It's Just Like Watching Chelsea...

The excellent Oscar could have been forgiven for getting confused as Brazil huffed and puffed but broke swiftly and decisively when given the chance - just like Chelsea...

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TriggerSA says...

@chelseablue_no1 Neymar is only 22 and just completed his first season at a new club in a new country. I think it's way too early to state he doesn't fit in at Barcelona....Personally i think 17 goals and 11 assists in 32 starts is pretty fu*king decent for your first season. But hey, to each their own i suppose

Posted 12:28pm 15th June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@tk421 - I don't think Neymar fits in at Barcelona, he has to contend with Messi being the main man and has to play his game in support of Messi. But you get Neymar in the Brazil side with his partner in crime Oscar and he's prolific. I was a little upset when he went to Barcelona, but we didn't have the manager to bring him to Chelsea at that time, I reckon we might have stood a chance if Jose was manager then. I get the feeling that he is a little Drogba like in that you need to show him some love to get the best out of him, he doesn't get that at Barcelona.

Posted 4:45pm 13th June 2014

cogs (Liverpool) says...

A player (Neymar) staying on the pitch after blatant violent conduct..Getting dodgy penalties and overall not very likable..Yep! pretty much like Chelsea

Posted 1:25pm 13th June 2014

Alkaline_ (Manchester United) says...

I thought Oscar was impressive but certainly not brilliant, I guess it had a lot to do with the bizarre call from Big Phil to play him wide right for large parts of the game. He lost possession quite often and although Alves will get most of the stick from his team-mates for leaving the right full-back spot completely open for Olic to break in to and create Croatia's goal, it was Oscar who lost the ball just before Croatia scored. He deserved his goal through hard work, rather than a dazzling display I guess you could say. Fred is basically the Brazilian Mario Gomez, doesn't get involved in play, doesn't pass the ball particularly well, doesn't offer much movement between the lines or any spins in behind, in fact offers hardly anything until he gets an opportunity to shoot, and then he's one of the most clinical finishers you can hope to see. He just didn't get a goal scoring chance last night, he will show his class in the next few games. Hulk is a strange one too, his whole game is being left-footed on the right wing so he cuts inside and shoots a la Robben, so it's a little harsh to criticise him when he too was played out of position on the left wing, but he was very quiet. I thought their best player on the night was Luiz Gustavo, despite the choice in facial hair. He played as a middle CB, and then as a CB dropped in to cover whenever David Luiz just decided to go for a stroll, he was covering an awful lot at RB for the painfully lazy Dani Alves and generally smothered Modric and Rakitic for large periods.

Posted 1:17pm 13th June 2014

Barnesy10 (Liverpool) says...

So he brought along Hulk and left Coutinho and Lucas Moura at home... Coutinho isn't always consistent but he can sprinkle some magic dust once in a while. The magic can't just come from Neymar and Oscar, they need a bit of impetus and joie de vivre from the likes of Coutinho or Moura. Also can't believe Brazil doesn't have a world beating number 9, it's like us and our Centre Backs. It's strange that if I had to pick one player from Brazil for England it wouldn't be an attacker but Thiago Silva and for Brazil who would normally fancy a few English CBs would love to have Sturridge or Rooney. Imagine a fit Rooney playing upfront for Brazil, or a focused Sturridge they would be miles better.

Posted 12:44pm 13th June 2014

tk421 says...

@chelseablue_no1, do you rate Neymar? I think - and this is just initially - that he looks like he was *way* too expensive a transfer for Barcelona. He just seems weak to me, he's injured a lot, he gets ill a lot, he looks like he weighs too little...he just seems like a really sickly little boy. That lost-boy-from-Hook haircut doesn't do him any favours either. If I was Martino last season and he was my player, I wouldn't be madly impressed, I'd have been on at him to strengthen up.

Posted 12:15pm 13th June 2014

monkeybutler (Arsenal) says...

Scolari might not want to risk Neymar being marked out of the game, but Brazil surely can't look any worse going forward by playing him further forward with Willian, Oscar and Bernard behind. Willian will add more defensively than Hulk too. Hulk and Fred looked hilariously out of place last night.

Posted 11:31am 13th June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

@fresh - What are you on, Neymar is already in the same class as them if not better. 22 years of age and played 50 times for his country already scoring 31 goals in the process, that's a damn sight better than Messi at international level and CRonaldo.

Posted 11:13am 13th June 2014

fresh (Liverpool) says...

@shea romario was better then rivaldo/ronaldinho and bebeto was probably around the same, but i agree this brazil's has no real superstar and neymar although good is not in the same class as them mentioned

Posted 10:11am 13th June 2014

blue meanie (Chelsea) says...

A fair assesment of the game , however Fred is a much much better player than he showed this time out.

Posted 9:50am 13th June 2014

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