Will Hazard Start To Heed His Warnings?

Jose Mourinho may have been criticised for threatening to alienate Eden Hazard, but Matt Stanger thinks the Chelsea manager has a point. Marc Wilmots certainly agrees...

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wotyomamased says...

"Is Jose Right Should Hazard Try Harder?" in short Yes...just like the fat kid with the red face at the back of the cross country run at school. Jose's just asking him to move his trotters about a bit faster....it's for his own good at the end of the day. No one wants to watch him get slaughtered again (apart from the odd butcher), like he did against Athletico, single handedly turning the game in their favour. Jose's telling him to get his face out of the trough, in short he's trying to save his bacon !

Posted 9:43am 20th May 2014

b_dog 83 (Blackpool) says...

I've watched Matt Stanger play football. I've been on the same pitch as him. He has no right calling anyone lazy. No right.

Posted 1:14pm 19th May 2014

slowgraffiti says...

Potential to be a great player, but this guy is not going to be Messi or Ronaldo. If he had any glimpse of the offensive production they have, no one would be asking him to track back. At 23, Messi put away 53 goals for Barcelona (and 73 the next year). At 23, Ronaldo had his 42-goal breakout season at Manchester United. Maybe he surprises everyone later, but it's not looking like he'll go the Messi/Ronaldo route. He'd have to be a late bloomer.

Posted 12:57pm 19th May 2014

zedohelay (Chelsea) says...

@ westwoodbo- I remember the Joe Cole situation well. It's a pity it's no longer applicable - Jose questioned Mata's work-rate (even though he was being played out of position) as an excuse not to play him. He finally gave Mata a game in the cup. Mata worked really hard and played pretty well. And didn't get played again. Jose then came out with some crap about how he would have brought him on against Man Yoo, but couldn't as we were 3-0 up. Oh, but he really wanted him to stay. Run that statement through your mind - he couldn't play Mata, because we were WINNING BY 3 GOALS TO NOTHING. It's not so much Jose's choices - I don't like them, but he's the boss, it's the utter crap he talks when if he was just a bit more honest and said "I just don't want Mata, regardless of how well he plays or how much the fans love him", I wouln't have to listen to the revisionist fanboys trying to justify Jose getting rid of one of the best players we've ever had, all the while refusing to conceed that placing the central attacking/creative aspect of our game on the shoulders of a kid barely out of his teens, wasn't the smarted thing ever, over a 60+ game season. Oscar off the pace and carrying injuries? Who could have seen that coming? A CHILD COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING.

Posted 12:41am 19th May 2014

tk421 says...

@ chelseablue_no1, Mourinho is poison. Just you wait.

Posted 10:46am 18th May 2014

doctor_cowboy (Liverpool) says...

@gabu Hammer. Nail. Head. Not only does Ronaldo not track back, there have been articles written by a website not a million miles from here saying that he shouldn't HAVE to track back seeing as he is a creative type and criticising the English obsession with workrate etc.

Posted 1:39am 18th May 2014

westwoodbo (Chelsea) says...

I'm not the biggest fan of mourinhos second coming but he does have previous success with this type of situation when joe cole was at Chelsea. Cole used to run about the pitch like a headless chicken with absolutely no positional sense or urgency to win the ball back but had some occasional brilliance in the final third. After mourinhos questions him publicly (most notably after he scored the winner after coming on and mourinhos said after that it was like playing with ten men, against Pool at home I think) cole initially sulked but then became an awesome player. By increasing his work rate and defensive responsibilities cole became fitter and stronger and this led to him becoming much much more effective in attack aswell. Hard to imagine now that he rots on a bench next to fat sam but for a good couple of years under mourinho joe cole was one of the best players in England. Hazards potential is infinitely higher, cole wanted it badly but I do wonder about hazard. If he does then he will be the best player in the league for a good few years

Posted 2:06pm 17th May 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@th21 - I don't see where you can say that Mourinho is stripping the club of it's players, Mata wouldn't play ball and wanted to move because he wasn't willing to play to a certain standard, all this guff about Mata being our most creative player, we stilled scored about the same amount of goals as we did in the last two seasons give or take 5 goals both ways, so goal creation hasn't been the problem this season, if anything, we created more chances this season, we just failed to finish those chances. A lot has been made of the tactics we played at Man City and Liverpool as though that was a mainstay of our tactics all season, when in fact it wasn't, why go to the best two scoring clubs in the league and play open football, right into their hands and guess what, Mourinho got it right both times. Arsene Wenger slags off officials all the time and doesn't get the treatment that Mourinho has always got, SAF did more slagging off and aiming accusations at people than anyone but never achieved the vitriolic level that has always been aimed at Mourinho. Yet Mourinho could be considered the best manager in Europe when you take his record across 4 different countries into account, the amount of trophies his teams have won during his relative short time as a manager. Putting the ball in the back of the net is the players job, not the manager's.

Posted 10:55am 17th May 2014

gabu (Manchester United) says...

CR7 rarely tracks back or help out defensively. I personally believe that is partly responsible for his freakish form up front. He is rarely villified cos he scores a s***load of goals and opposition full backs are afraid to overlap on his flank.talented as he is, if hazard wants to avoid criticisms about his defensive work rate, then he must improve his output on the other end

Posted 9:53am 17th May 2014

celery1971 (Chelsea) says...

@tk421 You need to relax a little. Stop getting so angry on the internet. If you keep that up you'll have to give it all up and support Liverpool...

Posted 4:12pm 16th May 2014

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