Glorious Defeat Tastes Good...For Now

It feels almost okay to lose when England play with energy, confidence and vim, but we probably won't be saying the same on Thursday. Some problems can be fixed...

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gordy (Leeds United) says...

Reding all he reviews and comments, its hard to believe that everyone was watching the same game. England were poor in midfield, 2 v 3 rarely works, pants in defence, and I just wish we had an alternative to Joe Hart. Rooney must have photo's of a lot of people doing embarrassing stuff because his performance doesn't merit a place. Get Lallana on, give Shaw a chance, play 3 in midfield...this world cup is going to end as all others, in disappointment, but lets at least blood some of the younger players

Posted 7:57pm 16th June 2014

sellars (Nottingham Forest) says...

Big, big positives for England. Italy are tactically peerless and will be expected to go far in this tournament. Yet despite Italy looking comfortable and un-ruffled in the end, England frightened them. With a bit of luck the game could have taken a different course. The main difference between the sides to me seemed psychological...Italy had an air of superiority in midfield - earned from their clear dominance in Euro 2012. And yes Pirlo is exceptional...yet I would still relish a re-match in the knock-out stages. I for one hope Roy does not listen to the press, does not chop and change and gives this team time to gel. A confidence boosting win against Uruguay and a shaking off of the lingering inferiority complex and who knows what this team can achieve. Not in the future - this summer.

Posted 1:53pm 16th June 2014

pete_borota (Chelsea) says...

Sorry but that's just rubbish. So we're meant to feel happy that we looked exciting we have young players who can perform on the world stage....... And lose. Seems Hodgson has been given a 'Get out of Jail free' card by press and Journo's. Yes it's a young team full of promise but that does not excuse the total naivety at which you play out the match. After 10 mins it was plain to all that the two main midfield was neither effective at protecting Italy's formation. After 20 mins as attack after attack came down our left flank and past a full back who was left exposed again and again by a forward who was playing in a role he was neither comfortable with or competent at delivering To allow that to continue while England backed off and gave Pirlo the time and space to constantly drop and play in a 30 yard square in midfield was wrong. It was almost 'we'll play our way' and if we look exciting people will forget how poorly we played from a tactical point of view. The Pirlo conundrum was never really dealt with, if you don't man mark him you need to work as a unit to stop the space he'll exploit in between your lines. But with Rooney failing to track it was doomed to failure. I would have man marked him, why? because at 35 and in that heat he would have had to work harder for space to receive the ball and exert more physical effort. Yes he would have stepped back to allow Verratti to step forward with De Rossi, but then with a 4-5-1 midfield we can step up to them while protecting the left back position. Defeat does not taste good, it's not enough to have youngsters on the pitch with no fear they also need to be tactically astute. Do you think Italy would have been so tactically naive!!

Posted 1:30pm 15th June 2014

jas_sun (Liverpool) says...

Glad the tone isn't too negative. I thought England were very good and unlucky not to get a draw. The centre backs were solid, Henderson's energy was important, welbeck, Sturridge and sterling were all excellent and frightened the Italian back line. Rooney got an assist and if he'd scored his chance, we'd view his performance differently. Encouraging signs in his link up with Sturridge at least. Just hope we can sort out the issue defending out left flank for the Uruguay game.

Posted 12:15pm 15th June 2014

morpheus99 (Manchester United) says...

Have we all moved to azerbaijan or something and we arent really still talking about england, Glorious defeat, bravery, what a load of b**locks, this talk is for the likes of preston in a cup game against premier league elite not one of the teams supposedly arguing they can win the world cup, they lost in a game all the naive english people had convinced themselves was goin to be a english win or at least a draw and italy were overrated and now all of a sudden talk like this comes out and all the apologists come out to make italy into world beaters

Posted 11:51am 15th June 2014

surprisedicare says...

Reading comments I thought Gerrard was ave too until about 60mins or so when he stepped into the game more. When Hendo went off interestingly, who I thought was excellent. However, the difference between him and Rooney is options. We're fortunate enough to have a fine, confident in form striker in Sturridge and a sudden plethora of wingers/inside fwds. He's replaceable an should feel his place is threatened.However, Gerrard is vital as who else do we have to play that position? Not just in the squad but in the country?

Posted 11:44am 15th June 2014

chelseablue_no1 (Chelsea) says...

As usual with England the players lacked vision, tended to pass the ball in the direction they received the ball as they had the turning circle of a sinking titanic. Up front there seemed to be a lack of wanting to pass to each other, instead we had 4 or 5 players determined to try and find their way to goal on their own. I can count on one hand the amount of tackles/interceptions that Gerrard and Henderson made, actually I don't think I even need one hand and their incisive passing forward wasn't much better either.

Posted 11:40am 15th June 2014

fol-de-rol says...

The ultimate problem was a lack of a forwards trying to make runs and get behind the defence. On the once occasion we did, we scored.

Posted 10:41am 15th June 2014

surprisedicare says...

Generally agree but... Johnson was actually dry good, surprisingly so given prolonged form dip. 1 shanked cross is all I can think he did wrong and he attacked with the confidence missing for 12 months. Never at fault for the 2nd goal, had to follow the runner. Out of position at the end but he Nd Baines were wingers by then. Now Rooney. If he's the least likely to hit the target, most likely to cede possession and least dynamic of the attackers, what's the justification for playing him? Hope? If we're playing 1 striker then he's not the form striker. If we're playing 3attacking midfielders, he's not one of the set half dozen of those either. Back up striker, brilliant.

Posted 9:59am 15th June 2014

redrum (Liverpool) says...

What nonsense.. of course there is a solution. It was clear after 20mins last night that Rooney should not have started. You either play Sturridge or Rooney... not both. Only an idiot would opt for a 2-man midfield last night and for his seemingly insightful analysis, Gary Neville either didn't convince Roy or didn't advise him that 3 man midfield was the way to go. Gerrard is not fit to play the role he was asked to play last night, which is why Brendan moved him (see his performance at Emirates last November). The entire balance of the team was compromised to squeeze Rooney and Sturridge into the starting 11. You didn't see Italy start with both Mario and Insigne. They selected 1. As a result, how many Italy players went down with cramp? How many England players went down with cramp? We often hear how England supposedly invented the beautiful game. Maybe they should go learn how to play the dam thing! The world is laughing.... yet again!

Posted 9:38am 15th June 2014

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