Rodgers Shouldn't Turn His Nose Up At Cast-Offs

Brendan Rodgers might be looking for one or two "absolute top players" for Liverpool, but Matt Stanger says the manager should back himself to polish more rough diamonds...

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shane_lfc (Liverpool) says...

Should of taken Defoe in January as a third striker, I was surprised no one else in the PL tried

Posted 4:55pm 26th May 2014

kolevlfc (Liverpool) says...

Menez, a diamond in a rough? He's 27 not 17.

Posted 7:07pm 25th May 2014

toonman (Newcastle United) says...

Gusman, if your talking about Ferguson buying Ronaldo at 18 years old, he paid £12.2 million for him not £30 million

Posted 12:12pm 25th May 2014

dr soccer (Arsenal) says...

But have you ever tried turning your nose up at cast-offs? It's delightful!

Posted 5:53am 25th May 2014

doctor_cowboy (Liverpool) says...

Probably a bit early to deem Borini a failure, isn't it? He was injured a lot in his first season, then he got loaned out to Sunderland where he didn't do too badly. Sure, if someone offers upwards of $10m, Liverpool should bite their hand off but he shouldn't be mentioned in the same conversation as Aspas.

Posted 3:55pm 22nd May 2014

keashred (Liverpool) says...

Brendan sign Fazio 8m CB. Rodriguez 15m LB. Rakitic 24m CM. Xhaka15m DM/CM. Remy 10m. Sell Lucas 8m Toure free Aspas 3m Borini 8m. Guaranteed top 4

Posted 2:39pm 22nd May 2014

gusman says...

"'When somebody's paying ¿45m for a 19-year-old boy you have to say the game's gone mad,' said Ferguson....". Ha! Good one Fergie! Definitely not comparable in any way to paying ¿30m for an 18-year-old boy ten years ago. Not at all.

Posted 1:03pm 22nd May 2014

keashred (Liverpool) says...

Matt have you considered that Brendan is not afraid of failure and will sign whoever he thinks can improve our team regardless of their price tag? Have you any answers to give regarding your assertions that Arsenal were going nowhere but now have a great future? One result and you flip flop

Posted 12:52pm 22nd May 2014

Gab1965 says...

There are loads of good players out there that will improve his team and squad. Players who have played for teams that are competing at the top each year and who have premier league experience. I'd be tempted to shop around the likes of Chelsea and City and look at some of their players, going at cut prices, even if it means paying slightly more than the ideal amount on their wages. The Coles, Milners, Richards, even Mikels, of this world would improve the team and the squad and bring in players who are used to winning. I doubt those 4 would even cost 40 million between them. So, if you take off the fees for Borini and Aspas, and bring back the youngsters on loan, the squad is a lot stronger. I do think a third striker is needed, though.

Posted 12:49pm 22nd May 2014

GVMUFC says...

@bobsy: you're assuming we will be shopping in the 7/10 basket due to one season out of the CL. If it was 3 or 4 seasons then I'd agree; but United can still be sold to players on the basis that it is a blip and they will help us 'get back to where we belong'. Also money talks and we appear to have more than enough whilst adhering to FFP rules. You are also assuming that the best players will now want to go to Liverpool due to them being in the CL - I'd say pool missed out on who they wanted last year (willian, salah etc) on the basis of money rather than CL football. And I think you will still have that problem. There are plenty of big teams out there who are in the CL but still can't attract the very best given they can't compete with the richer clubs. Don't get me wrong, being able to offer CL football is defo a positive factor but for me money will always be the biggest factor (hence why city could attract the best without being in the CL). t will take Liverpool some time to catch up in financial terms and until then money will be your biggest obstacle. Re Rodgers, and without trying to antogonise anyone, he hasn't exactly been entirely successful in the transfer window up until now - time will tell so let's wait and see who liverpool can actually attract this summer.

Posted 12:32pm 22nd May 2014

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heyremind me of Utd's treble winning side. Swashbuckling and risk prone. We ha Jaap Stam to paper over the cracks at the back though. Not sure they have their Jaap yet.

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