A Sterling Stick To Use On Hodgson...

It's very, very easy to write a column saying that the latest Bright Young Thing should start for England...but thankfully England have a manager and not an X Factor-style vote...

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mrwxyz says...

rochdalerhy I am more than relatively certain that ANY player wouldn't tell you that ANY game in the world cup is bigger than a potential title decider. Some will, some won't. To say a group stage of the world cup is easily bigger than those Liverpool games is a nonsense. Debatable point for some but never in a million years easily bigger

Posted 8:25pm 4th June 2014

sailingmagpie says...

Wouldn't it be refreshing to read a comment from bobsy where he didn't come across as a condescending pr*ck?

Posted 5:35pm 4th June 2014

sailingmagpie says...

UltimaRed - It doesn't matter how many fans Liverpool have, a domestic game, even a title decider is never going to be as big a game as one in a World Cup between two traditional footballing nations (which will be watched by billions, if you wanna play that game).

Posted 5:32pm 4th June 2014

UltimaRed (Liverpool) says...

rochdalerhy I'm really sorry too put in a stereotype in here (that club matters more than country if you support a top team) but Liverpool have more fans than England do, much like Man United and Arsenal (not sure about Chelsea but they could be too) we are a small island, football mad island but small in number and these teams just have bigger fan bases because they have a large portion's of the world as fan bases. for example Liverpool's matches in 2012 (according to repucom) where watched by an audience of 417 million (I assume not all Liverpool fans but a massive portion of that will be) and what is the population of England? 53.01 million so it's pretty safe too assume Liverpool's big games will quite a fair bit more important than a nation's.

Posted 2:34pm 4th June 2014

bobsy (Liverpool) says...

harry - well you didn't complain when it wasn't united on the end of the stick so quite frankly you can do one. hope this doesn't reduce you to tears again

Posted 2:27pm 4th June 2014

rochdalerhy (Rochdale) says...

@mrxyz despite Sterling having played in liverpools biggest games for x amount of years, surely any game in a world cup (even the lowly group stage) is massively more important. This is, after all, the WORLD CUP. I'm relatively certain that any player will tell you that potential title deciders in a domestic league pale in comparison to any game played in what is by far the biggest stage in world football.The hopes and dreams of a few thousand scousers compared to that of a nation should tell you that.

Posted 12:38pm 4th June 2014

thegame983 says...

Personally I think Sterling is Englands best player and that he should play behind the striker, not out wide

Posted 12:36pm 4th June 2014

nikked1973 (Aston Villa) says...

All of this presumes that Sterling doesn't work hard, and I thought one of the big ticks for Brendans Liverpool was their high tempo pressing game that insists that all the team work hard? I'd prefer Sterling to start over Welbz because on paper and current form Sterling is better. However, none of us know what Roy has planned so its all just idle media speculation, which I guess is the point of this article. As for Roy's ability, he is widely recognised in the game as one of the genuinely game changing managers of his time. He is largely credited with 'creating' scandanavian football, instilling tactical ideas in their game that still follow through today. He was roundly applauded when manager of Switzerland for taking minnows to undiscovered heights. He did reasonably well in Inter Milan, although I'm sure someone on here will tell me he was rubbish. His tenure at Liverpool was a failure and consequently he is a bumbling old man. Lets give him a chance eh? After all we could be stuck with 'Appy 'Arry, and no one wants that!

Posted 12:36pm 4th June 2014

hunter sanchez (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

@Gab1965 - surely if the team does a good job then wouldn't that simply show that Hodgson made the right decisions in the first place, rather than "decisions that appeared to be wrong" and are in need of forgiveness?

Posted 12:02pm 4th June 2014

thebigshow says...

While I wouldn't really disagree with the tone of this article I find it interesting that Welbeck's performance against Bayern has been mentioned. What he did right against Bayern was work really hard which is fine, footballers should work hard. But as a forward shouldn't he be producing more? Because what he did wrong against Bayern was be put through on goal and finish like Devon Loch (look it up if you're too young). There's a tactical decision to be made when including Sterling (particularly given that he's actually quite versatile) but I would hope that in a team setting out to win a match rather than defend a lot and maybe nick a goal that he will be included. I'm not shouting from the rooftops about it, I recognise what Welbeck offers and also his impressive scoring record for England. But with Sterling it's a case of "good enough then you're old enough".

Posted 11:05am 4th June 2014

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lassic management. Build them up and then knock them back. Raise expectations and then dampen them. Create a dynamic where by you demand the most from your team, but where the team are given room to manoeuvre unexpected or unwanted results. Classy work by Van Gaal, he really reminds me a lot of me. A smart cookie, make no doubt.

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e will be the England left back for ten years or more, and then you will have to thank MUFC for that. *smiles*

london saint
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urely because of that little diva moment he had last night, I don't want him coming to my club. DESTROYED ? Grow up and give something back to the club that helped put you up there on the world stage.

bale doubt
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