Rooney Looks More Like A Faded Relic Than Golden Boy

Our man in Manaus Matthew Stanger reflects on Saturday night's fare and looks forward to Sao Paulo on Thursday. England cannot afford anything but their best now...

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jingjing (Liverpool) says...

When you make a mountain out of a molehill, all that's left to do is tear it down.

Posted 6:14am 18th June 2014

thebigshow says...

People are going a bit overboard here but that's not really surprising given the nature of football fans and who is involved. Rooney did an alright job on the left, he contributed to England being positive going forward, actually setup a goal but did leave Baines exposed a fair bit in the first half. So there shouldn't really be calls for his head but at the same time we are lucky enough to have genuine options. Players like Lallana, Barkley and the Ox mean that there is real quality to bring in should we seek to change things. No longer can the alternatives be ignored because they're well below the standard of the chosen ones. And that's the flipside of people going overboard to condemn Rooney, others suggesting he's the second coming of Pele. He threatened to be when he was a kid, we overhyped him and he's still paying for those increased expectations. The fact is he's a really good player but nothing more. We have quite a lot of really good players and choosing one ahead of Rooney wouldn't be an Earth-shattering development along the lines of Portugal dropping Ronaldo for Helder Postiga. So let's all get a little perspective back, I actually think Rooney will start against Uruguay and can do a very decent job because they're nowhere near the standard of Italy.

Posted 2:32pm 17th June 2014

marxist8 (Manchester United) says...

The argument always seems to come down to whether Rooney is world class or not and not whether he should be dropped or not.Rooney is a great player and a asset to whatever team he is playing for.Man Utd or England.He is always considered a dangerous opponent by other countries.This reputation has been earned on the field,by his deeds.Big goals against big teams(albeit mostly at club level) and not driven by exposure to the English press so the argument about a manufactured reputation is rubbish.In saying this,there is plenty of evidence that this English team could function a little more effectively without him in it.This group of players are suited to a very fluid and hi tempo game which he may hinder to a degree.He plays best when he plays on instinct and when playing for England,because of the expectation,he is playing like he has make something happen all of the time,to justify his place in the team,resulting in too many touches and slowing the game down.The best thing for Rooney and the team is to let him sit the Uruguay game out or come on if required.I'd rather have a Rooney itching to get on the field than starting the game and shackled by the need to prove he deserves to be out there

Posted 2:31pm 17th June 2014

masteradvocate (Manchester United) says...

A few facts about young Wayne. Rooney is best as a striker. Yet he has been outplayed and performed by Sturridge all season. Rooney had the potential, as a young man, to be one of the best in the world. For a variety of reasons he never came close to fulfilling that potential. Between his absurd salary, his marketing team and the press Rooney sees himself as the equal of Ronaldo & Messi. He is not in the same league as these guys. Not even close. A poster below said that Wayne had a "decent" game. That maybe so. "Decent" players have "decent" games. That is all Rooney is - a decent player. Not excellent, great, outstanding or superb. Just a decent player who thinks he's better than he is. Between Sturridge, Sterling and even the average Welbeck England have players better suited to the roles Rooney performs. And yes I am a United supporter and hope to God Van Gaal sells him.

Posted 10:26am 17th June 2014

don juan king (Liverpool) says...

Rooney was poor positionally and wasted a great chance, was so desperate for personal glory, he took the ball off barkley. he Exposed baines time and time again. He wasnt trusted as no 10 because last time against pirlo he didnt move. henderson and gerrard were quite good. Gerrards passing was good and henderson pressed well. neither goal was from a mistake by either of them, and they were up against 3 in middle. Hodgeson needs to either drop sturridge or Rooney, but I think he would rather get stick for choosing both rather either or.

Posted 5:52pm 16th June 2014

muyifromde (Manchester United) says...

I've seen a few comments that are coming down on United fans for being too defensive. Full disclosure, I am a United fan as well. With that said, I don't speak as a United fan, but as someone who has witnessed this phenomenon over and over, namely the English tearing down their most influential when they need support the most. You did it with Beckham, you did it with Gerrard and Lampard, now you're doing it with Rooney. Nobody is saying he had a stellar match, he had a decent game and created England's only goal. For this article, and the commenters to come after him in this fashion is absolutely mind-boggling. There are several other players who performed far worse than Rooney did, and even more to the point, he was played in a position where he doesn't have his usual impact. When does it end? This is one of the best players you have, whether you like it or not. His sheer presence on the team sheet changes the way the opposition plan their approach. Yet, all there is for him is derision and contempt. I simply don't understand.

Posted 3:19pm 16th June 2014

yossarian_lives (Tottenham Hotspur) says...

dropping him to the bench for a game could do him good by taking the media pressure off, and might improve his tournament overall

Posted 2:22pm 16th June 2014

villan83 (Aston Villa) says...

Lol at united fans and there ignorance do you watch different games to every one else wayne rooney is only good against san Marino etc and narrowly missed hitting the top of the stand from ten yrds out or was tht because he was on the left also wasnt it wellbeck stopping pirlo not sterling but while rooney was toilet at the end of the day the buck should stop with hodgeson for picking the wrong team

Posted 12:55pm 16th June 2014

onceupon says...

I guess tribal defense of club players is to be expected but why are some of you going over the top when the article was anything but. Stanger is not saying Rooney is shit. He is just saying he has to be accommodated in the side when other players can fulfill the same roles (#10, winger) better than him.

Everyone seems to agree he is not comfortable on the left, that he slows the play down too much at #10 and his best position is still as a striker. Factoring all of this means he should either be ahead of Sturridge or be on the bench. It does not mean Rooney has no place in the squad or that he is the reason why England loss. Just that England can potentially be better without him in the starting eleven.

In any case, the fact Costa Rica beat Uruguay means England are still in a good position to qualify despite the loss and there's no need to panic. Hodgson will not drop Rooney, we all know it, but that doesn't mean there is no case for him to be drop for the GOOD of the TEAM.

Posted 12:53pm 16th June 2014

robbo51 (Leeds United) says...

Left side is not Rooney's best position but it's a team game and ended up being England's best performance since 2006 - apart from the result, England should take much encouragement from their performance and step up the pace for the next two games

Posted 12:35pm 16th June 2014

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