter of 6 league titles, 7 domestic pots and 3 Champion's League trophies. During the same time, for essentially negative spending Arsenal achieved 3 league titles and 4 domestic pots, so the (more than) £1.3 billion that Real spent (above what Arsenal did) actually got them 3 league titles, 3 domestic pots, and 3 Champions League trophies more than Arsenal. Nice for them, I'm sure. I'd still rather be a Gooner.

Posted 1:00pm 16th May 2014

gutbukkit (Arsenal) says...

So were Arsenal a failure this season? Well. let's leave it to the Liverpool and Man United fans to tell us. Oh, they already did, didn't they. Dive in, bash Arsenal because it's not their team, then have a war of words with eachother (again). Well, while you fans of clubs who have now gone two seasons without a trophy (Liverpool) and an entire season without a trophy (Man United) are arguing with eachother on Saturday, my team will be playing in the FA Cup Final and have a chance to end our trophyless run. Neither of your teams played well enough this season to have that chance. Your season is already over. Thanks for your valuable input, but... I'd rather be a Gooner.

Posted 12:36pm 16th May 2014

Triangler (Liverpool) says...

Have to agree with nicos. If Arsenal win the FA Cup you couldn't say that Arsenal's season had been a failure. The point is to win things, is it not? If Arsenal win the FA Cup then they've had a more successful season than Liverpool and Chelsea. If they don't, they haven't.

Posted 12:35pm 16th May 2014

nicos (Arsenal) says...

Isn't this a completely pointless discussion to have before the FA cup final has actually been played?!

Posted 11:47am 16th May 2014

Jay_D says...

@SMU02NS, actually I'm spouting something very different from Wenger and I think you have missed my point. We have gone 9 seasons without a trophy and if we had Liverpool's season, the only thing people would be talking about is how it's now been 10. A very different 'La Decima' from Madrid, to whom we're constantly compared to in terms of CL qualification while ignoring how much more they have won than us in those 17 seasons! Top 4 is important but for Arsenal, silverware is everything.

Posted 11:22am 16th May 2014

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